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    Game Freeze

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    Day 9 Final Vote Count

    GM Draclord - 1 (Teal)
    Scorched Feathers - 1 (GM Draclord) has decided that Scorched Feathers should be killed.

    The Equalists have been eliminated!

    Meanwhile, Cinesra was modkilled:

    With two scum members being killed during the day, the town approached the night optimistic for the next day.


    @TheGuy, @Teal, @GM DracLord, @rev3rsor, @Reinforce,

    Night 9 will end on Wednesday the 15th at 20:00 BST
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    Ice Espeon


    The three remaining Avatars, Kyoshi, Roku and Aang all entered the Avatar state durung the night to discuss their next plan of action to finally eliminate the Red Lotus once and for all. Of the two other people left in the town, who could it be, or were they both aligned to the Red Lotus? Meanwhile, Ghazan of the Red Lotus wandered through the streets, seeking a target to avenge the death of his leader, Zaheer. Katara, knowing that her husband, Avatar Aang, must still be alive, sought someone to use her healing powers on to prevent them from coming to harm.

    Ghazan finally chose his target, a person he had tried to lynch during the previous day. As his bending had been taken away by the Equalists, he knew he had to take down his target with his bare hands. His target was GM Draclord, or Avatar Roku. However, Roku had an extremely rare device in his possession, presumably constructed by Varrick the famous inventor called the Embodiment of Sozin's Comet. This would cause, upon his death, a fiery explosion to take down his assailant as well. Of course, this would mean that Gahzan would be killed and the Red Lotus would be eliminated. However, there was the matter of who Katara would save - if she prevented Roku's death then Roku would not die, and therefore Ghazan would not die.

    Katara though, miraculously protected her husband, Avatar Aang, and the murder of Avatar Roku went ahead. And so, Roku died and in the process unleashed his power to mortally wound Ghazan as well. Avatar Kyoshi, to attempt to resolve the situation before the effects of Harmonic Divergence became worse resorted to using her warrior skills to also kill Ghazan, and so the last remaining Red Lotus memeber was taken down two ways.

    Teal was:

    rev3rsor was:

    TheGuy was:

    Reinforce was:

    GM Draclord was:

    GM Draclord had unlocked the following abiltiy:

    The Town have Won!

    With the threat of the Red Lotus gone, Avatar Aang and Katara were able to have one final moment together before the two remaining Avatars combined their powers to turn back time (somehow?) to a point before the timeline diverged into Harmonic Divergence, in effect meaning that Harmonic Divergence never happened, sort of. The World had been saved, in part thanks to many many lighting strikes mysteriously killing people who had not spoken that often and the fact that the Equalists seemed to be extreme sufferers of narcolepsy who forgot to remove the bending abilities of players.

    (Yes, I know the worst ending to anything ever is that it now never happened (well, behind "it was all a dream" anyway) but I'm a physics person, not a writer, so you'll just have to deal with it I'm afraid.)


    I think it's safe to say that really, most people played terribly or at least badly (that's if they bothered to play at all). Any of the remaining factions could have won the game quite capably if they had played better. The town constantly bemoaned the lack of new information, which seemed to suggest that they'd all suffered extreme memory loss of every event that had happened before that day. There was little to no looking back at past interactions with scum members (once they started to die especially), no going back to previous suspicions, it was more just "i dunno what to dooo...dus anyone have any leads?" (At least 55 different posts mention the word leads by the way, mostly just bemoaning the lack of them.) The town members with informative roles were all pretty much either wiped out early on or just didn't participate beyond the first day or two. This helped with the suggestion that there was no information, but no one really seemed to be bothered to go back and find information themselves rather than waiting for it to land it their lap.

    This made it easy for the scum factions to sit back and watch the lemmings jump off their cliffs. However they then did not capitalise on this, with the Equalists making errors such as hammering a lynch of a claimed non-bender (Mr.Muffin), then at the end not sending in any targets at all. This was a very winnable game for the Equalists, especially considering the shortcomings of the other two factions.

    The Red Lotus seemed to act as if they were a normal scum group, seemingly without really thinking too much about what their win-con was - to kill all the Avatars. I didn't see them discussing their impressions about who the Avatars might be until very late in the game, and then it was too late to do anything about it, especially due to the lack of kill submissions.

    Then we have Bigfoot's independent. I can understand why he did what he did with revealing it, but I must say I was a little disappointed that he did reveal it. I wanted it to be a surprise and for everyone to go O,o , but oh well :p. I just want to be clear that Drohn and I discussed the idea for those roles far before the game was even posted and he was never really a player. See here.

    That said, congratulations to the Avatars for carrying the town and remaining undetected for so long, which ultimately won the game for the town. Well done also, to rev3rsor, as although I don't think you ever actually blocked a kill, I think you did manage to succesfully predict who the scum would attempt to kill a large amount of the time (where you submitted the person you wanted to protect and then the RL ended up targeting that person...after the deadline). One of the key factors in the whole game was the Keeper/Camoclone lynch right at the start of the game. If Keeper had died on the rather than Camoclone then we may have seen a much different game as Camo's D1 reads were for the most part extremely accurate. But anyway,

    Congratulations Town!

    Avatar QT:
    Red Lotus QT: (Skype was also used.)
    Bloodbender QT: (wasn't used as Skype was much easier for giving instructions)
    Equalist QT: (Skype was also used.)
    Dead Chat QT:

    There is also a Skype deadchat. My Skype name is ice_espeon so go to that then I can add you to the chat if we aren't already contacts.

    Google Doc with roles: (note: some roles may not be fully up to date in here).
    Spreadsheet with actions and crazy formula stuff: (note: I didn't really bother with putting in actions after night 6 as there wasn't really any point. Also some of the formatting gets messed up when importing to google spreadsheets from excel so yeah.)

    Thanks for playing everyone! It was fun ;)
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    Thanks for the game IE! It was extremely fun and I enjoyed D1 a lot.
  5. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Teal probably shouldn't have gone for drac; if Teal was trying to paint him as scum, it would have suited Teal better to go for someone else and let the town lynch Drac themselves.

    Good game, guys.

    Mine and Professor Palutena's game is coming soon, very soon. I hope you will all attend and actually play.
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  6. TheGuy Member since '09


    When I joined this game I thought that we as a town were done for. However, I was surprised that all of the remaining avatar members were intact and we remained that way for quite a while. Thanks to a very inactive equalist and red lotus teams and the avatars somehow becoming the majority of the town, it became not so difficult.
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  7. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Thanks IR great game, atleast it a change for me from dying too early in the last mafia ga e
  8. rev3rsor 目がピアノを弾く


    That was quite a nice game, so thanks for IE for hosting and sticking with it/us all the way ^^
    I was a little disappointed in not actually stopping kills, but I guess what I tried to do is attempt to predict who the scum would kill and save them. I suppose I did alright (but unfortunately without much actual success).
    And yeah, I did very little/no looking back through the past which I blame on both laziness and busy-ness (not "business" :p), which probably would've helped a bit.

    also yay! happy ending for me (even though i'm male in real life)
  9. Reinforce Light has come to save you at last...


    Actually, it's more bittersweet, because we'll have to be separated again, rev </3.

    LOL anyway, good work for Team Avatars, I guess. Like IE said, we won this game by virtue of being the most active players hanging around in the latter part of the game, technically. Even with all the crazy abilities we had, it was still possible for the scum factions to win. IF they were actively killing. Because nearly all of the lynches were town. What really tipped it in to our favor, though, is that modkill vote. At that point all Red Lotus members were still alive and only one Equalist gone. But since out of the 7 people not up for modkill, 4 of us Avatars were there, we were guaranteed to get rid of at least 1 scum. And then the next day RL still forgot to kill. By then and afterwards, it was just us eliminating the players who weren't in our group. We weren't really deeply analyzing at that point, since the lynches were still town up until the tie with SF. We were just passive and staying in the background (which, really, is how most of the players in Team Avatars tend to be normally anyway) and then we just won the game in the end by being the majority.

    I think a major contributor for the ridiculous lack of activity in this game is the forum downtime and complete upgrade. It took around a week or so, which is already a long enough time to forget what posts/events were going on in the game. Add that most players were still getting used to the new forum look and functions, and people aren't mustering the energy to look back at past posts much.

    Thanks for the great game, IE. The two scum factions were interesting and the flavour of the game stuck with the theme (Avatar) well.

    See you all next time!
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