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  1. becuase I think this series is amazing enough to deserve a PokeBeach topic! =) Then again, you guys know how much I love this stuff if you've talked to me much :p

    Most people know about Fire Emblem from Super Smash Bros' Marth and Ike!​

    What is Fire Emblem
    Fire Emblem can be best summed up as a turn and grid based role playing game (it's a lot like Pokemon Conquest) that takes place in a era with kings, queens, swords and magic. You're given a group of units. They have a name, a face, a unique arrangement of stats, some equipment, and a backstory for those of you who are like me and love character development. The object of the game is simple. You're given an objective (kill all the enemies, stay alive for a specific amount of turns, kill the level's boss, protect a castle throne for a specific number of turns or seize an enemy's castle throne). When you complete the objective, you win the level and move onto the next one. This process repeats. Each level starts off with some exposition about what's going on in terms of the plot, before the battle starts. After the battle, you get some more story and then you continue onwards to the next level. Games have been made up of anywhere from twenty-two to fifty levels in length. Upon getting to a new level, you may also be introduced to a new character or two who will fight for your cause. You usually start off with a main character who's story you're following (usually some kind of prince, but sometimes exceptions are made), and the game is all about their story. You watch them develop and grow up as you complete the game (whether it's about saving their kingdom from corrupt rulers or avenging family members). Characters are not expendable though. They have hit points, and when they run out of hit points, they are lost forever (baring a few work-arounds to this). Of course, this is just a small summary. Each of the games is different in its own way that makes it impossible to explain what goes on in each of them with one summary, but this is the raw core of it.

    Oh cool, I wanna try this. How can I?
    Well beyond emulation, you aren't going to be able to find these games very easily, since they are rather old now (and quite a few of them didn't make it to areas outside of Japan. That said, if you're a 3DS ambassador, you can download Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones from the eShop using the Ambassador program. This game is generally regarded as the easiest in the series, making it a great way to get started. For most games, you'll need to visit second hand / pawn shops, or eBay to get a hand on them.

    Well, except for one case. Fire Emblem's newest installment, Fire Emblem Awakening, is due for a release in North America on February 4th. Anyone at all interested in trying out this series should pick up the free download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It takes just over 1000 blocks of memory on your SD card for 30 uses of the two chapter demo. Try it out if you have a 3DS.

    This all sounds kind of complicated. Help me out here!

    Here is a twelve video playlist (that wasn't created by me) that goes over basic Fire Emblem mechanics. This series is pretty deep, and features a lot of different mechanics such as weapon effectiveness (the type of weapon you use affects the damage you do to the enemy, like types of Pokemon moves).

    If you can't tell by now, it's obvious that I love this series. There has been some rocky parts in terms of getting publicity for it (lack of interest in the States and Europe is a major reason as to why not all the games have left Japan). I'm hoping that maybe I convinced a few of you to give this series a try. If you want to talk about it some more, post it in here or talk to me in a different area of PokeBeach (PMs, profile comments, irc) - I'd love you talk about it with you.
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  2. Haunted Water DEFT Lunar
    Haunted Water


    I've been looking for Path of Radiance ever since I played as Ike in SSBB. Do you know if it's on amazon?
    To be honest, I want to own a couple. It seems like one of those unsung franchises, like Ace Combat. To bad they're only for Nintendo, otherwise I'd add them to my PS3 must-have list.
  3. I got my Path of Radiance off of eBay. But I did just look on Amazon and found it on there as well.
  4. Guts CyberPhunk


    In the short time since Bippa introduced me to the series, I've become a huge fan. I have nothing but hype for Fire Emblem: Awakening, and I plan on getting it, along with some of the older titles so I can truly delve into the universe. I recommend any fan of strategy games or games of any kind to get into this series.
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  5. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

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    Bippa is getting me back into the series after the lack of games on handhelds and the horrible piece of garbage known as Shadow Dragon.
    I'm considering getting Awakening. Maaaaaaaaaaybe.
  6. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    Been a big Fire Emblem fan since I played FE7 (or just "Fire Emblem" according to the NA release, as it was the first of the series to come to the States) on the GBA. It's really a very fun series of games. The plots are kind of meh, but you don't play a strategy game for the plot, and the characters are usually pretty well designed and rounded. 7 and 4 (Japan (or ROM) only, originally for the SNES) were my favourites of the series, with 10 (Wii) and 8 (GBA) coming next. 6 and 9 were ok. Shadow Dragon was just terrible, I'm sorry. Haven't played any of the others, but will likely pick up Awakening when it's released in the EU, and play it whenever I can get my hands on a 3DS.

    I really love the mechanics and gameplay in the series, though. It's fun and easy to get into, and the game is so deeply focused in tactics and strategy that it makes you think, but in a good way. There's no tricks or pointless leveling (except 8, stupid tower), though some people get kind of upset that character death is permanent, even though I think it's an interesting mechanic, personally. There is a bit of a steep difficulty progression, though, especially if you're not used to playing turn-based strategy games.

    I'll have to disagree with the OP about starting with 8, Sacred Stones, though. It's the easiest game in the series, but only because you can just level your characters up in the tower with practically no penalty and power through the real part of the game. It's not really a good representation of the rest of the series, unless you purposefully ignore the easy-leveling tower. While it's a bit harder to find (if you're against using Ebay, anyway), I think FE7, the first English released game, is a better way to start the series. it has a really nice tutorial introduction in the form of a shorter game mode at the beginning of play, one where characters don't die for good. Compared to the entire series, it's got a mid-range difficulty, and the new game modes unlocked in the end (including telling the story from another character's perspective, unlocking different characters and levels) give the game some good replayability. It's also a bit simpler and less confusing than the longer and more complex GC and Wii games. If you're into ROMing, there's a patch available to play FE6 in English, which is a sequel, of a sort, to 7 (prequel, I guess), and also introduces you to Roy.

    Continuing in this fiery trend
    I've written many playthroughs here
    In the seventh chapter of the seventh game
    you'll find the clue for the final tier
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  7. For the most part, I despise strategy games. But I downloaded the demo of Fire Emblem Awakening for the 3DS and now I'm intrigued by it. I only knew about FE because some of the characters appeared in the Smash Bros. games. I wanted to see if it was any good before, but never got a chance to try the games until now. I think I'm going to get Awakening at some point for certain, now that I have tried the demo. I hate the on-field sprites, but the attack animations and cutscenes look awesome.
  8. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

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    I loved the whole Fire Emblem series once I got Radiant Dawn for the Wii. I'm glad to have actually played a series knowing that one of my favorite characters from the SSB series is from (Marth).

    Also hyped for Awakening as well. Good lord those graphics look stuuuuuunning. Even for the normal 3DS standards. It's also looking like it's going to be by far one of the more difficult entries what with the whole "once a character dies it's gone" mechanic. I can't wait to tear my hair and twist my skull over this one lol.

    dmaster out.
  9. pokemeister899 VM if you want to play ACNL with me!


    I've actually never played Fire Emblem before, but after looking up some videos of Path of Radiance of YT, it looks awesome, so it looks like I might get into the series someday. It also looks like Final Fantasy Tactics, a game I also like.

    EDIT: According to Gamestop, there are copies of Radiant Dawn and Shadow Dragon in my area. Those any good?
  10. SotS Cycling the Stress Away


    I hated Sacred Stones. It was pretty boring in my opinion. But then I downloaded the Awakening demo and WHY ARE DAYS SO SLOW.

    Day 1 eShop Digital here. Can't wait. I wish I could get Path of Radiance to pass the time, but it's so expensive online and all of our Gamestop's are basically out of Gamecube games with their 75% off sale soo... Yeah can't do that.


    Same here :(. We should all pool our money to rent a time-machine or something like that.

    I'm an Ambassador, but I haven't played Sacred Stones yet. I might start it though, considering how fun Awakening's demo was for me :D.
  12. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    Radiant Dawn, yes; Shadow Dragon, no. SD is one of the worst in the whole series.
  13. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    I admit, I'm not the biggest Fire Emblem fan myself, but a crossover titled "Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem" was just announced today. I thought I'd know, leave this here.
  14. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

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    ...This actually makes me want a Wii U now just so I can get that game. Kinda.
  15. SotS Cycling the Stress Away


    Let me make the decision easier for you.

    Pikmin 3.

    3D Mario title.

    Wonderful 101.

    Wind Waker HD.

    MONSTER HUNTER ULTIMATE.;df/lisa,l;mkl

    But uh... I wouldn't suggest getting it right now (or even a few months from now). I still don't know why I fell into the launch hype - I haven't used the system in three weeks (not counting the four minutes of Balloon Fight I played on it today). After beating NSMBU and having Nintendo Land wear out there's not much else on the system to play. And it's just lame, having a $350+ investment look at you and laugh as you wait for new games.

    Edit: Oh and Smash Bros. Derp.
  16. Guts CyberPhunk



    Here's a video giving some details on the playable classes.
  17. Chariblaze When you add it all up...


    Was Shadow Dragon bad because it was a remake of FE 1?

    I'm in the boat of the others. Got Sacred Stones, never really played it, played the Awakening demo, was blown away. Most Nintendo games sell themselves, but releasing that demo was fantastic publicity.
  18. Mist Yo, my name is Brock. I'm the master of rock


    I want Awakening SUPER bad, but my parents are concerned about it being T rated. Can anyone give me info on it in that regard?
  19. Chariblaze When you add it all up...

  20. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

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    So there's a Fire Emblem 3DS bundle for $200 or so at stores. At least, that's what I heard. The 3DS looks like this. The bundle comes with the 3DS and a copy of FE Awakening.
    I must say, that is a VERY nice blue. Maybe I can bug my dad to get it for me if I plan to get Awakening.

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