.::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Has news been booming lately or what? I feel like I am doing an update every day.

    Spring DP Tins Update – A new product image for the spring Diamond and Pearl tins has revealed that the [DP3: Shining Darkness] alternate art theme deck Dialga Lv.X and Palkia Lv.X cards will be released in the tins, as well as a reprinted Darkrai Lv.X card with never-before-used alternate artwork. All three cards are exactly the same as their [Great Encounters] counterparts, excluding the artwork, of course.

    The artwork for Darkrai Lv.X comes from official [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing] set art that was released to fans as wallpaper, as you can see below (from a July 15th, 2007 news story). This could be an “outside of Japan” exclusive card, as it is using art from an old set that the Japanese would probably not print on a card, especially since they have artists at their disposal. Why are we using art for a card in this manner? The Japanese most likely had no plans of making an alternate artwork Darkrai Lv.X card (unlike Dialga and Palkia, which they reprinted with different artwork in the Japanese DP3 theme decks), so Pokemon USA probably had to result to using promotional set artwork. Click the thumbnail of the tins below for a larger image. To see larger versions of the original Darkrai artwork that will be featured on the Darkrai Lv.X tin card, select your screen resolution below the wallpaper thumbnail.

    Spring DP Tins 2008 Darkrai Dialga Palkia

    Shining Darkness Wallpaper
    [1024×768] / [1280×768]

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Today I played as Lucario in Brawl! I didn’t like him that much… he didn’t seem very powerful, although I do believe he is an improvement over Mewtwo. Again, I am not the best player, and I am playing the game with a Wii remote, so I can’t exactly say what I am experiencing with the characters is what everyone else will experience when they play the game with Gamecube controllers.

    The [Great Encounters scan gallery] has now been added under “Diamond/Pearl sets” in the left menu’s card scans section.

    Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai10th Movie NOT Airing in Theaters – It looks like Cartoon Network made quite a large, but accidental error when the Fried Dynamite host stated, “And be sure to catch the U.S. premier of ‘The Rise of Darkrai,’ months before it plays in theaters!” According to a recent mailbag question on Pokemon.com, The Rise of Darkrai will not have a theatrical release.

    Will Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai be released in theatres?

    This may come as a disappointment, but despite what you may have all heard, Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai will not have a theatrical release – it will premier on Cartoon Network then be released on DVD.

    In all honesty, this may be a good thing in the long run. When Mewtwo Strikes Back was released in theaters, many movie critics, most notably Roger Ebert, gave the movie extremely poor reviews (it seems Ebert had even walked in to the theater already hating Pokemon and not even understand it, as evident by his review, which I like to read for laughs every now and then). I remember that Pokemon’s popularity quickly diminished because of all the negative reviews and attention, and went “underground” as a result. Diamond and Pearl introduced a new generation of children to Pokemon, and it seems they will not have to deal with as much negative attention as many fans saw in the late 90’s, since Pokemon is now out of its “fad” stage. We won’t see another cycle of “bashing” as we did before, and children will probably not be as afraid to reveal that they like Pokemon in the future, as many older fans are today.

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Brawl stuff today! Also, remember to check out our [complete Great Encounters set scan gallery] and the previous news story for more information on the set, including the theme deck lists!

    Personal Impressions with Brawl – Yesterday, I had the opportunity to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl for a while, and I wanted to post what I thought of the playable Pokemon characters. Since the game was new, Jigglypuff and Lucario had not been unlocked yet, so I only used Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer. I am going to play again tomorrow, and I am going to ask if I can have a couple of rounds where I just use Poke Balls so I can record all of the Pokemon that are in Brawl and what they do.

    Pikachu seemed to be worse than it was in Melee. It was a little slower (noticeable to people who use him a lot), and its Down+B Thunder attack did not seem as powerful (the lightning even looks “weaker”). When I used it in Melee, it pushed people away at 0% much further than in Brawl. The lightning also came down much faster, so when jumping off something toward the ground, the lightning would stop you in midair much more often. This was a little disappointing to me, since I often like to jump around using Agility and then land on someone with Thunder (but I couldn’t since it would stop me more). Other than this, Pikachu seemed unaltered. We only saw his Final Smash once (I was not using him or playing in the round when it happened), and it looked extremely powerful, albeit a little hard to control. Still seemed pretty good in comparison to Sonic’s.

    Pokemon Trainer is just… awesome. Since I only used him for four or five rounds, I didn’t get to learn all of the controls for the attacks, so it was a little hard to just jump in and use the Pokemon. It takes only a few seconds to switch Pokemon, and after two minutes, they physically start to get tired, so you can only ideally use them for that time until they rest. Charizard was extremely powerful, slow, and heavy, but his attacks, like Rock Smash, did great damage. He can also jump three times and glide, so it was pretty easy to get him around the stages. Ivysaur was pretty average, and a little hard to control – when I died, it was usually because of Ivysaur. I really did not get to use him that much, but from other people who used him when we were playing (like my brother), he seemed pretty average. Squirtle has an awesome attack (Waterfall?) that lets you get back on to the stage after falling off, and he is easy to use. I would usually start with Charizard, then move on to Squirtle, then Ivysaur, and other people followed the same strategy. In our last round, I was lucky to get the Smash Ball, and all of the Pokemon came out at once and fired their attacks – out of all of the smashes that we saw, it was definitely the strongest one, and inescapable.

    I know my explanations are a little shallow, but I will definitely play more in the week and try to learn more about each of the Pokemon characters. I am looking forward to using Lucario and recording all of the Pokemon that can be released from Poke Balls!

    Snake Communications and Pokemon Explanations – Bangiras has spent a load of time translating video communications to Snake that explain what Pokemon are and some general concepts. You can view the translations below and the videos to the right. Some of them explanations “refresh” some general concepts regarding Pokemon that have not been explained in the show or games in a while, such as the strategic bond between a Pokemon Trainer and his Pokemon.

    Pikachu Explanation – jump to 4:43 in video

    “Oh, how cute!”
    “What is? You mean that yellow guy?”
    “That’s Pikachu. It’s a universally popular Pokemon.
    It appears cute, but you have to be careful. In the sacs in its cheeks, it stores a large amount of electricity.”
    It can obviously torture you over and over with electrical attacks.”
    “As long as he doesn’t do it too often, it’s probably better than Ocelot’s torture.”
    “By the way, Snake?”
    “If you can, I’d like you to catch Pikachu for me…is that too much?”
    “Give me a break. I’m not a Pokemon Trainer.”

    Jigglypuff Explanation – jump to 4:12 in video

    “The big eyeball is walking…”
    “That’s Jigglypuff.”
    “Jigglypuff? Don’t say it’s a dessert.” (Note: Jigglypuff’s Japanese name is “Purin,” a pun on “pudding.”)
    “Jigglypuff is a Balloon Pokemon. Since its innards are air, it’s light, but the power of its “Rest” is tremendous.”
    “Rest..? It isn’t a normal sleep is it?”
    “At the very instant it goes to sleep, there’s an incredible energy reaction at the center of its body.”
    “If you eat it, you’ll probably be instantly Koed.”
    “It’s spirited while asleep? Completely hopeless.”
    “The world is big. Especially this ‘brawl’.”

    Lucario Explanation – jump to 4:19 in video

    “You’re fighting Lucario? Snake.”
    “Mei Ling, what is the purple flame coming out of the guy’s hand?”
    “That’s ‘wave’.” (Note: In Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, “wave” was translated as “aura.”)
    “Something like lifeforce. Lucario controls its own wave, and that’s what is shining with power.
    “Lucario increases its wave when it takes damage, becoming stronger.”
    “So, don’t let your guard down saying, ‘Since I did a lot of damage to it…’.”
    “You’re saying, ‘A cornered rat is dangerous’? … What a nuisance.”
    “Oh? Even Snake uses proverbs occasionally. How surprising.”
    “It’s thanks to you.”
    “When you come back, I’ll teach you plenty of Chinese proverbs.”

    Pokemon Trainer Explanation – jump to 5:00 in video

    “The one instructing the Pokemon from the background, he’s a Pokemon Trainer?”
    “That Pokemon Trainer is carrying Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard.”
    “They’re powerful Pokemon that represent the Water, Grass, and Fire type respectively.”
    “He prepares them to fight, then watches on. A good position, isn’t it.”
    “You could say that. When the Pokemon fight, it’s on the Pokemon Trainer’s orders.”
    “On the battlefield, a soldier who manages field strategy and evaluates the progress of war is indespensible.”
    “If they maintain a good combination together, their power is probably multiplied.”
    “That’s why we also work well together. Don’t you think, Snake?”
    “…All right, thanks for your help.”
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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    It is SUCH a pain to edit scans on an old laptop with no good programs on it! Grrr! I need my baby back! Thank goodness all of the scans are out of the way now!

    I get to play Brawl tonight because my Resident Adviser (R.A.) obtained it from a friend! If anything of interest occurs related to Pokemon, I will post about it! Today is such a great day… much better than all of the chaos that occurred during this past week.

    Darkrai to be Obtainable Through Toys “R” Us – Darkrai will be obtainable through Toys “R” Us, as we were told last year after the Manaphy downloads occurred. According to PokeBeach member Jeremy, his Toys “R” Us store recently started displaying a sign with a picture of Darkrai that reads “Catch Darkrai!” April was listed on the sign as when the event would occur, and it said more details would follow soon.

    Since the slogan on the sign is “Catch Darkrai” and not “Download Darkrai,” Toys R Us may simply be giving out information on how to unlock the in-game event for capturing it, the method most likely being through a Mystery Gift download at the store. In this way, Darkrai will probably not be available for direct download, unlike Manaphy. The programmed event for capturing Darkrai within Diamond and Pearl occurs after you receive the “Member’s Card” from the delivery man at the Mart (upon receiving the Mystery Gift). Once you have it, you can sleep at the hotel in Canalave City, where you will have a nightmare that takes you to New Moon Island. You will then have the opportunity to battle and capture Darkrai there. Again, this method of receiving Darkrai in the United States is only based on the slogan of the poster – it may be for direct download, and it may not be.

    I will try to visit a Toys R Us tomorrow with my newfound appreciation for riding the bus, or call one, or ask people to check them out when they go to confirm or expand upon this information. We’ll keep you updated!

    Complete Gallery of Great Encounters Scans! – Blizzard has kindly sent us the remaining scans we were missing for Great Encounters, allowing us to complete our gallery! You can check them out here: [Great Encounters set list and scans]. I also WISH I could publicly thank the person involved in scanning the other prerelease cards, but that would obviously get them into trouble, so I’ll just say “thank you” from me to you for all of your hard work and dedication, even when you yourself are going through a tough time. I am sure most website viewers appreciate it as well!

    If the scan page does not show new links for you (as in, some of the card names are not links), refresh the page a couple of times, or clear your cache.

    You can also view a scan of the Darkrai deck sleeve and the Great Encounter advertisement poster below. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

    Great Encounters Darkrai Deck SleeveGreat Encounters Advertisement Poster

    Great Encounters Theme Deck Lists – I wrote out all of the lists during our prerelease today, and you can check out their contents below! Normally, I would make a page for them for our theme deck section, but since I am literally deleting the website in a few months for the new one, there is no point.

    Endless Night (Darkrai)
    1x Darkrai (#4) (Special Holo)
    2x Cacturne
    4x Cacnea
    1x Beedrill
    2x Kakuna
    4x Weedle
    1x Houndoom
    4x Houndour
    4x Slugma
    2x Zangoose
    2x Quick Ball
    2x Energy Search
    2x Potion
    1x Leftovers
    2x Roseanne’s Research
    2x Amulet Coin
    10x Grass Energy
    8x Fire Energy
    6x Darkness Energy

    Infinite Space (Palkia)
    1x Palkia (Special Holo)
    1x Exploud
    2x Loudred
    4x Whismur
    1x Slowking
    4x Slowpoke
    4x Buizel
    2x Arbok
    4x Ekans
    2x Krabby
    2x Dusk Ball
    2x Energy Search
    2x Potion
    1x Moonlight Stadium
    2x Felicity’s Drawing
    2x Amulet Coin
    16x Water Energy
    8x Psychic Energy

    Eternal Time (Dialga)
    1x Dialga (Special Holo)
    1x Porygon-Z
    2x Porygon2
    4x Porygon
    2x Solrock
    2x Lunatone
    1x Primeape
    4x Mankey
    4x Makuhita
    2x Togepi
    2x Skarmory
    2x Poke Ball
    2x Energy Search
    2x Switch
    1x Amulet Coin
    2x Professor Oak’s Visit
    2x Leftovers
    16x Fighting Energy
    8x Metal Energy

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Just got back from the prerelease, and it was awesome! We showed the Darkrai movie, and the kids loved it! The only bad part was having to take four buses home and walking part of the way due to the bus system misprinting their schedules and routes. :p It was still an awesome day, though!

    I will be posting the rest of the scans tonight, excluding Cresselia Lv.X and Darkrai Lv.X, so if anyone got them today, please e-mail us a high-quality scan: wpm@pokebeach.com. I also have all three theme deck lists, the Darkrai sleeve, and a picture of the Darkrai poster to post.

    We will also have news regarding how to get Darkrai in Diamond and Pearl, but since I have only received confirmation about it from one person, I can’t call it 100% true yet.

    Going to dinner now! Adios, Ariados!

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    BREAKING NEWS: This was JUST said 10 seconds ago on Cartoon Network, right after the three-episode marathon ended: “And be sure to catch the U.S. premier of ‘The Rise of Darkrai’ [on Cartoon Network], months before it plays in theaters!” POKEMON IS GOING TO BE IN THEATERS AGAIN!! Will we have movie downloads to get Darkrai, just like in Japan?

    10th Movie Air Date – UC Irvine’s television is all in the Eastern time zone, so I literally just saw this information on Cartoon Network 10 seconds ago during the new Pokemon episode marathon…

    The Rise of Darkrai will air on Cartoon Network on Sunday, February 24th, at 7:00 PM! The commercial that revealed this information showed several clips from the movie, including one with Darkrai’s voice, and it sounded much more dark, slow, and fuzzy when compared to the Japanese voice actor. It said “Do not come near,” which is exactly what it said in the Japanese version, so this is already a good indication the movie is being translated well. Tonio’s voice was also heard in the trailer, and it fit his personality well, in my opinion. Alice’s voice was too brief to judge.

    Be sure to read the previous news story, and check out our [Great Encounters set list and scans] – there are 92 of them!

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I rode the public bus for the first time in my life yesterday and took my laptop to Circuit City to get fixed, since that is where it was bought. It seems that it was a hardware and software issue causing the problem, but they won’t be able to fix it for a few days. Luckily, I explained to them how I have extremely important website work to do, so one of the tech guys kindly grabbed some of my files for me, since the hard drive is still reachable. He couldn’t grab everything because I have the scan files scattered all over the place, so I just took what I could get. I think we only missed around 9 of them, which is no big deal, since I will be asking my source to resend me the files (I will probably have them edited and uploaded by the end of the day).

    I would also like to thank Katie, Amy, and Andrew for each letting me use their laptops last night and right now. I used them to edit the remaining scans all the way until 4 AM, then woke up again to finish them at 8 (without my beloved Photoshop, making everything take five times longer). As of now, even though some of the scans are still missing because the tech guy couldn’t find them on my hard drive, we are only really missing Porygon-Z, Cresselia Lv.X, Darkrai Lv.X, and Palkia Lv.X, so if you get any of these cards on Saturday, please send us in a high-quality scan at 300 DPI!

    Fake Phione Card Great Encounters92 Great Encounters Scans! – Hey, what’s that to the right? Could it be the card everyone has wanted?! Click it for a surprise.

    The full [Great Encounters] set list is now up and running! It contains links to all of our scans now, so you don’t have to scroll through all of the news stories.

    As for the “Phione Scandal” yesterday involving a small group of the community getting mad over the fake scan, I think some of you need to take a chill pill. If you can’t take a joke, then don’t come here – I play pranks all the time, and if you don’t like that, no one is forcing you to type in this website’s URL. In fact, once the new website goes up and it has a new back end, I will gladly prevent you from coming here all together. Until I am paid for my free services, or am under contract by someone that sets out certain guidelines for me, I’ll do what I want. I’ve had a rough week, and if I want to play a joke, I will, especially after all the rudeness going on. I. don’t. owe. you. people. anything. I’m pretty sure I’ve done enough for you all over the years, especially during this week with all that is going on in my life (much of which you do not know about). ‘Tis all.

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I have very bad news (at least for me). My laptop has been acting up for the past week, and this afternoon it finally died (RIGHT AFTER I turned in my Criminology mini essay – thank the Lord!) It refuses to start, and apparently, the only way I can repair it is if I have a Windows Vista disc. Since it came installed with Vista, they didn’t give me a disk (like they used to do in the old days), so I have to take it in to get repaired. Unfortunately, that means the scans have to go with it – I have no way of accessing them.

    Fake Phione Card Great EncountersToday, I WAS going to trick everyone by posting a fake Phione scan that I made (so you would all think it was the surprise until I revealed the real one), but my plan obviously will not be carried out now. I planted a thumbnail of it in the Great Encounters scan directory last night, but no one saw it, so I IM’d its link to a few people, posted a link to it on our own forums (pretending to be a user who found it – I am sure this is where most people saw the link), and finally some people saw it and went around posting the link (ironically claiming they discovered it on their own, or “obtained it” exclusively – silly billies). You can see its thumbnail to the right, obviously (I didn’t upload the large version because it would have obviously revealed it as a fake). I think I did a pretty good job on it, even though the template has some glaring errors. :p

    Anyways, I am using a dorm friend’s laptop right now, and need to go back to my room. Hopefully, by some miracle, someone in my hall will have a Vista CD (although that doesn’t necessarily mean it will fix the laptop). If not, I will have to take the laptop in tomorrow to get fixed, and they usually take a week or two to do so. :( We’ll see what happens, though.

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Geez, some people have become so impatient and rude about me posting scans during this past week, especially yesterday, that it is a little unsettling. I hope you guys realize that I am still a human like most of you, and that I have other work, priorities, and problems in life that I need to deal with first. Family > School > Pokemon. Please remember to show some consideration and respect when emailing me or posting on my forums. Instead of being inconsiderate, it might be more effective to say “thank you” to someone who is going out of their way to post information for you, just as you would hopefully thank other humans in your lives who help you. I don’t get paid to do this and have to make time in a busy schedule to update this site, and having to read so many rude comments from people doesn’t exactly make me want to continue.

    In response to the numerous e-mails I keep receiving about Weezing’s Poke-Body, yes, it is stackable. The card was not mistranslated, unlike Banette and Electrode. If you have any other questions about cards, feel free to e-mail me!

    20 More “Great Encounters” Scans – I have edited the batch of scans I was planning on posting yesterday, in addition to a few more cards. This batch does not include the “surprise,” since I do not think I will have time to edit it and the other cards in its batch tonight. Some people seem to think the surprise is going to be something TOTALLY awesome, but it’s really nothing too special (I suppose it is my fault for over-hyping it a little in the first scan story). It is just a popular card some people were not sure made it into the set, and you’ll find out what it is tomorrow for sure.

    Since I have one more midterm tomorrow, a mini Criminology essay (2 pages), and random Humanities homework and reading, I will most likely not have time to edit a second batch of scans tonight, though I will try my best to do so. I don’t want to stay up until 5:00 again trying to finish homework, though. :/

    Tomorrow night, I will post the ENTIRE set list, and perhaps all of our remaining scans. Then on Friday, I will post the Darkrai deck sleeve scan, the Great Encounters advertisement poster, and a PDF printout of all our scans for you to take to the prereleases to remind you of what each of the cards do.

    Click the thumbnails below for larger images. To discuss these cards and Great Encounters, check out this forum thread.

    Sceptile contains an error in consistency with regard to previous Pokemon cards. Anyone notice it?

    [Images No Longer Available]

    Lucario in Action, Mt. Coronet Stadium! – Several new videos of Lucario in Super Smash Brothers Brawl have been posted on YouTube, and you can view one of them below! It shows Lucario fighting on several stages, including Mt. Coronet’s Spear Pillar field. Lucario’s attacks remind me a lot of Mewtwo’s…

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         storyed By: Water Pokémon Master
    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I have not finished a Humanities essay that is due today at 2:00 PM, so I will not have time to edit the next batch of scans until the afternoon. I may just wait until night and post two batches at once, revealing the “surprise,” but we’ll see.

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #2: Added a picture of Lucario’s Final Smash and a picture from the game with a Mewtwo silhouette (both in the Lucario news story below the G.E. scans).

    EDIT: Added a new news story below the scans showing Lucario in SSBB.

    It’s so fun trying to edit scans when one of your eyes is leaking like a broken faucet and your nose keeps making yo-yo’s with its contents. For those of you who think I am purposefully holding back on posting all of the scans at once, I’m not – I’m editing them in groups each night. Doing them all at once would probably leave my laptop wet and my eye even worst, and all I need is another fried laptop. :D

    Even More “Great Encounters” Scans – We now have 43 Great Encounters scans, with many more to come! Tonight, you can view 14 new cards below (click the thumbnails for larger scans). For the scans we have already posted, scroll down this page and look at the past few news stories. More scans will be posted tomorrow!

    To discuss these cards and the actual set, or to read what other people have to say, you can read or post in this forum thread. On Thursday or Friday night, I will post a Darkrai sleeve scan and a picture of the Great Encounters advertisement poster. The more forum discussion we get, the earlier the pictures will be posted!

    [Images No Longer Available]

    You can read the original English translations of the above cards (and of other cards in the set) by checking out these links: [DP3: Shining Darkness translations], [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing translations].

    Lucario Screenshots from SSBB – Below you can see Lucario in several video stills from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The first screenshot is of the selection screen, showing Lucario’s character avatar. The rest of the screenshots introduce Lucario as a playable character in the game and display his Aura-guiding abilities, which he uses to find Snake. Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

    Lucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlLucario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Lucario in Super Smash Bros. BrawlMewtwo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    More Great Encounters Scans! – I will continue to post Great Encounters scans and information until Friday night, so keep checking back here! Be sure to tell all of your friends where they can see an early peek of the newest set before the prereleases!

    Click the thumbnails below for larger images. To discuss these cards and the actual set (as well as the news story below this regarding SSBB), check out this forum thread.

    [Images No Longer Available]

    Pokemon Trainer in Action! – More videos of Pokemon Trainer from Super Smash Bros. Brawl have been posted on YouTube, and you can view a couple of them below. The first one shows a two-minute match with Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur, depicting how well and differently they each fight. The second video confirms that you can choose which Pokemon to send out when selecting Pokemon Trainer as your character, and shows the different colors you can choose for each Pokemon (the announcer says their Japanese names so Englishy). The third video is another fight with Pokemon Trainer, but this time against Pikachu, and with different colored Pokemon in action!

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         storyed By: Water Pokémon Master
    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I have midterms to study for and a semi-serious eye infection that makes it hard to look at the computer screen, so updates may only involve Great Encounters during this next week.

    First “Great Encounters” Scans – It is really handy to own a Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai when you are a webmaster. Dialga can forward time to the future, Palkia can tear open space and allow one to travel wherever they want, and Darkrai can scare the security guards guarding the gold.

    Below we have our first real scans of Great Encounters, one week before the prereleases, and three weeks before the set is officially released! Click the thumbnails below for larger pictures, and hover over the right and left sides of each image, clicking “Next” or “Previous,” to scroll through the scans like a slide show. I am only posting around 15 scans each night of the week until Friday night, depending on how much discussion we get on our forums in regards to the cards. The more detailed discussion we get, the more cards I will post! The less we get, well…

    Wailord still wins the set’s art contest. :D

    [Images No Longer Available]

    To discuss the above cards and Great Encounters, check out this forum thread.

    Some people will be happy about something on Wednesday night… that’s when “it” will be posted.

    Funny Mistake on Darkrai.com – If you have not been here since the afternoon, be sure to read the previous news story regarding Darkrai.com! If you have already seen it, this should give you a laugh.

    It looks like whoever worked on the Darkrai website accidentally left some text in when communicating with another coworker. Anyone can easily miss the text when glancing at the website, but if you read everything closely…

    Darkrai mistake on Darkrai.com

    … you will not miss it! Thanks go to Aqua Smeargle for pointing this out!

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I woke up with an eye infection (which makes it hard to look at the computer screen), so I will probably not update again until Monday night or Tuesday. I can look at the screen for short periods of time with minor pain, but then the major pain comes back and lasts for hours at a time, so unless something major occurs in the Pokemon world, I will not be updating.

    Darkrai.com UpdatedDarkrai.com officially opened yesterday, although nothing was shown other than a “come back tomorrow” message. Now, however, the site has updated with new content, and below, I have split up all of its information into three sections.

    Video Games – On the main page, the website says “check back often to find out how you can get it [Darkrai],” meaning Darkrai should be available for download soon. The “video game” section briefly describes Darkrai’s attacks, Dark Void and Dark Pulse, as well as its ability, Bad Dreams (which zaps HP between turns when your opponent is asleep). The first screenshot below is of the main page, while the second is of the video game section of the website. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

    Darkrai.com ScreenshotsDarkrai.com Screenshots

    Movie – Details on “The Rise of Darkrai” were also revealed. Alice and Baron Alberto will keep their original Japanese names for the dub (I suppose this means the pun for “Baron Alberto” and “Beroberto” will not be translatable). The Time-Space Tower and Alamos Town keep their names as well, though it was originally “Space-Time” tower. There is also a teaser trailer under the “anime” section that shows an abridged beginning of the movie where Dialga and Palkia fight (with a scene of Darkrai from the end of the movie edited in), in addition to a section showing around a dozen movie shots of Darkrai. The movie’s logo is also displayed on the pages. The first screenshot below is of the movie’s synopsis and the second is of the Darkrai movie shot section.

    Darkrai.com ScreenshotsDarkrai.com Screenshots

    TCG – Nothing new is revealed about “Great Encounters,” though the website promises to reveal new cards from the set every month. Of course, you don’t need to, since we will have early scans of the set next week! :D The screenshot below shows the TCG page.

    Darkrai.com Screenshots

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    .::   Saturday - May 27th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai

    The Rise of Darkrai – My youngest brother was watching Cartoon Network today, and during a “Fried Dynamite” segment, he said the host announced the 10th Pokemon movie’s English title: The Rise of Darkrai (Japanese: Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai). It will be airing on Cartoon Network in March, around one month after the release of Great Encounters. Will Darkrai be available for download to our games soon?

    (SPOILERS) I don’t understand how the title is relevant to the movie. Darkrai physically rises from the ground out of the shadows, but I doubt the title is referring to this. Perhaps they mean it “rising” in its “goodness?” When it first appeared in Alamos Town and attacked several Pokemon, it seemed to be evil, but years later, as the story shows, it ends up sacrificing itself for the town even though it is hated and abused by everyone. Who knows, though? (/END SPOILERS)

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