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  • Hey, can you get on X/Y sometime? I ended up restarting my game for idk what reason and forgot about the friend safari part :p
    Hello, Mr. Chespin Jackpot, can you please add my code? I have a Pachirisu and Stunkfish (for some reason, the only friend that I can ask won't tell me the third)
    Chespin777, Hi ! It's true that I haven't see you for awhile, I wondered if you were already in Brittain ! It's good sometimes to be home alone ... can do whatever we want >:D I'm glad that you like the photos, I didn't know that the man in white was from bayonetta. Actually I didn't recognize a lot of cosplays xD
    You bet I am! I'm sticking with Alpha Sapphire since I had Sapphire before Ruby. You?
    Chespin777, I never went to netherlands, how was it ?
    Micromania is quite famous in France, but it's expensive.
    Sure it'll be tiring, but it'll be fun too, right ? ^-^
    Chespin777, Where will you go in july ? (tell me if I'm too curious ^-^')
    How lucky you are, my last travel is so far away .. :(
    I don't have much photos to show, except maybe Effeil Tower by night, some points in France or Switzerland :) (they were taken by my phone, so they aren't really good) but I'll gladly send them to you if you want to see. :)

    I just caught a new shiny, a psyduck. You said you like blue shinies, didn't you ? :)
    Chespin777, Sorry I didn't know, I always though you were from USA. (I don't know why...)
    It must have been hard on you :(
    Good for you that you get your visa, I hope you'll enjoy UK a lot ^-^ It's a beautiful country. When will you travel ?
    And sure, I'll let you see the photos ^-^ there'll be a lot of cosplay.
    Hi Chespin! Can you add me.

    My FC is 3110-3920-1321 and my IGN is Vaughn

    I play X and I'm online frequently for most of the day
    Chespin777, Hi Chespin !
    I wondered, do you know the "Japan expo" ?
    It's an exhibition about mangas and videogames in Paris, it's organised each year, the first week of july, and this year, I'll go :)
    I'm so happy ^-^ I'll take a lot of photos.
    Do you also have something like that in USA ? I guess yes ^-^
    Chespin777, GG !
    I'll never say no if you want to give me a clone, but I don't want to disturb you ^-^
    So if you have the time, I'll gladly accept them.
    Same for you, is there a shiny you want, just tell me :)

    I also caught shinies recently.
    2 days ago, it was a shiny vanillite, and yesterday, a scraggy.
    I caught them in hordes when I was EV training my pokemons.
    I also found 2 scatterbugs in GTS for common pokemons.
    But they are obviously hacked. Both are monsoon pattern with 4-5IV.
    Sadly, I do not have chance with masuda method :( Only 3 shinies that way ( one was unwanted )
    Does it work well for you ?
    I think I'll try again searching in safari or/and chainfishing ^-^
    Chespin777, Yes, I got it, but not 6IV. He has 31/31/31/31/31/30, so it's good enough. thanks anyway ^-^

    I never played bayonetta, and I also don't have a Wii U.
    I don't know if I might like it, because I'm more used to (and I prefer) "tour by tour" RPG, like FF, Bravely Default, Fire emblem or Pokemon ^-^.
    I know FF is so old, but it's one of my favourite games. Too bad that they don't make RPG as good as FF nowadays :(
    I also played Super Smash Bros once, but I don't really like it because it's only battles, maybe a little repetitive in the end.

    And I need nothing really, except maybe what's on my thread. Thank you very much. You missed nothing, don't worry ^-^
    I also still have to give you my shiny petilil, if you want it of course.
    Chespin777, I'm not looking for something especially.
    Sorry, I was sure to have answered you, apparently no.
    Chespin, what games are you playing except pokemon ? I started again Final fantasy X and just bought One Piece. (I'm a big fan of it ^-^)
    Chespin777, Thanks. Someone just propose me the adamant ditto, so maybe I'll have it. I'll let you know.
    I also like shiny Ho-oh, but I'm not especially looking for it.
    One week, that's not so long, with chance, you'll have it at the same time. :)

    Chespin777, Hi !
    Sorry I couln't be online for 2 days.
    I answered you in my thread for the shinies.
    The seviper is japanese and the cleffa have nothing in particular.
    I don't have my 3DS right now so I can't check.

    For Ebay, you can pay the way you want, no need to have paypal but it's more safe.
    Then you just have to put your delivery adress. You'll receive it by mail, in your box letters, or at the post office if the package is too big.
    Count easily 2 weeks to receive it. Maybe less, maybe more, the delivery time is written on ebay for each item.
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