Toys R Us Piplup Promo Giveaway Next Saturday!

As usual, Toys R Us will be holding a “Pokemon Trade & Collect” event to promote the release of the latest set.

Visit Toys R Us on Saturday, February 3rd, from noon to 2 PM and you’ll receive a holo Piplup promo and Ultra Prism poster. The Piplup will feature a Toys R Us stamp and be printed on galaxy holofoil paper (not pictured).

Previous TRU set promos include Cosmog from SM1 Sun & Moon, Alolan Vulpix from SM2 Guardians Rising, Stufful from SM3 Burning Shadows, Jangmo-o from SM4 Crimson Invasion, and now Piplup from SM5 Ultra Prism.

Pro tip: You can reserve a spot for your store’s event to guarantee you’ll get the goodies.