‘Champion’s Path’ Officially Revealed, Full Art Charizard V Releasing!

Pokemon has officially revealed Champion’s Path, our special holiday 2020 set!

With this set, Trainers will “recreate” their journey through the Galar region by collecting pins featuring Gym logos and foil cards representing the partner Pokemon of each Gym Leader.

The set will feature over 70 cards, including 15 Pokemon V, three Pokemon VMAX (Drednaw VMAX, Alcremie VMAX, Gardevoir VMAX), one full art Supporter, 19 Trainer cards, and a Special Energy card. Pokemon’s press releases mentions Venusaur V, Lucario V, Incineroar V, and Duraludon V from the V Starter Decks and an Eldegoss V, which will likely be an alternate art reprint of the one from Rebel Clash.

So far there is no official indication this set will include the Amazing Rares from Legendary Heartbeat or the leftover full art cards from the Sun & Moon era. They might save the Amazing Rares for our November set.

We have full details and images of all the products releasing:

Champion’s Path Pin Collections ($14.99 each)

There will be six versions of the Champion’s Path Pin Collection, each themed after a different Gym Leader in the Galar region with a corresponding pin and foil card. Pin collections based on Milo’s Turffield Gym, Nessa’s Hulbury Gym, and Kabu’s Motostoke Gym will release on September 25, 2020, while pin collections inspired by Opal’s Ballonlea Gym, Piers’ Spikemuth Gym, and Raihan’s Hammerlocke Gym will launch on November 13, 2020.

Champion’s Path Special Pin Collections ($24.99 each)

In addition, there will be two versions of the Champion’s Path Special Pin Collection representing the Stow-on-Side Gym and Circhester Gym. In each of these pin collections, Trainers will find collector’s pins featuring each Gym’s two logos and two foil cards showcasing the partner Pokémon of both Gym Leaders. The Champion’s Path Special Pin Collection will be available on October 2, 2020.

Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box ($49.99)

Arriving on September 25, 2020, the Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box features Gigantamax Charizard and comes with a full-art promo card of Charizard V, 10 Champion’s Path booster packs, and various gameplay accessories.

Champion’s Path Collection—Dubwool V and Champion’s Path Collection—Hatterene V ($19.99 each)


Trainers can also look forward to the Champion’s Path Collection—Dubwool V on September 25, 2020, and the Champion’s Path Collection—Hatterene V on October 23, 2020. These boxes include a foil promo card and foil oversize card of either Dubwool V or Hatterene V, as well as four Champion’s Path booster packs.

Champion’s Path Marnie Special Collection ($49.99)

Lastly, the Champion’s Path Marnie Special Collection will be available on October 23, 2020, and comes with two Pokémon V promo cards, eight Champion’s Path booster packs, two collector’s pins, and a Pokémon TCG playmat.

Update (Friday, 10:00 AM): The European version of the Marnie collection has now been revealed! As posted before, it comes with five booster packs, two promo cards, a jumbo card, a collector’s pin, a poster, and a PTCGO code card.

The Elite Trainer Box features Charizard VMAX on the cover! This means it’s either getting an alternate art reprint or we’re getting Japan’s rainbow rare Charizard VMAX promo as a secret rare card. Pokemon has never released tournament trophy promos before, but since they’re already breaking precedent with the full art Charizard V, that can easily extend to the rainbow rare Charizard VMAX as well.

Of the above cards, only Hatterene V and Machamp are brand new. The rest of the cards are reprints. However, they feature new alternate artwork that hasn’t been seen in Japan yet (except for Charizard V). This likely means Japan is getting a reprint set in the future, as we don’t know where these alternate art cards are coming from.

Morpeko V, Drednaw, Centiskorch, Eldegoss, Obstagoon, Gengar and Lapras are reprints from Sword & Shield. Duraludon, Alcremie, Coalossal, and Dubwool V are reprints from Rebel Clash. Grimmsnarl V and Charizard V are reprints from Darkness Ablaze.

Since the set features the Galar Gym Leaders, it makes sense why the rainbow rares of Kabu and Piers were removed from Darkness Ablaze. They will likely be secret rares in this set.

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  1. Gameguard Aspiring Trainer


    There is no mention if gold tag tean cards or amzing rares. Wonder if they not in set
    Aleister Grey likes this.
  2. The Binder Guy Aspiring Trainer
    The Binder Guy


    Oooh, those pin collections look nice and they even referenced the version exclusives by making them a two-fer! I'll definitely be buying those when they come out!

    The ETB is going to be a pain to get but hopefully not as bad as Hidden Fates' was. I can only hope that the RR Charizard VMAX isn't included in the set, if it is then this set's going to be a struggle to find.
  3. Kyle J. Asplund Some birb boi
    Kyle J. Asplund


    This set looks pretty creative. Bea!!
  4. NicoNoo Meta/budget player


    Since it is focused in Galar gym leaders, I genuinely doubt this will have any Amazing Rares. They will probably go into our November set.
  5. Animegamer420 Aspiring Trainer


  6. ShinyJordeon Aspiring Trainer


    look, there's a fairy energy. so rare!
  7. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Every prize from those tournaments before that (FA/RR Zekrom, FA Masked Royal, FA/RR Mewtwo) has not seen the light of day overseas, so it'd make sense to assume the same about this one. Furthermore, he was technically not wrong haha
    He said it was unlikely, but not impossible, and the cards weren't in Darkness Ablaze :p
  8. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    If you preorder these way before it releases, there's no reason why no one should be able to get their hands on these. With that said, I will be getting cases of the ETB.
  9. Acromantula Aspiring Trainer


    All the 10 gym leaders, ETB is for Leon, Dubwool-V is for Hop, Hatterene-V is for Bede and Marnie Special Collection.
  10. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    I literally want all of these
  11. Nyora A Cat


    That Machamp looks like it'll be a very nice meme deck to play in standard

    if there were standard machops and machokes
  12. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    Any idea how much these will cost? I mean, the etb probably costs $50 and the v boxes probably like $30, but what about the pin collections?
  13. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    I just added the prices! :)
  14. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    If you live near a hobby store and they're cool with you, and pay cash, they won't charge you tax and will sell it to you a bit cheaper. If Black Friday is available at Target etc, these could go real cheap. Literally check out the flyer for Target Black Friday 2019 and you'll see that Hidden Fates tins were selling for $10. I was able to preorder 2 cases of Darkness Ablaze with my local hobby store for $520 each no tax. Luckily I didn't do 10 cases due to the rumor of RR Zard not being in it.

    Still, Holiday 2020 Champion's Road will make any seller quick $$$
  15. Xeno Zacian: The best boi


    Can't wait to not buy these!

    Unless there's something really good in this set (VMAX Chari or something else cool) I see nothing here but a cashgrab.
  16. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Seems really disappointing that they're just going to let all those full arts from Tag All Stars rot in Japan.
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  17. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    Wow, 280 for everything not including tax


    Actually just bought a second box of SM12a yesterday because the writing seemed to be on the wall about the fate of those FAs.
  19. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    That's smart thinking. If those Gold Full Arts are left exclusive for Japan, SM12a will definitely skyrocket. Gotta get me some as well.
  20. Gameguard Aspiring Trainer


    As far as tag team Allstars sr getting English,
    Past holiday sets
    Hidden fates 68 in set, 95 sr
    Dragon m. Had 70 8 sr
    Shiny legends had 73 and 5 sr
    Generation had 83 and 32 sr

    Normally in price release they don't mention sr.
    They say 3 vmax, I'm pretty sure that excludes the sr vmax. Pretty easy to tell which vmax we getting.

    But that doesn't mean sr zardmax not in set. I'm pretty sure its in set either as promo or in packs.
    There the big box collection that we dont know what's inside yet. Could it be all the tag team sr or they in packs? Or a mix. Or will they wait til sun and moon is fully out next year and do them in that holiday set