Infernape, Darkrai/Cyrus Prism Star, Both Necrozma-GX from ‘Ultra Prism!’

The English versions of Infernape, Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX, Dusk Mane Necrozma-GX, and Darkrai Prism Star from Ultra Prism have been revealed! The cards originate from Japan’s SM5 set.

Update: Cyrus Prism Star has also been revealed! However, TPCi mistranslated it. We originally translated it as only working if your Active Pokemon is [W] or [M], but TPCi has translated it as working if any of your Pokemon are [W] or [M]. The Japanese card definitely says the [W] or [M] Pokemon must be in your “battle area” (where your Active Pokemon resides) as opposed to “area” (meaning all of your Pokemon in play). Hopefully they caught the error before the card went to print — we’ll find out this weekend when prereleases take place. Otherwise they will have to issue an errata so the effect matches the Japanese card. This is their first major mistranslation in a long time.

The set will hit store shelves February 2nd, with prereleases starting this weekend (well, for most of us).