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    Name Change Requests - Closed.

    RE: Name Change Requests Can I please have my name changed to Nitro? Done.~KA
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    Rating: +1 Buyer/Seller/Trade: Trade Communication: Awesome Description of Cards: Near Mint Shipping: fairly quick from the netherlands Overall: thank you and a well deserved first ref (Reference .. 1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative – omahanime)
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    ~~ KaMewie

    RE: Ka'Mewie:- Rating +1 Buy/sell/trade: Trade Communication: awesome Description of cards: Flawless Shipping: Fast, very fast Overall: I'm very happy to have traded with KaMewie
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    Reshiwott, tomorrow if you are free

    Reshiwott, tomorrow if you are free
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    Rating: +1 Buyer/Seller/Trade: trade Communication: awesome Description of Cards: Mint as expacted Shipping: Fairly fast Overall: pleasure to trade with you!
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    The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    RE: Doctor who Discussion Thread I also like the episode Midnight :) Here's something cool (And true!) So my friend's mum works in a building. She works in an office. The office across from her was for sale. People moved in and there was a Tardis on the table set up. ABC was coming there next...
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    (1) Plasma Pokemon Articuno-EX and Giratina Confirmed for 'Plasma Gale' [8/20]

    I'm hoping for a suicune ex so much. Cobalion ex would also be cool. They're probably saving arceus for last. And a dialga EX would be awesome!
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    Long overdue update! H: EXs, Full Arts & more! W: Beach, Black Kyurem EX PLS, FA Supporters, COL Ene

    RE: H: EXs, Dragons Exalted , BW-On Cards W: Mew EX, Dragons Exalted, Holo Energies, CYL CML for giratina EX
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    Totoro's Trade Thread! H: Terrakion, Altaria x2! W: Tornadus EX

    RE: Totoro's Trade Thread! H:Stuff!!! W: 2x Mewtwo EX promo, Bianca Bump!
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    ZekEels Bw-On

    ok i have been doing a bit of testing with my original list: Zekeels testing Zeels 2 win - 1 loss gartaria 3 win - 0 loss Going good so far
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    Twannes's Trading Thread!

    I also have two altaria pre release promo ($7 each, $14 for both). Terrakion has some slight edgewear though. But no scratches or anything like that. Terrakion is about ten dollars due to this. I could do my 2 pre release promo altaria and nv terrakion for tornadus EX.
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    Roronoa Zoro

    Rating: +1 Buyer/Seller/Trade: Trade Communication: excellent Description of Cards: flawless Shipping: fairly fast Overall: awesome trader
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    [H] Celebi EX, N FA, Mewtwo EX NFA, Rayquaza EX NFA, Dragon Vault & META [W] BC Stuff

    RE: Been out of the game for 4 years, help me make a come back in BW-on! [W] T/S/S & more How about all my cards I mentioned before + a giant cape DRX for your giratina holo and Ho-oh holo.
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    H: Landorus EX and Cheren FA W: Keldeo EX and Darkrai EX FA

    RE: H: Registeel, Ho-Oh and Giratina! Serperior Shiny and Garbodor! W: CML! CML for giratina EX.