'Pokemon V' Mechanic Announced: Zacian V, Zamazenta V from 'Sword & Shield!'

For Sword and Shield, I'm switching collecting to singles of the Pokemon only including the V and play sets of trainers. Play sets of Pokemon only if they are relevant. If the sets start getting even bigger, I've got one more way to cut it down to get complete sets (RH/H and Full arts only), but after that something's got to give.
Am I the only one who actually enjoys getting large sets? I remember back when sets were smaller, sometimes new sets didn't really feel exciting, as there were only a few interesting cards. Now that we are getting these massive 200+ card expansions, there's always so many different cards and strategies to explore, making each set's release feel super fun and impactful.
Has anybody noticed how the parts of the cards that got revealed show us attacks that have no energy cost whatsoever?
It is not a matter of convenient cropping or blurring out, energy costs are simply not there.
I am curious what kind of restrictions Pokémon V/V-max will have, because a free 230 damage turn two or free 130+discard seems levels of OP that we have not seen before.
At least PikaRom/ ReshiZard/MewMew had energy costs to pay for their massive firepower..

Did they really only remove the energy costs on the cards because they are afraid to spoil the legendary typings ( I remember when Solgaleo and Lunala GX got revealed they simply put a blur over attack cost and being a stage 2)?
At this point pretty much everyone expects Steel/X, most likely Steel/Fighting.
Seems to me like there is no real secret..

I second this.

Granted, I understand that the lack of energy is most likely there to avoid spoilers (on top of nothing in regards to weakness/resistance/retreat info). But lets say I'm hopeful and that the tcg actually utilizes that "eVolve" mantra. What if instead of an unseen Energy Cost, there isn't a cost whatsoever, but there is still energy to be put onto the card. Ergo, an Energy Charge; you can use any of the attacks printed onto a card, so long as there is enough energy of a specific type(s) attached to that card. It would lower the costs of printing (less ink), and would be a fresh new way of making the game more enjoyable, and thus would have truly "eVolved" from it's previous iterations.

Hopeful? Yes. Probable? With the way GF and Pokemon have been going, probably not. ;_;
Until I saw these renders, I thought the box art legends looks pretty bland, but they look actually really good here...

It's amazing how much better they look replacing their dull washed out colors from the cover art of the games with some real lighting and shiny gold. You can really tell they're steel types just by looking at them now. Zamazenta's armor didn't even look like metal before with the dull yellow color, but now with bright and shiny gold it looks like it was originally meant to.

They really need to make the jump to adding detailed normal and specular mapping to pokemon in a future game cause this is a perfect example of some pokemon that look great with it, and very bland without.
>202 card set
>first set of a new generational block

I'm sorry. I've spent most of my entire life with the Pokémon TCG being, even in the worst case, a passive interest, but an interest nonetheless. 202 cards for an intro set is just too much. It's honestly an insulting cash-grab, and after waiting since BW for a return to civility, this is not where I cave in, this is where I move on.

The video games look like a phoned-in/opportunistic hot mess, and the fact the card game is now such an egregious rip-off is the last straw for me. While your past has meant so much to me, your present is off-putting. And I can't be bothered to speculate on your future. So I will see you later, Pocket Monsters.

I'm with you on this boat. The main game looks like nothing new, they are just recycling ideas and not improving any aspects of it. The PTCG is getting the power creep, it's impossible for me (a casual) to build physical decks or keep up in PTCGO.
However, there are other aspects of Pokemon that I still enjoy. I recently rejoined Pokemon Go and noticed it's improved immensely since its debut. You can really enjoy the game without spending a penny.
I also love the S&M anime, it's the fresh slice of life I was missing in the previous "too serious/cheesy" seasons. Just my personal taste, people.
This news more or less confirms one thing: All of the Water-types who had their weakness changed to Grass in the XY and SM sets (like Poliwag, Poliwhirl,, Poliwrath, Politoed, Slowpoke, Slowbro and Slowking for example) will have their Grass Weakness reverted back to Lightning. Makes me more excited with how they will treat Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, Corsola and Relicanth. (With the very hope that the four Fossil Pokémon mentioned will be Water type, seeing that they were all Fighting in the SM Series.)
These cards are amazing all of them have decent attacks and the art style is beautiful. But i'm looking more at Victini V, that Gardevoir GX spicy attack on a basic pokemon is something else especially with Welder in the format, that adds some extra sauce in it.
I wish there was a GX style attack. I enjoy the strategy of figuring out when is the best time in the game to use the attack. It adds an interesting element. Perhaps the V-Max will be something equivalent?
They're getting incredibly lazy with their "new" mechanics, aren't they? These are literally Pokémon-EX.
They're getting incredibly lazy with their "new" mechanics, aren't they? These are literally Pokémon-EX.
This is only the beginning of the new Sword & Shield mechanics. Pokemon-V will probably be able to evolve into V-Max Pokemon, which will have their own gimmick and obviously be more powerful.
Oh boy, another helping of the same old legendaries on new chase cards. Although if they plan to focus on Legendaries like they did for most of Gen 5's EXs, at least that means we'll avoid another secret rainbow rare Charizard hysteria for awhile.