‘Shiny Star V’ Announced for November, Plus Blastoise and Venusaur VMAX!

Update (Tuesday, 8:30 PM): Product listings have now confirmed the set will mostly contain reprints (along with some new cards), there will be shiny Pokemon, and each booster pack will come with a guaranteed Pokemon V or VMAX.

Japan’s S4a set will be named Shiny Star V (シャイニースターV)! It will contain 190 cards before secret rares and release on November 20th. This is the set releasing after September’s S4 Shocking Volt Tackle.

Shiny Star V is a “High Class Pack” set like Tag All Stars and GX Ultra Shiny. This means it will likely contain a bunch of reprints plus some special chase cards (like shiny Pokemon, as the name implies). There are many reprinted cards in our upcoming Champion’s Path set with alternate artwork — they may come from this set. For Japanese fans, the set will likely include artwork of cards that are currently English-exclusive, like our prerelease promos.

Each booster box will contain 10 booster packs, each with 10 cards. These are larger booster packs for Japan, as is typical with their High Class Pack sets. Each booster pack could come with a guaranteed Pokemon V like previous sets.

A few other products were also revealed in product listings today!

On December 4th, Japan will see the release of a “Starter Set VMAX Blastoise” and “Starter Set VMAX Venusaur.” Each item will include a 60-card deck focusing on either Blastoise VMAX or Venusaur VMAX. They will cost 1556 yen each and include a coin, a playmat, damage counters, and a player’s guide.

A larger, combined version of the above two products will also release on December 4th titled the “VMAX Battle Triple Starter Set.” It will come with three 60-card decks focusing on Venusaur VMAX, Charizard VMAX, and Blastoise VMAX. (The Charizard VMAX deck is based on the one released earlier this year, but will contain some different cards.) Holo promo cards of Genesect, Heatran, Suicune, and Lugia will also be featured. The product will include a deck box, playmat, player’s guides, coins, and damage counters. It will cost 4868 yen.

On December 25th, Japan will see a new “Shiny Box Crobat V.” It will come with six booster packs of Shiny Star V, a Crobat V card, two holo Hiding Darkness Energy, six holo basic Darkness Energy, and a deck box. It will cost 3800 yen.

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    All those suckers buying and selling Legendary Heartbeat missed out on the real moneymaker :smugsunglassesemojiface:
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  2. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Shocking Volt Tackle may end up the most forgotten set in a while xD
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  3. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiit!!!!

    Yeah. Bring in the !!!!
  4. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    Thing is, Ultra Shiny was released after Ultra Prism, giving us more Shiny Pokemon to collect.

    I don't think this will be in out Champion's Path since it'll mean only 3 sets worth of V cards. Maybe 2021 would be better for us to get more. I'm thinking from a Greedy Pokemon Executive.
  5. Alexandraka Aspiring Trainer


    Very curious what pokemon will be in the set - pretty excited for the potential!
  6. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    Shiny Crobat V will be huge as it'll be in it's own box. Shiny Charizard V or Potential Shiny Charizard V Max will bring in $$$$$$$$$
  7. Galar Aviad Aspiring Trainer
    Galar Aviad


    After missing out on SM4+ booster box which is now worth a lot, I'm gonna buy this one for sure :)
  8. MtSilverHermit Aspiring Trainer


    Hoping for VMAX Gengar soon!
  9. Xeno Zacian: The best boi


    I'll forget about this set in a day.