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Oct 3, 2013
May 13, 2013
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Feb 8, 1993 (Age: 28)

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Aspiring Trainer, Female, 28

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Oct 3, 2013
    1. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    2. grassdragon
      I saw your picture on the Beach Member Picture thread. You are a beautiful young woman.
    3. Thief
      Hey ! Hope you're doing well.
    4. Elite Stride
      Elite Stride
      Oh yes of course, I think everyone should get a degree if they can. I was just wondering about the rescuers specifically. Well...I would say your are certainly a step ahead if you are volunteering! That is always a huge positive anywhere you go in the future!
    5. Elite Stride
      Elite Stride
      Wait, you don't need a certain kind of education for wildlife rescue right? I'd think it's all on the job training kind of stuff...
      I'm with ya on the vet thing. I was considering it at one point and decided against it, partially for the same reasons.
    6. Elite Stride
      Elite Stride
      You look like the art teacher I had in high school. ;P

      That's pretty cool that they trust you that much. Are you wanting to do something with animals as a profession?

      Hey btw, Welcome to the forums! If you ever need anything just holla!
    7. Thief
      Hey, hope you don't mind I added you to my Buddy list. :D
    8. Breakfast Cereal
      Breakfast Cereal
      I absoutely adore the quote in your signature.
    9. DNA
      Did you draw that nightingale, or did someone else? I like it; it's very well-drawn.
    10. flilix
      48 houres member, and 12 houres spend on pokébeach!
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  • About

    Feb 8, 1993 (Age: 28)
    Couldn't fit it in here, see biography :D
    Pokemon Involvement:
    Generation Started:
    My interests:
    In order of importance, cause I'm a ducking control freak :D

    -friendly discussions: I enjoy discussing, hearing other people's opinions, all that stuff. Only with friendly people though. (friendly as 'in able to express their opinion in a respectful, appropriate way', I don't care if you agree with me, actually not agreeing makes for so much more interesting discussions, just don't be rude only because you don't like my views)

    -gaming: I love games, playing with others. My favorites(in no particular order): pokemon, animal crossing, battlefield, the older cod games, final fantasy, harvest moon, dark souls, trials, wow(not actively playing right now- ain't nobody got time for dat ;)), my tastes are very wide-spread, I just like good games

    -animals and nature: I love animals, in fact more than people usually. And nature, because it's damn beautiful

    -music: my favorite bands at the moment: avenged sevenfold, rise against, linkin park, three days grace(for the more well known ones)

    -good movies/anime: all kinds of movies, I love horror movies but I'm a horrible coward and can't sleep for days; I love elfenlied. And naruto and GTO for the laughs.


    -everything Japan: anime, manga, food, language, history, culture...

    -agnostic atheist(I put that last because... Well sometimes people get a little offended about religion, but it greatly influences my views): I don't believe in god, but since nobody can prove he exists or not, I will never know for sure. I'm accepting of other people's views, as long as they accept mine and don't harm anyone because of whatever their views are.(this includes discriminating or denying others rights based on their sexual, religious, political or whatever views or being unable to accept other people's opinions, as long as they are well explained and do not harm anyone.)
    I'm very tolerant and I expect others to be tolerant as well.

    Overall I'm a very easy going and positive person :) I have many strong and unconventional views and opinions, but usually I don't like to bother people with them if they're not genuinely interested, since they usually upset others.

    And because its a pokemon forum(and I'm kinda bored right now), my top 13 favourite pokemon:
    1. Dunsparce
    2. Swoobat
    3. Lucario
    4. Leafeon
    5. Vulpix
    6. Dragonite
    7. Vannilluxe
    8. Raichu
    9. Butterfree
    10. Blastoise
    11. Nidoqueen
    12. Shuckle
    13. Mew

    ~credits for my avatar go to:


    It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets. ~ Voltaire
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