Pokemon Your Very First Shiny? What Did You Think, And How Did You React?

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My first Shiny was a Tentacool. I found it while surfing through the water (I forgot where) in Pokemon Sapphire. I was so excited xD.
I think my first Shiny was a Steelix. So many puns. Goldix, I've got a Golden Ticket Steelix, etc.
Leafgreen: Nada
Emerald: Nope.
Pearl, Platinum: Nothing.
Heartgold: SHINY CUBONE IN SAFARI ZONE! Caught with ease (I hate the Safari Zone.)
Anything since: No.

I should probably transfer my shiny Marowak...
My first shiny was in Sapphire. It was a Wurmple. Problem was I didn't know about shiny Pokémon back then, so I released it because I thought it was a glitch. Since then I've caught a shiny Magcargo at Stark Mountain and a Wooper at the Safari Zone in Platinum.
I actually didn't find my first one until Diamond. It was a Camerupt (which is awesome, because I love that ash-grey color on it), and to this day it's still my luckiest catch ever.


I was exploring Stark Mountain with Buck, meaning double battles every time, but his Claydol and my team were handling everything pretty easily. When I ran into the Camerupt alongside a Slugma, I raged a little, because I really wanted it, but I was pretty positive it'd get KO'd before I could even try to catch it. But I figured I'd give it my best shot anyway. Buck had usually targeted the weaker Pokémon in past battles, so I decided to weaken the Camerupt myself as much as I dared while he attacked the Slugma (assuming I guessed right - which I did). I attacked it (can't remember with what), but I only got it down to about half health, still barely in the green. Meanwhile, the Slugma had gone down in one hit, and I knew Buck could finish off the Camerupt with one more hit. I just had one chance, so I threw an Ultra Ball and crossed my fingers.

I may have gone slightly ballistic in public when I actually caught the sucker.
Mine was bellsprout in silver, saw the sparkles and caught it(didn't know what a shiny was back then). You know that first in-game trade, where you get an onix for a bellsprout? Yep I traded it right after I caught it...
Don't even ask why, I don't know.
A female Liepard in a wild double battle in Black. It also has Pokerus, I think. I got so excited and ran around my house like an idiot. I almost lost it because about half of my Pokemon were fainted. I caught it with one of those ultraballs that Prof. Juniper gives you near the start of the game, if it wasn't for that, I would be -1 shiny Liepard.
My first shiny was in HG during the bug contest post-game. I saw a shiny combee and when I caught it I realized it was a male so no shiny Vespiquen for me. :( Then when I first got Black version when I first got to the desert area the first Pokemon I saw was a shiny Darumaka. Caught it but I have no clue where it is now, I'm hoping I didn't accidently release it. :(
I was lucky enough to get a hilariously phallic pink Palkia as my first shiny on a Japanese copy of Pearl. I had already attempted to catch the 'mon (previously regular) once and accidentally fainted it. After I loaded up my save and went to battle it again, boom, shiny! It was totally worth that Master ball B]
Named him Lyall, and he's chilling in my Black at the moment. Can't wait to see what he looks like in 3D.

Just look at that thing go OuO

My second wild shiny was a blue Unown D. Even though it's a bit derpy, it's still a shiny C:
After that I've even managed to breed some via the Masuda method (a Taillow and a Scraggy, both oh-so-delicious). Gotta hope I'll run into something cool in the wild soon, it's been too long since my latest shiny.
My first shiny was Gyarados from Pokemon HeartGold. It was preordained, so I didn't get that excited. I've never found a shiny Pokemon in the wild... :(
My first shiny was a goldbat in sapphire. I never liked goldbat, but being my first shiny I thought how I'd evolve it into Crobat and it'd be my new fav pokemon. Turns out I had no pokeballs...
Played every single pokemon game and I've never gotten a shiny. That being said I use a ton of repel because random battles become a massive waste of time. Yay I ran into ANOTHER Zubat in the cave.

down + right

I escaped. :p
I found a shiny Cacnea on Sapphire but my first thought was that my game had glitched so I turned off my GBA only to realise my mistake. xD Never found another one after that; I only have event and GTS shinies. :(

EDIT: Actually, I had a shiny Tyrogue in Silver from the egg you get given! Forgot about that. xD
I have only ever caught one, ODDISH! and I was mad. Oddish is the worst shiny. It hardly looks different. Also, It wasn't even in a game, I found it in a hack. BOO!
My first shiny ever was in diamond and it was my actual starter chimchar, but the pokemon selection showed it as normal, so when i sent it out against that starly i almost exploded with joy and i was near comatose trying to decide whether it was a dream or not. Over reaction? Probably
My first shiny was a shiny Volbeat in Ruby. I actually didn't know about Shines at that point, so when I saw it I was confused as to why it was blue, so I just caught it thinking it was a weird glitch. So basically my reaction to my first shiny was "Huh, wonder what that is." And then, "Oh it's one of the rarest things ever, cool."
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