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  1. thood Konohagakure Shinobi


    On another note, has anyone managed to find a reliable and consistent way to accelerate energy for the Fighting Types yet? I've been trying Energy Switch, but you cannot move Strong Energy which is a bummer, and once you lose a Pokemon with 3+ energy, it throws your deck off for 1-3 turns. Any suggestions or ideas you guys have been doing?

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    If we're still talking about Landorus Lucario, you should be fine with the low Energy attack costs for the most part. There's nothing much other than being very careful with your Energy attachments and Energy Switch. I mean... I guess there's Ether...

    And this is sort of irrelevant now, but there was this guy. He was always fun to mess around with. But now he's gone.
  3. AlexanderTheAwesome Go! Chandelure!


    Landorus from the new set.
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  4. pokedan24 Aspiring Trainer


    The only way I can think of to accelerate strong energy would be to play Thundurus EX/Plasma Badge. Might be a fun deck to try. (Deoxys can add damage, making badge work like muscle band).
  5. thood Konohagakure Shinobi


    I'm thinking Hammertime might make a comeback as a deck again, with the fact that these fighting decks have no real way to consistently stream or recover energy. Enhanced Hammer may be gone, but Crushing Hammer got a reprint in LT, so it'll be around for a while, and getting a Turn 1 and Turn 2 Crushing Hammer can be game changing against these new fighting decks, since that's essentially turn turns without any energy attachments and no way to get them back into play quickly.
  6. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    Don't forget Team Flare Grunt, which could mess with opposing M-Lucario late-game if he has two Fighting Energy with all the Crushing Hammers likely in discard, but I believe that, since the reason to use grunts is because the hammers strategy require a coin flip, while grunts do not, without Sableye(to retrieve the Hammers and/or pal pads(grunts) from discard in case you didn't get a single heads on the hammers prior to the point they are all in discard), as Diggersby is not as reliable as Junk Hunt was before JH Sableye began its farewell month from rotation(Diggersby is harder to get on the board, as you will need to have a Bunnelby that's on the board for a turn prior to the Diggersby slap-on, and against a Fighting deck, Bunnelby will likely not last long enough to even get to evolve before it is KO'd), the strategy of taking one fighting energy before he attaches enough fighting energy to use Rising Fist(because rising fist requires 3 fighting energy to use, so a Grunt on two means a Rising Fist is prevented and delayed for one more turn and one more energy) works better, although not as great as Junk Hunt Sableye, with PlasmaZone's ability to ensure you can use 2 Supporters in one turn, rather than one supporter otherwise. In terms of energies, having to rely on luck from hammers with a 1 grunt restriction and no chance to lysandre afterwards w/o breaking the 1-supporter-per-turn restriction w/ no Plasmazone in play, if only to ensure that the restriction becomes two-supporters-per-turn, is a one-way ticket to falling behind opposing player setup speed and losing should lady luck fail to help you get even one heads if the foe attaches energy, then lets landorus scoop up the discarded energy for M-Lucario, not once, but twice, should you get tails and be forced to use grunts at the expense of not being able to use any other supporters, even those that are more vital in terms of preventing your deck from being foiled by an opposing player's(e.g., Pokemon Fan Club, Colress, Lysandre, etc.), just to even attempt to discard energies from M-Lucario hoping to prevent a costly Rising Fist use...
  7. RafBlast Aspiring Trainer


    Now all this new Lucario decks are missing is a Fighting Patch. :D
  8. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    I saw something related to rising fist(or, outside of Japan, Furious Fists) decks: You can limit your starter pokemon(the first active you put down in the game) to just Landorus, and only landorus, and by the power of fossil researcher, perhaps furious fists made a new metadeck, taken from, with the main idea tested with slight modifications(in bold) by myself, on PTCGO. Quantity of cards may not be exact vs. my actual decklist, not to mention the bolded cards are my edits to the actual deck as sited on you want to see the original list, go to the link above. If you want to see my edits, read below), and may or may not be mentioned on's list, but I bet you have the picture:

    ^ Do you think the above list gives Furious Fists the "broken" impression? Or do you think Furious Fist is a bad expansion that cannot match psychics come Phantom Gate? I'm not asking for advice on this, but I am asking for what you think about the above decklist in terms of impact to the established metadecks. Any thoughts?
  9. Machamp The Champion TCG Articles Head
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    I do love the fact about Fossils that you can play 4 of 1 starter and always start with it. I definitely think the deck needs to run DCE, though. Smart players won't be attaching Special Energy unless they really need to, so you'll have to use Giga Impact a lot of the time. There are also other options for starters as well. I like the idea of using Tornadus EX PLF in the deck. It just lets you go through cards super fast, and it has Fighting resistance, which is super nice. Lucario EX also allows you to draw cards, while also doing damage, but you have to commit more Energy to it. Landorus FRF is probably the best option, though.

    The deck certainly isn't broken. Fossil Researcher is inconsistent, and Tyrantrum is your only good attacker, which costs a lot of Energy to attack, and can be stopped by your opponent not attaching Special Energy, or Giga Impact's secondary effect.
  10. bigswagga18 Aspiring Trainer


    What if amaura is in your hand, how can I play it?
  11. Toro Rosso Pokemon Racer
    Toro Rosso


    Clunky is probably how I'd describe the above deck. Sure, Tyrantrum is awesome against any deck that uses special energy but the energy costs are way too much. Unless you can quickly accelerate 3 energy in one turn, you're looking down a barrel of a big gun really. Most top tier decks these days have some sort of acceleration or attacks that rarely need more than 2 energy.

    Tornadus EX will probably get wrecked by Raichu given how Yvetal EX is a big thing. Then you'd also need to consider VirGen which still a top tier deck. Energy Slash + Muscle Band = dead Tyrantrum once Red Signal comes in.

    For this, I'd change the 4 Landorus into the EX version to give the opposing player early game pressure. Then change the Darkness into DCE. Then add in Garbordor to shut down any abilities your opponent might have. Maintenance is a must as you need to reshuffle those Tyrunt back into the deck if you drew them. More Fossil Researchers to get the fossils out and cut back on Skyla for Korrina. Add in one Professor's Letter and you've got a decent deck.

    Nope. You need to get it in the deck for it to play. So N it back in or Maintenance it back in.
  12. pokedan24 Aspiring Trainer


    I wonder if you could do well with just 4 Landorus, a heavy Garbodor line (3-3) and a couple Hawlucha as an alternate attacker. You wouldn't need that many energy (just 8 or 9 fighting including 4 strong), and would have lots of room for various trainers.
  13. Toro Rosso Pokemon Racer
    Toro Rosso


    Remember that Hawlucha only does damage to EX Pokemon. If an opponent doesn't use EXs, then you've pretty much have a dead card to discard...
  14. stormESP Aspiring Trainer


    And? playing 2 dosnt makes your deck dead if you dont play against EXs (wich almost every competitive deck runs, but whatever). Even against non ex it resist fighting and has a free retreat cost , so even then is usefull and if not discard it for an ultra ball search, or sacrifice for setup turn , profit.
  15. tystuff1 Aspiring Trainer


    I've tried countering with 3 Team Flare Grunts in my deck. works reasonably well... but you have to be committed to the strategy and load up your deck with more Supporters (ie Pokemon Fan Club vs. UltraBall). This also helps against the Item lock when they are pairing with Seismitoad EX.
    Caveat is that I run it with Cobalion EX, and I only use the 1st attack Righteous Edge. Only does 30 damage, but I can slowly bleed opponent of energies. had decent success so far.

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