Errata for Cyrus Prism Star Officially Announced!

TPCi has officially announced Cyrus Prism Star will receive an errata.

The card was mistranslated to say it only works if you have any Water or Metal Pokemon in play, but the card should read that it only works if your Active Pokemon is Water or Metal.

Due to an error in the card text for Cyrus Prism Star (Sun & Moon—Ultra Prism, 120/156), the first part of this card will be changed. The new Cyrus Prism Star text will say:

You can play this card only if your Active Pokemon is a [W] or [M] Pokemon.

Your opponent chooses 2 Benched Pokemon and shuffles the others, and all cards attached to them, into their deck.

Effective immediately, Cyrus Prism Star will use this updated text instead of the original text. This is reflected in the Pokemon TCG Errata document.

TPCi only realized the error after we pointed it out, so unless there’s later print runs of Ultra Prism, all prints of the card will use the incorrect text.