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  • Is the manga that slow? It had years. xD I'm still planning to read the manga, though. Must know what happens. :p
    I didn't know that. o_O I'm still waiting for season 2. I wonder if it's ever happening. It's been so long. >.<
    Thank you, haha. By the way, I got my sister hooked on AoT now too. We watched season 1 together. I'm very tempted to start reading the manga soon. Did you see that AoT-based car commercial? People are saying that means there will be a movie. :eek:
    Delta, I suddenly wanna see Pompeii and G.D. Street Prison's Music Room as stages. Also I'm pretty damn happy to see more Part 2 and Part 7 stages included. But, yeah, tag team will make for more fan service. Also, I'm pretty sure Cent- err... J. Giel (sorry been watching the anime since Iggy's coming soon) counts as a partner since he can't fight on his own very well without relying on reflective surfaces. Plus, he was more of a part of Hol Horse's combat than his own. But I would like to see Pet Shop, Joushuu/Joshuu idk, and what's her face... My fav character from P5, the girl with Spice Girl.
    Delta, I wanna see Joshuu get in now that he has a stand! Oh, and definitely cross costumes! Part 8 Johnny and part 4 Joseph yes please! Oh, and color customization would be nice as well!
    Delta, Okay I looked it up and I just... *explodes*
    I want F.F. and that Love Deluxe girl in too :0
    Also, between you and me... How cool would it be to see character creation in there?
    wtf PokeBeach replaced Phantom Blood in my last post thanks to auto correct lol
    Anyway, I got news you might like. Since my fakemon game just kinda destroyed itself when me and a friend spent weeks just getting the over world test to start, I'm taking a hiatus on it and working on my own Jojo comic called "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part B: Dream for Free"
    Delta, Please, PB is the longest part ever. Well, in a way that is partially true since PB is Jonathan VS Dio which technically ends in SC... Anyway, I agree. Not enough to theorize with yet.
    Delta, Here's my theory. Remember this is a theory from someone who is about to start JoJolion but hasn't due to smash and pokemon. What if it's the souls of all the stand users that last came in contact with each other's stands being mashed together after the reset with Josuke's and Kira's soul being most alike or most powerful and fusing imperfectly?
    Delta, Yeah I can see GER surviving it easily, but not as Giorno's stand anymore. Also, there's a theory about how Jo2uke is DIU Josuke and Kira combined (thus the eyes, tongues, balls...ssssss, and memory)
    Delta, I gotta say mine was when Pucci reset the world and Emporio restored it. Seeing Not-Jolyne-But-Is-Jolyne-Just-Naned-After-One-Of-Hirohiko's-Old-Manga-Protagonists/Irene made me really sad, especially after I saw everyone else, and Weather Report too.
    Delta, Jolyne and Johnny are tied for me lol. She's such a badass and he's such a goofball with Gyro. Plus everything about them makes them unique in comparison to all previous JoJos (which seems to start in Vento Aureo). For my favorite parts it's 6/7>4>5>2>1>3.

    It must be cool to have JoJo in the family. I'm learning how to main Jolyne (Cujoh wtf) and Johnny. I want to get the DLC stuff so I can try Lisa Lisa though.
    Omg your profile is filled with me ; ~ ;
    Anyway, seeing as how I'm hyped from finishing SBR and how gonna pick up Smash U and ORAS later, I wanted to ask you a couple JoJo things. Who's your favorite JoJo/Which part is your favorite? And do you have ASB?
    Delta, I'd love to be able to draw your stand! Close to Home sounds amazing! Also, I talked to a friend last night and they want me to help them make a stand lol. He's hoping to become an officer someday so he wants his stand to be like a police dog. Lol JoJo is fuuuuuun!
    Delta, Hybrid Theory > Crazy D X Golden Exp. lol
    When I got the idea, I imagined my stand punching a statue of a woman holding her hand up in the air like she was going to catch something in it, then punching a water fountain and then they fuse lol. Or maybe I could just make my stand able to just alter at a molecular level so what I touch could even become another material like coal to iron. To make it fair, only on non-living things. :>
    Now I can't help but wonder.... What kind of stand would you have?
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