‘Champion’s Path’ Officially Revealed, Full Art Charizard V Releasing!

Pokemon has officially revealed Champion’s Path, our special holiday 2020 set!

With this set, Trainers will “recreate” their journey through the Galar region by collecting pins featuring Gym logos and foil cards representing the partner Pokemon of each Gym Leader.

The set will feature over 70 cards, including 15 Pokemon V, three Pokemon VMAX (Drednaw VMAX, Alcremie VMAX, Gardevoir VMAX), one full art Supporter, 19 Trainer cards, and a Special Energy card. Pokemon’s press releases mentions Venusaur V, Lucario V, Incineroar V, and Duraludon V from the V Starter Decks and an Eldegoss V, which will likely be an alternate art reprint of the one from Rebel Clash.

So far there is no official indication this set will include the Amazing Rares from Legendary Heartbeat or the leftover full art cards from the Sun & Moon era. They might save the Amazing Rares for our November set.

We have full details and images of all the products releasing:

Champion’s Path Pin Collections ($14.99 each)

There will be six versions of the Champion’s Path Pin Collection, each themed after a different Gym Leader in the Galar region with a corresponding pin and foil card. Pin collections based on Milo’s Turffield Gym, Nessa’s Hulbury Gym, and Kabu’s Motostoke Gym will release on September 25, 2020, while pin collections inspired by Opal’s Ballonlea Gym, Piers’ Spikemuth Gym, and Raihan’s Hammerlocke Gym will launch on November 13, 2020.

Champion’s Path Special Pin Collections ($24.99 each)

In addition, there will be two versions of the Champion’s Path Special Pin Collection representing the Stow-on-Side Gym and Circhester Gym. In each of these pin collections, Trainers will find collector’s pins featuring each Gym’s two logos and two foil cards showcasing the partner Pokémon of both Gym Leaders. The Champion’s Path Special Pin Collection will be available on October 2, 2020.

Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box ($49.99)

Arriving on September 25, 2020, the Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box features Gigantamax Charizard and comes with a full-art promo card of Charizard V, 10 Champion’s Path booster packs, and various gameplay accessories.

Champion’s Path Collection—Dubwool V and Champion’s Path Collection—Hatterene V ($19.99 each)


Trainers can also look forward to the Champion’s Path Collection—Dubwool V on September 25, 2020, and the Champion’s Path Collection—Hatterene V on October 23, 2020. These boxes include a foil promo card and foil oversize card of either Dubwool V or Hatterene V, as well as four Champion’s Path booster packs.

Champion’s Path Marnie Special Collection ($49.99)

Lastly, the Champion’s Path Marnie Special Collection will be available on October 23, 2020, and comes with two Pokémon V promo cards, eight Champion’s Path booster packs, two collector’s pins, and a Pokémon TCG playmat.

Update (Friday, 10:00 AM): The European version of the Marnie collection has now been revealed! As posted before, it comes with five booster packs, two promo cards, a jumbo card, a collector’s pin, a poster, and a PTCGO code card.

The Elite Trainer Box features Charizard VMAX on the cover! This means it’s either getting an alternate art reprint or we’re getting Japan’s rainbow rare Charizard VMAX promo as a secret rare card. Pokemon has never released tournament trophy promos before, but since they’re already breaking precedent with the full art Charizard V, that can easily extend to the rainbow rare Charizard VMAX as well.

Of the above cards, only Hatterene V and Machamp are brand new. The rest of the cards are reprints. However, they feature new alternate artwork that hasn’t been seen in Japan yet (except for Charizard V). This likely means Japan is getting a reprint set in the future, as we don’t know where these alternate art cards are coming from.

Morpeko V, Drednaw, Centiskorch, Eldegoss, Obstagoon, Gengar and Lapras are reprints from Sword & Shield. Duraludon, Alcremie, Coalossal, and Dubwool V are reprints from Rebel Clash. Grimmsnarl V and Charizard V are reprints from Darkness Ablaze.

Since the set features the Galar Gym Leaders, it makes sense why the rainbow rares of Kabu and Piers were removed from Darkness Ablaze. They will likely be secret rares in this set.