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  • Delta, I would've also mentioned how OP Purple Haze and the Hand, as well as Echoes are, but then again... Fugo written out of the story, Okuyasu being too stupid to use the Hand to the fullest all the time, and Koichi being kind enough not to put "Napalm" on people.
    Anyway, so my stand is named Hybrid Theory and he's a power stand. I want him to have 3 forms like Echoes, but not interchangeable if possible. An idea I have for abilities is maybe fusing things together, or telepathy, or maybe even some elemental thing? UUUUGH I'm so fffffffjioshafhsdigbsuidguiasybgfuibauigbsdgsdjojo
    Delta, Well... Tell me when Josuke and Crazy Diamond become the gods of perfecti-- err.... I need some help with making my and my boyfriend's JoJo OC Stands. We got the names down, he's got his abilities down, and we got the designs done. I just need help with my abilities and how to make it balanced. Seeing as how you're the resident JoJo, I should probably ask you. Can you help me?
    Hi, Can I add you to my Friend's List, my fc is 0018-1948-3823, thanks in advance!
    They were selling JoJo clear files in a convenient store close to me. I made pictures in case you wanted to see them. xD
    Yeah, this will be my first time experiencing it. I couldn't be more excited; the show surprises me every week, which is one of the main things I love about JoJo's--it's a master class on how to subvert expectations. Like, last episode, JoJo won a fight by headshotting his opponent with his stretchy finger. I didn't see that coming at all, so it was a lot more entertaining than just winning with a punch. Other shows need to take note!

    Some may write that off as a deus ex machina--and to be sure, it is--but JoJo's knows and is just so fun about it that I don't even care. Same with the dialogue; 75% of Speedwagon's lines were clunky as hell, but JoJo's knew that and just went all out with it. The show doesn't try to pass off either the ridiculous dialogue or the deus ex machina attacks as anything they aren't. In fact, it embraces them, so even things could be perceived as flaws actually end up being positives. It's almost beyond criticism., I really do love that show. So happy to hear that it's going to be airing for a while \o/

    Love that anime. I recently watched it (the 2012 remake) after seeing the hype for Stardust Crusaders, and I *was not prepared* for the posing, the manliness, or the ride I was in for. Stardust Crusaders is looking even better than last season, too; I seriously love Jotaro for some reason, hat-hair and all, and that glorious bastard Dio is back, which means things can only get more fun.

    Waiting a week for each episode might just kill me though ;_;
    Well, you look at that, you're only 5 months older than I am. XD Happy Birthday, enjoy it!
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