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    Ruling Tagging Greninja Break back and forth

    How How do I get penalized in a casual game. There's got to be a uniform rule for all similar gameplay and one source to find all answers. What would that source be? Thank you regardless.
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    Ruling Tagging Greninja Break back and forth

    What happens if you actually lose track of what Greninja break has been used? What makes paragraph one different from paragraph two in the original post?
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    Ruling Tagging Greninja Break back and forth

    I don't know how to add pictures or links of Switch or Greninja Break.
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    Ruling Tagging Greninja Break back and forth

    If greninja break is active, uses its ability then is benched; the new active retreats on the same turn can it use the ability? What about if there's two greninja break? What if there's three? What if there's three but you try and switch between two of them repeatedly with multiple switches? How...
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    Strategy PokeBeach's Official Sixth Generation Ban List (OU)

    RE: PokéBeach's Official XY Ban List If I wanted to see or abide by smogon's banned or teir lists then I would just visit their lists. I play by "if you're allowed to enter the battle maison with your team then you can use it. Just no major legendaries allowed".
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    X & Y Rule Changes

    I may actually quit the game over this. Errataing Pokemon catcher is like errataing mewtwo ex. You just don't mess with certain cards. Now there is no true printings of catcher. Why not let the card cycle? And Sycamore's effect is lazy which resorts to a stupid reprint. If they wanted a modified...
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    (2) New Set of X/Y Rumors, Xerneas/Yveltal Half Decks [9/23]

    How little do people remember that espurr was already confirmed.
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    A Guide to the Unlimited Format

    And here I was hoping for a mewtwo (base set) barrier lock mention. :( I am not near my cards mods, I will update them when I can and only when I can. Mewtwo x3 Mewtwo lvl x1 Unown z (zero) x3 Unown r (retire) x4 Unown d (draw) x2 Unown v (vacation) Erika x4 pokedx handy 910is x4...
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    Yveltal EX / Darkrai EX

    RE: Darkrai EX / Sableye / Hypnotoxic Laser / Virbank City Gym You can always "gothgor" or run audino in multiples.
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    sandstorm gastrodon

    Earth power is a black2/white2 exclusive move for Gastrodon. I have white. I can't have Gastrodon learn earth power. I already replaced sludgewave with ice beam only one hour later.
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    sandstorm gastrodon

    Yes. My last two Pokemon are metagross and terrakion. Ill label there stats later on. [hr] I have also replaced mudbomb from Gastrodon to sludgewave to help counter my severe weakness to grass Pokemon. Though i might build a calm nature Gastrodon cause Gastrodon can't wall at all.
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    If my post that "it's gothcellnoir" can't stay cause of your inability to except criticism or...

    If my post that "it's gothcellnoir" can't stay cause of your inability to except criticism or freedom of speech then the following post should be deleted: It's actually just Gothitelle/Accelgor, or just Goth if you're too lazy to type that out. Dusknoir isn't the main strategy of the deck...
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    BW/BW2 EV Training Guide

    Where is the section/guide dedicated to IV training.
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    sandstorm gastrodon

    Literally 1 more gastrodon later I got a calm natured gastrodon. At this time my sandstorm team I have: Tyranitar Gastrodon Aerodactyl Excadrill My phone doesn't allow me to scroll text boxes. So i have to break up this post. [hr] Tyrannitar Item: Nature: Calm (I thought calm was a...
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    What cards are legal and how can I join a league?

    You don't. It happens in September and anywhere between 0-10+arts will cycle. You don't know until it happens.