News 'Dark Order,' Japan's October Mini-Set!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Alex Sableye Official Pokemon Connoisseur of the Unova Region
    Alex Sableye


    While everyone freaks over Ampharos, Spiritomb, Zoroark, and Black Market slyly sneak Night March back into standard.

  2. jinjitsu Aspiring Trainer


    Dark Order? Feels more like an Electric Metal Fence, with that much Electric and Metal.
  3. FlashRayquaza Rayquaza Fan


    Why do we have Metal Frying Pan when Metal Goggles does excactly the same just with an additional bonus.
  4. jinjitsu Aspiring Trainer


    Metal Frying Pan removes Weakness.
  5. Axebradley Aspiring Trainer


    Forget Aegislash. Did someone say Tool Drop Doublade with Genesect GX?
  6. AmbientDinosaur Aspiring Trainer


    Isn't Zoroark more like Vespiquen / Flareon? Unlike Night March, anything goes (into the discard) for them.
  7. The Revolutionaire N Aspiring Trainer
    The Revolutionaire N


    But Ampharos gx and tapu koko prism are great cards
  8. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    There's another Dark themed set next year, called Night Unison. Maybe Absol is being saved for that.
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  9. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    Litten/Torracat/Incineroar-GX - I will gonna play it. Everything on Incineroar is nuts! 3/3/5

    Zapdos - Uuhh? 80-110 for 0 energy is nuts, but if you face a Ho-oh, ur screwd because you cannot hit for weakness. 3-4 Geodudes

    Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos-GX - This is also nuts! 150-270 dmg for 1 energy is nuts! I love it. Why I say 1 Energy when it is obviously LL, Thunder Mountain. Zapdos can do 80-110 for 0 energy because of that Stadium. 2/2/5

    Blitzle/Zebstrika - Decent. Blitzle is nuts on the first atk but it wasn't worth of a bench space for it. Also deck space. 3/3-4

    Emolga - the ability searches... to itself? Okay, if we get a Pikachu with that Cheek Rubbing stuff and Raichu GX will won Tournament again, this is better than Snuggly Generator. 2-3 Geodudes

    Joltik/Galvantula - Galvantula's atk must be done on a basic. 2/3

    Helioptile/Heliolisk - ehh. I can't even internalize the Heliolisk's cry well. 2/2

    Tapu Koko * -Well, I like this dude. A Bench sitter that isn't a rotten one. 5 Geodude

    Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar - You know on how Mr. Ito used this Baby Larvitar #HeyNick! to take a spot in Japan tournament, it has the ability to OHKO Zoroark, Pupitar does... just to finish the game vs. Zoroark. On baby Tyranitar #HeyNick!, yeah it has the ability to OHKO anything, but we don't have enough D energy accel yet. 3/3/3

    Pancham/Pangoro - ehh. 2/2-3

    Alolan Grimer/ Muk - So so good! Both of them are useful! 3-4/4-5

    Poochyena/Mightyena - ehh?! Poochy not worth of a deck space. *Lele staring at the back* 2/2

    Absol - I won't buy that Dugtrio and Absol combo. It will not won Tournaments. 3-4 Geodudes

    Spiritomb - Useful on Baby Zoroark #HeyNick, useful in other utilities. 4-5 Geodudes

    Zorua/Zoroark - Nuts! 3/4

    Vullaby/Mandibuzz - ehh?! 2/3

    Yveltal - weird RC, perfect starter mon. 3-4

    Hoopa-GX - Hits the numbers but we're struggle on the energy accel on it. 3 Geodudes

    Skarmory - Perfect CE candidate for Gardevoir. Why Gardevoir? 3

    Jirachi - Just use Escape Board and you're golden. 5 Geodudes

    Bronzor/Bronzong - Althouh Bronzong was one of my faves, ehh?! 2/2

    Ferroseed/Ferrothorn - keep printing this dude! 2/3

    Pawniard/Bisharp - One energy KO on fairies... But if you're clean and no damage. 2/3

    Cobalion-GX - So the teaser on this set was a troll after all. No Steelix-GX! Yay! (I should stop that.) Anyways, all fine with Cobalion. 4 Geodudes

    Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash - *swhswhswh* What? *shwshwshw* Tool Drop,as in like Trubbish Tool Drop? *shwshwshw* for a DCE?NEhh. Its on a Stage 1 and you run Honedge for that. Not as nuts as PLS Trubbish does. 2-3/4-5/3

    Klefki - good decks nowadays are more on offense. Klefki saw less room there. 3 Geodudes

    Electric Charger - 2-4 of this in Turbo Zeraora! 4-5 Geodudes

    Electro Power - Yes, this will be on Lost Thunder, I sense a reprint for a reason.

    Dangerous Drill - just use Alolan Meowth as a dumper since it does 70 for 0 and useless after that, there ya go! Free tool removal! 3 Geodudes

    Metal Goggles - Some situations that it is better that Frying Pan because it makes spread decks suck, some isn't because Frying Pan is superior because it blocks weakness. Some situations also that you need Choice Band over both. 3 Geodudes

    Nanu - better in Dark decks especially if you already used ur Lele. 4 Geodudes

    Jasmine - another teaser troll! XD better on T1, "it's fine" if not. 4 Geodudes
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  10. GamePhoenix Fellow Mortal


    This is like ultra prism 2.0 with that metal support!
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  11. NotBob1218 Aspiring Trainer


    Jasmine is bonkers with lele in the format.
  12. Senorsmith Aspiring Trainer


    While I agree with you its a good card, it doesnt really count as a bench sitter, does it? You use the ability once and it goes to the lost zone, so I probably wouldnt even put it on my bench until the turn I was going to use it, then itd be gone.
  13. EpicShonenGuy Aspiring Trainer


    That Cobalion GX is nasty
  14. freedomfightre Aspiring Trainer


    I was planning on playing Incineroar GX when this set came out, but that Ampharos GX is bonkers!
    200 damage cap for 1 lighting energy, and 320 damage cap for 2, with built-in electripower recycle!?! Seems unfair.

    Dare I say Gardy 2.0?
  15. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    Larvitar used CAMO! It's not very effective...
  16. MasterGallade ThePokemonRhombus @ YouTube


    >no Yveltal Prism Star to match Xerneas Prism Star
    wow dumb
    >Tapu Koko Prism Star instead
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  17. MegaAbsol10 I'm playing Big Blacephalon next quarter :)


    My most hyped card for the set, my boy Absol and it turns out to be absolutely rubbish. Oh well, I'll make it work somehow (some combination of Mount Lanikila, Zoroark and more). However, you won't catch me at a tournament in SUM-SM9 not playing Doublade/Genesect, because that seems insane. Move over Gourgeist, there's a new tool attack in town.
  18. IrfanKareem50 Aspiring PTCG Master :3


    So many good cards... :confused:
    Doublade Genesect GX reminds me of Tool Drop Trubbish with Sigilyph ahaha
  19. ForeverRanger91 Aspiring Trainer


    With Absol in the active plus 1 on the bench with Choice Band and Shrine, it one shots Buzzwole GX.
  20. VuDu-JuJu Intergalactic Trainer/Hitchhiker


    I know right? I was wondering why no one was mentioning it, especially you raving on about Ampharos like that. It's one of my mate's fav Pokemon, so when I realized just how much more insane it is with all this Electropower-Mountain nonsense, it blew our minds.
    May God, Arceus, save the Queen...

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