Errata for Cyrus Prism Star Officially Announced!

TPCi has officially announced Cyrus Prism Star will receive an errata.

The card was mistranslated to say it only works if you have any Water or Metal Pokemon in play, but the card should read that it only works if your Active Pokemon is Water or Metal.

Due to an error in the card text for Cyrus Prism Star (Sun & Moon—Ultra Prism, 120/156), the first part of this card will be changed. The new Cyrus Prism Star text will say:

You can play this card only if your Active Pokemon is a [W] or [M] Pokemon.

Your opponent chooses 2 Benched Pokemon and shuffles the others, and all cards attached to them, into their deck.

Effective immediately, Cyrus Prism Star will use this updated text instead of the original text. This is reflected in the Pokemon TCG Errata document.

TPCi only realized the error after we pointed it out, so unless there’s later print runs of Ultra Prism, all prints of the card will use the incorrect text.

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  1. Hmmm finally. The effect is correct though, right?
  2. RedSuinit Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    I'm both happy, and sorely disappointed at the same time.
  3. SmiteKnight Destroying half the universe one snap at a time


    I question how a few guys opperating on coffee and using translators that don’t work full time for pokemon somehow outclassed full time translators that work for a million dollar company. ;)
  4. supermattdab0ss Sylveon is da b0ss


    Lol. TPCI doesn't always put in the most effort possible.
  5. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Grumble grumble...
  6. Frosty. Aspiring Trainer


    Quality is not TPCi's strongest traits.
  7. Shfinx I Solemnly Swear To Never Play a Meta Deck


    Come on, TPCi, at least give us at least a week to do some stuff before putting out the errata. There was gonna be so much good stuff to come from this.
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  8. GamePhoenix Halfpop Enthusiast


    Well, it still kinda works but is clunkier now. My Seismatoad EX/Giratina EX deck still can use it though
  9. MystikX Aspiring Trainer


    You think this is bad? Cardfight!! Vanguard can't go a full set without at least 5 mistranslations and/or printing errors.
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  10. Seng vang Svang20
    Seng vang

    Advanced Member Member

    I would lik3 to correct you that it's not million but a billion dollar company. So it' even worst that they can be like this.
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  11. Zygarde C Aspiring Trainer
    Zygarde C


    Why?!? This mistranslation should have been kept because even though it is a little broken, it made it so much more viable as a one of Card in a deck. This could still be decent but was way better if they kept the mistranslation to make metal compete with the other typings.
  12. FacepalmMaster All hail our lord


    Uh... where have you been living my friend, as far as I'm concerned metal has received WAY too much support already
  13. Volkner123 Champion in training


  14. Otaku The wise fool?


    How do you know that's not who ended up translating the card?

    Not the exact same person, but who says this exact card was handled by the most talented of the staff? Imagine if you were interning, deadline is looming, and you're running on coffee instead of sleep... ;)
  15. Attix Electric Delivery Driver from Washington


    Plea GX + mistranslated card + Octillery = GG

    Plus, they want to keep consistency between Japanese and English sets and their cards. Keeping the mistranslation would give English speakers an unfair advantage.
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  16. AFEX Serena is too cute!


    TCPI Employee: Sir, we issued an Errata for the Broken Cyrus Prism Star card.

    TCPI CEO: Good, any other Broken cards in the format to be banned or Errata'd?

    TCPI Employee: A bunch sir.

    TCPI CEO: Like what.

    TCPI Employee: All the Metal Support sir.

    TCPI CEO: NO, I want to see a Broken format for once. Plus Metal's my favorite type.

    TCPI Employee: Ok...


    Gardevoir GX Fanboys: SHHH I hear the CEO'S second in charge coming!

    TCPI Employee: (Walks out)

    Gardevoir GX Fanboys: What's the news?

    TCPI Employee: *Sigh* Metal lives.

    Gardevoir GX Fanboys: GOD D...

    That's pretty much how it is.
  17. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    Octillary with a float stone still makes this pretty doable. Although we (**cough** pokebeach **cough**) really need a float stone re-print.
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  18. Bergonzilla Aspiring Trainer


    Better late than never
  19. FacepalmMaster All hail our lord


    ...and Gallade finally realizes his mistake, if Gardie dies then he'd be receiving no fame whatsoever.
  20. Charjabus Beep Beep


    So what exactly is gonna happen to the value of the misprinted Cyrus then?
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