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  • Delta, once you asked if you can use my tutorial for PokéBeach Project. How is that project going now?
    Delta, I'll probably ask my parents about open canvas :) and for ythe tablets do you mean like a drawing tablet or an android because I have an android tablet and if I could hook it up to my computer for drawing that would be great!

    Thanks -Tyran!
    Hey Delta I was wondering what programs to use for art and I am just getting started so yeah :) I dont mind if it costs

    edit: it got better
    [5:14:43 PM] Saia:
    [5:14:49 PM] Saia: That's Dio
    [5:15:21 PM] Saia: At least the Phantom Blood version of him
    [5:15:36 PM] DNA: they all look very similar to me
    [5:15:48 PM] DNA: so I always have to ask
    [5:16:27 PM] Saia: The Dio you know is the ZA WARUDO one right?
    [5:16:38 PM] DNA: Yes. I am guessing that's not the same one.
    [5:16:59 PM] Saia: It actually is the same one
    [5:17:18 PM] Saia: Give or take a few hundred years and a different body from the neck down
    [5:17:50 PM] DNA: Oh, someone cut off his head?
    [5:18:59 PM] Saia: Yep
    [5:19:05 PM] DNA: aha
    [5:19:33 PM] Saia: Then he killed the protagonist in front of his wife and took his body
    [5:20:12 PM] DNA: That's moderately impressive for someone who didn't have a leg to stand on
    [5:20:28 PM] Saia: Jojo vampires are weird
    [5:20:32 PM] DNA: ...haha
    [5:20:33 PM] DNA: leg
    [5:20:34 PM] DNA: stand
    [5:20:39 PM] DNA: I made 2 funnies at once and didn't even notice
    [5:21:01 PM] Saia: You had me laughing
    Delta, I'm just asking for some advice on how better I can structure it, and kind of a second opinion on how my ideas have flowed.

    Its basically an essay on how awesome Furfrou, Clawitzer and Spewpa are in all Pokemon Sections, I.e, TCG, competitive (I wrote complete lies in these sections, but it doesn't have to be completely factual) and just realistic Pokemon Universe, such a eating Clawitzer and having Furfrou as a pet.

    So, could you read it?
    Delta, Clawitzer, Furfrou and Spewpa. I have to write it for a Forum Game. Also, another request: if someone else comes up to you asking for critique, can you say no :p
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