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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by thood, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Frost Mage Pegasususus
    Frost Mage


    Woah, as an Empoleon player myself, you need to calm down. Run Megaphones and only use them when it gets you two prizes.

  2. thood Konohagakure Shinobi


    I don't understand why people say Garbodor shuts down Empoleon. I mean, sure you lose your draw power, but you still get you 60-120 damage (usually) per turn for 1 energy. So 3-4 turns w/o Diving Draw =/= a loss. And like frost Mage said above, startling megaphone can help.
  3. Frost Mage Pegasususus
    Frost Mage


    Well the problem with Garbodor isn't the lack of draw power, it's the inability to move damage around with Dusknoir. But like I said, if you use your Megaphones only when you need them to move around damage counters to get big KOs, particularly to knock out Garbodors, you should be fine.
  4. GadgetJax Traveling Storyteller and Card Faker

    Potential Decks and how I rate them in terms of playability(Next Destinies-on. Yes, I know there might be a rotation, but here are some thoughts:):

    -Victreebel/Ninetales/Victini-EX * * * * _

    -M. Heracross/Cherrim * _ _ _ _

    -Magmortar/Electrivire * * * * *

    -Poliwrath/Politoed * * _ _ _

    -Seismitoad/Garbodor * * * _ _

    -Machamp/Lucario-ex * * * _ _

    -1 Klefki being put in every Fairy deck to stop Yveltal * * _ _ _

    -Dragonite-ex/Virizion-ex * * * * _

    -Noivern/Dusknoir * * * _ _

    Just my opinions, though.
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    I myself am exited to see how Dragonite EX will be used. Maybe pair it with Ho-Oh EX to power it up faster?
  6. Yo-yos DP and hoenn era, when tcg was dope


    I've been testing lucario/terrakion/garbo with a few techs added in for testing purposes, it is over powering and extremely fast, though the second attack is worth it at times, is a risky call, It can be made consistent enough to shut down your opponent, I found space to tech 2 max potion which wins the mewtwo matchup at times.
  7. thood Konohagakure Shinobi


    Hm... I really like this deck actually. This reminds me of the Big Tex decks that were floating around last format. Seems fun and like it can be really strong and somewhat fast.

  8. Krusiv Mega Breloom for ORAS!


    That's the card I am most excited for even though it's not that great at first glance. Other options are pairing it with the new Flygon in Rising Fist or Virizion EX.
  9. Eron Is back as of March 24


    I was thinking about a very good deck that will be useful until the rotation in case Phantom Gate doesn't release a tech for it to counter Gengar in case Gengar is OP:

    Lucario EX/Dedenne/Garbodor. (Yep, that's a hint for my 700th post especial)

    Yep. Pretty much the Anti-Meta deck than will be OP until the release of Phantom Gate (unless Gengar sucks), but obviously this deck should be changed when the rotation comes, then, Dedenne will be not so useful (Dedenne is a tech for Yveltal), so, after the rotation we will only have to wait for Phantom Gate to be released in America to make changes to the deck.

    Obviously, we can get a VERY good tech against Gengar EX for this awe deck, even Gengar can be it's own counter (that would be SO FUN xD). Right now, this deck, Imho can be the best deck in the format (there was a way to say it, I don't remember it's name).

    EDIT: Obviously when it comes out in America. XD
  10. TheCodyHope Aspiring Trainer


    Furious Fists decks

    I'm pretty much new to the TCG so I'm still trying to get all the abbreviations down. I haven't gotten a deck yet, but I'm planning on getting one once Furious Fists gets released. So I figured I'd try to discuss what would be the absolute best to get started.

    First off, I'm really liking Lucario EX and with all the support for it like Strong Energy, Fighting Stadium and Korrina. Couple it with the new Machamp, and I think we have some good stuff coming. I'm kinda curious about M Lucario EX though. It seems like not a bad idea. 3 energy for 140 and with all the buffs could be unstoppable, but I know Mege Evos aren't super good at all, so I'm not sure.

    I'm not so sure about maybe going with a Politoad/Poliwrath type deck. Using Aurorus with Fossil Researcher could provide some wicked support for it as well, ad in some Max Potions, and I believe it could be worth playing, but I'm not sure. Eliminating Politoad seems to just cripple what that deck would be going for.

    Lastly, one that sparked my interest was the grass types. I like what Herb energy is doing. But I have to ask if there are enough Grass pokemon that are good in the format to make Grass work. I'm thinking of Victreebel. I really like his ability to both confuse and poison. Virbank City gym would really help with that. I also was thinking about the new Heracross EX and M Heracross. Big Bang Horn could work really well with Herb energy.
    Similarly, I'm not sure if he'll stay in the new format, but Reuniclus from BW. If he can move around your damage counters. You could keep all the damage on Victreebel, Herb energy the damage off, discard the Herb to Poison/Confuse. And attack with (M or not) Heracross EX. It's just a thought though, and I'd love some feedback on that.
  11. Mr.Muffin Cooler than Everyone who is less Cool than Me!


    RE: Furious Fists decks

    After playtesting a while with the set against some other decks I am considering to play. M Heracross EX is not a good card, and is really hard to make it work. It is slow and really not worth the effort to keep him alive. He isn't strong enough to warrant a deck based all around him. I could understand maybe running 1-1 in a VirGen deck to combat Pyroar, but even that is a stretch because he is weak to it. Fighting type is really strong in this format so much support. Plasma Decks are still strong if it is PLS-on. I think something like Dragonite/Virizion if someone can make a good skeleton because my deck list wasn't giving good results.
  12. energyfullart(? Full Art Ultra Rare


    Playing lucario without mewtwo is like accepting your auto-loss to plasma (I mean , deoxys would be an endless nightmare) and mewtwo (the easiest card to tech). Also, you say "anti-meta" but you have no response to vir/gen , a deck that commonly uses techs like drifblim, deoxys EX, and sometimes mewtwo EX.
  13. Eron Is back as of March 24


    Mewtwo you say... good idea, and it only uses 1 DCE, good idea. Cool.

    But... VirGen, well, there's no way to counter it exactly, I mean, like Latias as for Pyroar, you can attack Pyroar, but he can't attack you. Well, Garbodor is the best tech right now, I mean, Garbodor makes all, but Yveltal, tier 1 decks slow, but obviously, Yveltal will be nothing after the rotation. A LaserBank is also a good option because of Garbodor.
  14. Serperior 464/500

    Advanced Member Member

    Why run Lucario when you can run Landorus? I would think that spreading 60 damage on the board over 30 is a bit better. Now that Mr. Mime sees no play, Landorus is probably going to see a resurgence in play. I like Dedenne, but to OHKO a Yveltal-EX, you need to bank on seeing five Energy on that Yveltal. Four with Muscle Band. At 70 HP, it's a pretty weak card in itself. I do like Entrainment as a set-up card to get Trubbish and whatever card you're using, but it's a free Prize for your opponent if he/she goes first.

    This being said, I feel Fighting-type decks are going to be very fast and aggressive. Strong Energy, Fighting Stadium, and Muscle Band are going to pile lots of damage on the field fast. There's no doubt Mewtwo will see play to counter Lucario players (if it gets popular, we're speculating) and Landorus will go up in price. It'll be interesting, that's for sure.
  15. Eron Is back as of March 24


    I thought of Landorus, of course I did, but, I was "worried" about Landorus being rotated, but, if Landorus stays here of course I will use 1 or 2, maybe 3 and just 1 Lucario. I mean, Landorus is a pretty OP card, but, I am sure that if BCR stays, people will use it ergo people will use Mr.Mime, and also think about Seismitoad EX, the new one, some variants will use Mr.Mime for its second attack.

    Oh and the Dedenne thingy, I mean, people sometimes put many energies on Yveltal just to get the kill secured, and I can "charge" Dedenne in just the same turn I look for it or bench it, I mean, you're giving your opponent 1 Prize, but you're taking 2 just for 1 energy, that is a good exchange.

    EDIT: Yveltal is the only deck that I am worried about.
  16. Krusiv Mega Breloom for ORAS!


    I'm not so sure about Dedenne. I could be wrong but I think people will stick with Raichu as a Yveltal counter, especially since Pyroar is a thing. Raichu is way more versatile.
  17. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    Dedenne is really good, it's an Emolga on steroids. It's a good starter with Call for Family and it can deal serious damage to Yveltal for one colorless energy.
  18. TheCodyHope Aspiring Trainer


    Yveltal will be a bit of a problem for the new fighting decks, with a resistance to fighting. Granted the new fighting decks can damage accelerate to the moon, but will it be enough?
  19. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    Seismitoad-EX: Item lock does not block Lysandres, so if combined with Garbodor, if Lysandre is used to force out Garbodor, Mewtwo-EX can KO it w/ 1 DCE + Muscle Band * weakness coefficient(or 2), which makes Lysandre that deck's Achilles' heel...

    I agree that Fighting-types will gain in power once this set is available for tourneys, with, at least in my opinion, the Tyrantrum + Landorus combo being the best of them all w/ Fossil Researcher + Strong Energy + Training Center... What a great combo that works together to wreck Psychics by acceleration, as well as each other's weaknesses: Landorus vs. VirGen(provided G Booster is absent from Genesect, otherwise Tyrantrum could KO it w/ Giga Impact + 1 SE + Muscle Band/Laser + Keldeo-EX(Rush In)(to reverse its inability to attack after use of Giga Impact) to take G Booster to discard before G Booster has a chance to sweep the deck), and Tyrantrum against Water decks that don't include 4 Auroruses on bench... All that defies Psychic decks that think they could exploit a common Psychic weakness, but since those two Fighting-types don't have that common weakness that most Fighting-types share, those two could be interesting Fighting-types to watch out for... If I come across both plus Fossil Researcher on prerelease day, I'll add those two cards to my deck and see if my intuition is spot-on, but in the meantime, I will assume that with the acceleration this deck provides, any fighting-type that possess the following two traits:

    1. the capability of appearing on turn 1 with the possibility of fully maturing on turn 2, and:

    2. a different weakness from the norm...

    ...can win almost all matches with proper strategy...
  20. Mr.Muffin Cooler than Everyone who is less Cool than Me!


    You can only damage accelerate so much. The weakness negates the strong energy or an attack from the stadium. Maybe use normal Yvetal so it can't be affected by Fighting Stadium.

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