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  • I agree it's very cute! I am planning to evolve it, though. I like Malamar too!
    Nice! Charmander for the win! :D Yes; I'll definitely add Inkay to my team. It's awesome. I like the design and typing. I will use a lot of the Pokémon. Most likely almost all of them! And you?
    Haha, I guess so. :p I started with Pokémon Red. Charmander was my very first Pokémon. His evolutionary line has always been my favourite, which is why I love that they're available in the new games!
    I have started rotating teams since the third generation. I like it a lot better. This way I get to use a lot more different Pokémon. :p
    Oh right! I forgot! Then Fennekin is even more useful; it's super effective against the Bug-type Pokémon from the first Gym and resists Fairy-type moves from the second Gym!

    You'll have plenty of time to decide if you get it for christmas!
    So far we know the first Gym Leader specialises in Bug-type Pokémon. The second, third, and fourth will most likely specialise in Rock-types, Electric-types, and Fighting-types, respectively.

    I would think having a Grass-type starter would make the first Gym Leader difficult to beat. Fennekin might have trouble with a Rock-type, however. Grass-type Chespin should do fine against Rock-types and Electric-types, but like I said it will have some trouble at the first Gym. If it evolves into a Dark-type before the fourth Gym it might have a challenge there too.

    Froakie will have problems with the Electric-type Pokémon from the third Gym, but should do fine in the other Gyms.
    Haha. Yes! I'm definitely picking Charmander! :D Which starters will you choose?
    zappy800, lol I knew someone would ask. Well lists such as my list on my "about me" section. But more importantly, my lists of Pokemon. I have hundreds of lists where I divide Pokemon into categories. Some are type categories. Examples include: Grass-types, Basic Grass-types, Dual-type Grass-types, Baby Grass-types etc. So I also have a Fairy list now
    thanks^^ i been here fore a while now but recently started to post hhehehe
    Yea if there is a really cool new electric type (like as cool as zebstrika) I will obviously ditch Dedenne.
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