'Pokemon V' Mechanic Announced: Zacian V, Zamazenta V from 'Sword & Shield!'


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For Gen 8 I would be just fine if they conflated the reverse and "regular" holo rares into the same spot, and bumped the premium-tier cards to the 1-in-3 odds they've always used. Regular holo rares were something special in the olden days but now they're worth pennies, barring the biggest fluke instances like Team Up Jirachi. If not scrapping them entirely, then folding them into the reverse holo slot would not cost PCL/TPCi anything in terms of production. And there are so many junk GX cards with so many tiers of reprints in sets now that would it really hurt their profits if we got 8-9 GX cards and 2-3 FAs per box? Not really. But would they ever do any of this? Of course not. We should consider ourselves lucky if Swish doesn't add another rarity beyond Rainbow Rare. :rolleyes:


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V-Max is likely the TCG Representation of Gigantamaxing and will function in a similar manner to Ex and M-Ex during the XY Era


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I agree the sets are getting too big, I really felt it with Unbroken Bonds and Unified Minds, you know it's bad when you get a booster box and get less than a handful of cards you actually want.

Surely it has to come to a halt one day?

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202 cards on the first set of the generation...maybe going forward we'll be getting Japan's main set combined with the FOLLOWING 2 mini sets, rather than the preceding 2 mini sets like they've been doing? So e.g. our February set would have Japan's December, January, and February sets. As well as possibly getting promos sooner than we did before.
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Aside from keeping some things about the legendaries secret, I'm surprised they showed so little. (Also similarly surprised by how little they showed for the SwSh trailer.) Aesthetically, I like how these V cards look. I liked the black borders of Prism cards, so I'm glad something visually similar will continue. The VMAX card, I'm unsure about. Part of me thinks these could look amazing with a foil magenta border and an all black background. But another part of me thinks this is just a visual effect to let you know these are the Dynamax of the TCG, while they'll just look more or less the same as V cards. I did however say "You've got to be kidding me" upon seeing 330 HP during the stream this morning, though.
Is something wrong with me that I see 202 cardset and just think of that as normal?
It's called conditioning.


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>202 card set
>first set of a new generational block

I'm sorry. I've spent most of my entire life with the Pokémon TCG being, even in the worst case, a passive interest, but an interest nonetheless. 202 cards for an intro set is just too much. It's honestly an insulting cash-grab, and after waiting since BW for a return to civility, this is not where I cave in, this is where I move on.

The video games look like a phoned-in/opportunistic hot mess, and the fact the card game is now such an egregious rip-off is the last straw for me. While your past has meant so much to me, your present is off-putting. And I can't be bothered to speculate on your future. So I will see you later, Pocket Monsters.

Fingers crossed for like 170 of them being new Pokemon?? I mean if they are willing to "make up" for no National Dex by giving us at least a number comparable to Gen 5, and we get even 140 new mons and 60 filler and they don't save any for future sets....

...yeah maybe not happening... :(


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Here's what I'm thinking-

V Pokemon are clearly just GXs without the GX attacks. Part of me is thinking the V-Max mechanic is going to say "You can place this pokemon onto your (NAME)-V. This Pokemon has (added effect) for the next three turns. After three turns, discard this card from your V pokemon. Maybe an added attack or something. So it'd have the user consider when and when not to add their V Pokemon-Go all out, or, in other situational circumstances, wait on using it (Akin to waiting on using a Shaymin-EX, or a Lele/Dedenne I guess in these new-fangled days). At least, that's how I'd try to add Gigantamaxing into the TCG. It has to reflect the game's mechanics and I can see this being a possibly fun method in doing so.

But whatever the case, black borders are absolutely gorgeous. I'm interested to see how they'll end up being as collectibles.


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The set sizes have been discussed before. For me, the most important thing now is to adjust the attacks/Energy costs of all cards.
Now the highest HP are 3x as high as at the start of the TCG, the unevolved basics back then had mostly 30-50 HP, probably 40 on average and had attacks like 10 for 1, 20/30 for 2.
So to make them not too ridiculous in comparison, you need to have basics with ca. 80 HP, normal stage 2s with 200 HP and even the worst attacks being something like 40-50 for 1 Energy and never less than 60 for 2. Also, poison should be adjusted to be 20 per turn instead of 10, because, who cares if your 250-350 HP Pokémon are poisoned for even 50 HP if the game only lasts 10 turns.


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Has anybody noticed how the parts of the cards that got revealed show us attacks that have no energy cost whatsoever?
It is not a matter of convenient cropping or blurring out, energy costs are simply not there.
I am curious what kind of restrictions Pokémon V/V-max will have, because a free 230 damage turn two or free 130+discard seems levels of OP that we have not seen before.
At least PikaRom/ ReshiZard/MewMew had energy costs to pay for their massive firepower..

Did they really only remove the energy costs on the cards because they are afraid to spoil the legendary typings ( I remember when Solgaleo and Lunala GX got revealed they simply put a blur over attack cost and being a stage 2)?
At this point pretty much everyone expects Steel/X, most likely Steel/Fighting.
Seems to me like there is no real secret..


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Also, inb4 Galarian Weezing card with a Garbotoxin-like Ability cancelling function.

I mean, it basically has a no-condition Garbotoxin analog for the games as it's signature ability. Its gotta happen

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You know about on the Great Catcher on what if GXs won't be a thing in Sword & Shield, it is. Great Catcher is completely obselete.

Pokemon Vs giving up 2 prizes is weird but giving that they'll hint a 330 HP Vs is a thing.

Sword & Shield Base Set has 202 cards? Come on! This year has bunch of huge sets, this adds the problem.