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  • OK, we've discussed it, and you're free to move as you like. We decided a general anime discussion thread would be quite helpful. One condition: if I see any hentai titles, you'd better start running:).
    Starboard Driger, I understand what you mean. I'll bring it up for discussion with the other moderators and let you know as soon as possible. Is that alright with you?
    I really want to see season 2 too! I'm tempted to start reading the manga, since I really want to know what happens.

    I really loved Magi! The second season just ended. It didn't feel like a real end so I think there is still a season 3 coming. I did see the manga is still ongoing so the story didn't end yet for sure. :D

    I did have to get used a little to the new animation style in Fairy Tail, but after the first episode I didn't even notice anymore. :p
    As much as I love the Joestar cunning I can't help but giggle when Star Platinum punches something so hard their face caves in. And the production quality just makes it better. It's just meant to be enjoyed and I love it.
    Haha! Yeah, JoJo's is pretty much the greatest thing ever. If you don't read the manga you're in for an amazing treat with Stardust Crusaders and the series will just keep escalating. SC is looking to be around 36 or more episodes. It's much longer than Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency put together.

    Stick with it, JoJo's Friday is the best. ;D
    I am actually planning to watch more of Gintama and Hunter X Hunter! I read about them and they look really nice. :D I didn't know the other two, but I'm always looking for more anime to watch so I might add them to my (by now almost endless) summer list. A top 5 is difficult, since I love so many.. My favourite are Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, and Inuyasha I think, but Kiba, Magi, Death Note, Steins;Gate are some of the other ones I really love. :D
    Eh, Sekai Seifuku is ok so far, but not something I would recommend if asked.
    omg everybody cared that I was banned I love you guys so much imma cry ;;;_;;;
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