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  • spiritomb, It wasn't actually me that got rid of that post.

    But anyway, I agree with the mod who did it. While it's true that in general arguing about the name isn't really productive discussion, mine at least had some sort of information to back it up, and I was trying to make a point about the deck. Your post, while it did have a point to it, didn't contribute to the discussion because you didn't explain what you were talking about. Keep in mind that forum is meant for competitive, productive discussion and simply posting what you think the name of the deck is as your entire post doesn't classify as that.
    Hello my name is Imani but you can call me Moni, I don't have many friends on pokemon. Do you want to battle me sometime? my Black 2 FC is 3096-6955-3861.
    Spiritomb said:
    How do I hide the wall of text I quoted?

    You can put it in a spoiler. The code for that is (spoiler=Button Text)Hidden Text(/spoiler) and it should look like this (note: replace the parenthesis with [ ]):

    Hidden Text
    If you'll notice on the ho-oh thread, my posts are not a waste because I actually posted advice. And no, I wasn't being sarcastic. If you can't recognize that it is implied that ho-oh is an EX, you probably can't recognize the other things as well. And now that we've made it clear what's EX and what's not, you could post some advice because you said you care for the deck.
    No, Milky is right. You did indeed contradict yourself, with this sentence. I'm sure Milky understands that a sentence requires a verb and subject, but do realize that clauses and phrases are commonly used in society.

    Full sentences please. Now who has bad grammer?

    Grammar is spelled with an a. Your spelling needs to be checked out too.
    spiritomb, And in telling me it wasn't a full sentence you used an incomplete sentence yourself.
    spiritomb, You just contradicted yourself. Don't be a smartass.

    Grammar is spelled with an a.

    Sorry to break it to you, but read the rules before you post.

    Water Pokémon Master' pid='2031697' dateline='1310697118 said:
    3. Use proper spelling and grammar.
    Make sure all of your posts have proper spelling and grammar. Posts that lack proper spelling and grammar make you look bad, and hurts people's eyes. It's definitely not the way to make a good impression here. Mozilla Firefox has a spell checker built into it's web browser. If you're going to use another browser, be sure to double check your spelling and grammar.

    Members who break this rule will generally receive a 30% warning for two weeks.
    Put some effort into your posts instead of pressing a single button. I don't care if it's your first language, my first language is Chinese and I read, write and speak more fluently than a lot of native speakers. That's because I put effort into not only my posts on a forum but in learning a new and important language. How old are you, 12? If you don't fix your English you're going to grow up and become a shopkeeper.
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