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  • First post for 2015. Huzzah. Anyways, dropping by to say hi as your normally dead when I'm alive.
    I'm officially designating you the PokéBeach corrector and contrarian. :p
    Blob55, True, namely because of the other superpowers (France and Germany) but that said, England still has its Commonwealth that may seem like a thorn in EU's side or a back-up plan if the EU project ends up failing.
    At least Portugal and the UK still have the oldest alliance in the world! :D
    "Why do they have to drag us down with Europe? :/ "

    Why do you always have to be that one "guy" that stands aside!? I also didn't liked the removal of the Game Corner (I still don't) but you're still part of Europe and of the EU so we're together for the good and for the bad! :)
    Blob55, I assume you mean gen 2-3 starters by FE (correct me if I'm wrong). By base usage tier, Blaziken is the highest (uber) followed by Swampert (UU) with Feraligatr and Sceptile in RU (aka: LU) who in turn give way to the last: Meganium (NU), but each has its own niche. Swampert is a solid wall, able to hold its own on UU and OU, with some Ubers viability, though Kyogre and Gastrodon outclass it under many circumstances. Typhlosion is more offense based, usually running scarf Eruption sets viable everywhere from RU to OU. Beware that in higher tiers it generally gets outclassed by something not as dependent on choice items and possibly with access to recovery (like Chandelure in UU/OU and Heatran in OU). Its coverage options aren't the best, but they usually cover enough for late-game sweeping and general low tier coverage. As I already stated, Meganium is rather slow, and while moderately tanky, lacks coverage thus rarely is seen outside of low tiers. Sceptile generally outclasses it as an offensive grass type, and Harvest-Sitrius Tropius often is superior for stall-based roles. Feraligatr has respectable coverage and usually runs boosting offensive sets, like the infamous GatrTime set (Swords Dance with Crunch, Waterfall, and Aqua Jet) and can easily compete in UU with it's access to respectable power on a priority move coupled with good coverage options. Blaziken would be OU material if not for Speed Boost, but with it, it becomes so hard to stop after a few turns (and a SD) that only stuff like Ho-oh and Giratina could really check it in gen 5. Gen 6 is a whole different story with the dawn of Fairykiss, Sticky Web, and some attack/crit damage nerfs (so Jellicent is almost a proper check now with physical investment). Talonflame is also a great check as it gets priority Brave Bird to bypass all of Blaziken's speed boosts. It's prolly not enough to bring Blaziken back down a tier, but it's certainly easier to check in gen 6.

    As I said, not much of this actually related to gameplay in SSB, but perceived usability based on type doesn't always work out in competitive play. In-game opposing pokemon matchups are a different story, since practically anything goes as long as you're high enough level.
    'Um, I thought you were going to do another theme song.'

    Just to let you know, he hasn't been online since he posted that no one will be able to guess it.
    I hope they'll finish up soon, too! :D I'm very grateful for them doing this, though; seems like a lot of work.
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