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  • ArceusTrainer, Yeah, well I think my number will stay fairly constant for a long long time as I barely come on here anymore lol.
    ArceusTrainer, You jealous of me spending 1/20th of my life on these forums or what? ;p But nah, some of that time is just leaving my phone/computer on the Who's Online page.
    ArceusTrainer, If you don't want spoilers you should be avoiding the XY forum then. I saw your post in the are spoiling it for others as well. That thread exists to post your teams. So please at least try and practice what you preach before coming at someone. Your lack of elaboration on your post makes me sad.
    ArceusTrainer, I used to play on sentinels, but now I play on Kel'Thuzad. You can look up my main here:'Thuzad%2FKenumi%2F&ei=GTI8UsfqCpXK4AP40oDoAw&usg=AFQjCNHu1HaexLUDw_PSafg5h8Dzf2nQhQ&sig2=RTTn2hWKbm9azwkjptZzsQ&bvm=bv.52434380,d.dmg
    ArceusTrainer, Electric! There's few, if any, electric types that I don't like. But, electric types are always offensive, never defensive. Fire is a close second.

    My teams always end up having one central weakness. The Ground or Rock type.
    ArceusTrainer, Well, your team isn't all dragons, is it? If they don't change Dragons' weaknesses, then it will be weak to Dragon, Ice, Steel, and Fairy. It would be a bad time to be a dragon type.

    You could even pet a Pink Arceus! I wonder how it'd react o.o
    ArceusTrainer, *Shows you the Fairy Plate*. do you feel about Fairy type?
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