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  • Sheodon, Indeed I did, I think it is a good idea and like how it has come along.
    Oh, sure that's cool.
    Glad you told me, I hate not adding people when they add me ;]
    Hey Sheodon, I read through your fan-game guide and though it was extremely well written and thought out. Would you mind if it was included in a project that the Art Staff are working on?
    It includes all kinds of tutorials and references to encourage people to make more content. I think your thread would make a great addition to the Fake Creations section of the project. You would obviously get all the credit for making it.
    Understandable. Work is very important. Cubase seems very intuitive. I guess I'll try it out some time. Could you provide a link via PM for EastWest/QuantumLeap? What exactly is that? Also, your game looks very nice. What songs will it feature? I hope you another composition with any kind of flute. Anyway, good luck on those projects, and I love to try the game when your finished!
    Hey Sheodon. Its Suitcune Rally. I just wanted to comment to you in person on your music. Its so peaceful, and is composed so nicely. It really great! What software do you use. I have the Mixtrack Pro, and a friend is teaching me how to be a DJ (using the Virtual DJ software). I know DJ's usually play dance music, but I don't really like that kind of music. I really like orchestrated video game music. And your tributes and self made pieces changed my look on what a person can do.

    Also, quick question: I guessing you have the Journey's Collector Edition. How is it? I'm planning on getting a PS3 (I have a Xbox360) and getting Journey (maybe Flower) and Ni No Kuni.

    Anyways, really like your music, especially Feathers and Tears and the Assassin's Creed main theme. Really good Promo video to, that could be a piece of music itself. Question: Whats the main instrument in Feathers? The only I would have to say, critic wise, is that I think the fall at 53 should be more connecting in the whole piece. Overall, I really like your music. It's wonderful. And I may just have to use Feathers in one of my pieces. :) Once again, you have a great talent in composing. Keep up the work. Can't wait for the next album!
    Seen my new card? Full art Cosmegon in my main thread, Arcticwhite's Fakemon cards, prites and stuff!
    Hello, haven't seen you in a while (again)!
    I just had to uninstall some .exe files from my computer that contained an adware virus from Ufont. Luckily, it wasn't a malware, or anything else more severe...
    I've never been too into fake cards, but your Lavender Theory is actually good.

    My main projects involve Fakemon-ing. I've currently got two main fanfics going as part of a series called The Crusade of Dark Nostalgia. The first is Feral Twilight, which takes place before an impending catastrophe that ultimately whipes humanity off the face of the planet and chronicles the exploits of a former Champion trainer who's trying to stop it. My second story (and current focus) is called Biohazard, which takes place in a reality where humans have gone extinct (supposedly due to the events following Feral Twilight, but they're not directly linked beyond my reuse of a couple key Fakemon characters).
    Thanks. Well, I had been on-staff for two years now (which is longer than most mods lately). But things had kind gotten out of hand for me (especially lately), so I needed to step down.
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