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    I don't like how much hype people are giving Poliwrath
    when we have PoliWHIRL to look at. XD
    But seriously, Miltank/Poli/Dusknoir seems good, and Poliwhirl has its merit too, doing 100 for 0. I have one built (with proxies obviously,) and though I have no testing yet, I've done a lot of runthroughs of it (setting up the deck and guessing where prizes fall) and it appears to be a solid deck that can go all over someone after getting setup.

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    One of my ideas was Aromatisse/Dragonite EX.
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    Dragonite EX cannot move non-basic energies and Aromatisse cannot move Grass and Electric around on the field.
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    Polideck is good. Either Poliwhirl (100 for 0 energy with politoed) or 130 for 2 energy. I would set deck up with a 4-3-3-3 line and then maybe throw in a 2-2 or 1-1 line of Raichu.
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    Polideck is interesting and it has a ton of potential however it has some major problems. Anything that shuts down Politoed hurts the deck a lot. Some examples of this being Garbodor and Lysandre. Having to get 2 stage 2's out also slows the deck down a lot. That being said I would not be surprised if it does well at a couple of tournaments and could even thrive in the right meta.


    I'm going to test today at league, so I'll let you know how that goes. So far I've had no real issues with the stage 2 thing. The reason for this is because I can just use Miltank after getting one Stage 2 out, buying time for the other (I'm referring to Politoed and Dusknoir.)
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    First of all I feel that Dedenne is going to be an extremely high impact card on the meta game, as Yveltal is widely considered the most powerful archetype card at the moment Dedenne is able to easily one shot Yveltal, or even Lugia against plasma decks, if you have a muscle band and the opponent has 4 energy on them which is extremely likely. On top of that Dedenne only uses one energy for both moves and is a basic so you can easily get it out at the exact moment you need it with a few switching cards and just one energy. Also it's starting power is good if it's your only basic at the beginning as it has the move entertainment which is the same as call for family on previous cards.

    The second big change is obviously the new fighting type cards and the new decks that will come with them. Previously, the only good fighting type card that was really worth a spot in a deck is Landorus EX, obviously there are other good fighting type cards, but this is the only exceptional one in my opinion and it's hard to argue that considering the most recent US national champion used it as one of his main attackers. But now that there are so many new cards, namely the new trainer cards, a strictly fighting deck doesn't seem like it will be too bad. I don't want to say it's going to be extremely good because it hasn't seen any play outside of Japan and there is still is a possibility that the new rotation preceding Worlds will take Landorus EX out of rotation, but that is a very small possibility and I don't really see that happening. Honestly, there aren't too many good actual fighting type Pokemon that are going to have high impact in games, but with the addition of Lucario EX, and most importantly the new trainers that aid fighting Pokemon, I wouldn't be surprised if fighting type decks do become a new archetype. Speaking of the new trainers, there is one that has a chance to make fighting decks have a lot of unique power, which is Korrina, which some may consider to be a replacement for Skyla. It allows you to get a fighting type Pokemon and an item card, this limits you to not being able to get a supporter or a stadium, but the fact that you can get a Pokemon with it, any Pokemon potentially for that matter, really makes it easy to set up and make plays. Korrina may be the star of the show, but cards like fighting stadium and focus sash give fighting type a huge advantage over other decks.
    I definitely am going to make a fighting deck with a mega Lucario, Garbodor, Dedenne and Landorus EX if it stays in rotation. What makes fighting decks different from other decks is the high amount of damage you can possible do with items and power ups, just suppose you have a Landorus EX out first turn with a strong energy, fighting stadium, and a muscle band, you are already doing 90 damage possibly with your first attack of the game. This moves me to the next point as to why fighting decks are going to be so much better than some decks, and that is that with the previous Landorus EX and the new addition of Lucario EX your ability to first turn attack is extremely high and gives you a huge advantage with both of them only needing one energy to attack. This means you don't need as many acceleration tools or other types of cards to win a game, you simply are just able to set up without the need for such cards and that makes it hard for the opponent to get a huge advantage over you in a game because you can set up that fast. Garbodor fits perfectly in a deck like this because none of the fighting type cards or Dedenne use abilities, and from personal experience against Garbodor, it makes it impossible to make plays you need to pull off to even shut down the opponent.
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    Machamp with 3 Strong Energy coupled with Silver Bangle and the Fighting Stadium will allow it to do an insane 210 dmg. Coupled with Emboar or Blastoise, or something else with a Deluge like ability it'd be amazing. It also isn't an EX, and its retreat cost is only two. Now that is not typical for a fighting Pokemon or any of its caliber for that matter. Also, he's only a stage one. If you had multiple in play... OK, I'll just stop, but seriously, wow.

    Maybe a Blastoise/Polywrath/Machamp deck?
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    Machamp is stage 2...

    Unless the deck consists of 3-4 Rare Candies to take care of the stage 2 problem, as if Machop evolves into Machoke, the opponent could send out Mewtwo-ex or other psychics to stop the extra boost Machamp provides before Machoke gets a chance to evolve into Machamp, and besides, stage 2 lines will likely give the opponent time to set up unless rare candy is used to quickly evolve the basic into stage 2 before the opponent likely finishes their setup by Turn 2's end. In today's fast-paced game, giving opponents time to set up will only lead to an eventual loss, should they complete their setup in 2 turns, which is more likely than ever in today's PTCG...
  10. Mr.Muffin Cooler than Everyone who is less Cool than Me!


    Tyrantrum will see some play in rouge decks.

    I will be playtesting Dragonite/Virizion, Poli-deck, Tyrantrum/Garbodor, and Mega Lucario.
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    Or just run Pokemon Catcher over Startling Megaphone to increase your chance of one-shotting Garbodor instead of hoping they don't attach another Float Stone to it. Startling Megaphone with Seismitoad EX for Item Lock seems like a solid counter against Garbodor however the need for DCE hurts it's consistency in Empoleon/Dusknoir which at this point is hardly played anymore no thanks to Raichu being able to one shot Empoleon with Circle Circuit for a DCE.

    Aurorus seems pretty good with Empoleon for Ice Shield when you take into account that you can get it into play with Evosoda without Sail Fossil but it also hurts space for Rare Candy to get Empoleon out as well which is part of the reason why I decided to playtest Blaziken/Raichu for when Furious Fists gets released. It provides a solid counter against Yveltal, Lugia, and Garbodor while also having type advantage against VirGen which I doubt is still played anymore no thanks to Charizard/Pyroar which placed 2nd at Nats this year.
  12. deroyturtlesplaypokemon Aspiring Trainer


    Maybe a Seismitoad EX/Blastoise/Mr.Mime. Use Deluge to load up Seismitoad and Mr.Mime to block the bench damage caused by Seismitoad's Grenade Hammer. Plus, the Quaking Punch attack is actually pretty decent for stopping more trainer-oriented decks. just thinking.
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  13. Card Slinger J #BringBackNationalDex
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    Now that you mention it, Seismitoad EX could be a great tech in Blastoise however I still don't like how the deck needs Tropical Beach for draw consistency especially since it's too good to take out for Mountain Ring over Mr. Mime.
  14. thood Konohagakure Shinobi


    I went to a pre-release last night, and from it here is what I gathered. Some cards that everyone there was DYING to get their hands on were Seismitoad EX, Lucario EX/ Mega Lucario EX, Korrina, Fighting Stadium, Strong Energy, Landorus, and Dedenne. The decks that went 3-0 at my pre-release were a Seismitoad EX deck that ran Beartic and Glaceon as well. The other was a gimmick deck that ran ONE Lucario EX and ONE Mega Lucario EX (yes he pulled both from the six packs we were given) and he tossed in 3 strong energy, fighting stadium, and 30+ Fighting Energy. After the battle, I had 4 people coming up to ask if I had a Seismitoad EX, so that should definitely say something. Also, earlier that day I was watching an older member battle, and I asked his opinion on Seismitoad - He said it was "Broken." Seismitoad looks like he could be an awesome inclusion into some decks. Also, Dedenne is amazing as he is essentially an Emolga and Leafeon combined except with a Lightning typing and 70HP. Dedenne is probably the best Lightning type of this set versatility wise, as he can go into ANY deck, plus he has a decent attack and can fill up the bench. Also, Dragonite EX needs some hype. His ability is awesome, and with Super Scoop Up, and Energy Switch, I'm surprised he hasn't stood out more. A cool strategy I saw after the pre-release was someone running 4 Dragonite EX, a 2-2 Line of Raichu, and 2 Shaymin EX. He would set up with Shaymin EX, then once he had a Dragonite EX fully powered up, he would retreat into it, then attack. Dragonite would then take damage, but he would lay down another Dragonite EX, use it's ability, then attack with it after he Super Scooped the other one. Seemed neat to me. Anything you guys have noticed would be great!
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    I have been running Dragonite EX with Jirachi/Emolga/Shaymin and having success. I can usually hit the Dragonite on Turn 2. Both Emolga and Shaymin can accelerate the energy quickly. I use scoops and cassius to keep the ball rolling.
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    Ho-oh would be a great addition to Dragonite decks but from my knowledge, isnt Ho-oh rotating out? If not then he would be amazing. I'm excited to see people taking notice of dragonite since I think he will be a serious threat.

    A lot of decks are going to be running special energy now (especially with rising fist), so I think there could be some sort of strength in a Tyrantrum deck that also uses special energy Drifblim which deals more damage the more special energy is in their discard. Other cards such as Dedenne, Druddigon and Mewtwo EX would slide pretty easily into this deck and even Cobalion EX.
  17. Shök Aspiring Trainer


    I'm definitely thinking of running Donphan / Trevenant along with Landorus EX, Mewtwo EX, or Lucario EX.
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    Opinions on politoed family / magmortar-electivire decks? wich one is going to be "better"? other decks besides fighting type from FIF? I want to make a new deck on ptcgo once FIF is released (hopefully next week).
  19. thood Konohagakure Shinobi


    Yes, Ho-oh EX, from Dragon's Exalted, is sadly being rotated out.

    Not a bad idea. I could see this being played, but probably not to great success simply because of the deck's reliance on either Jaw Fossil or Fossil Researcher - Jaw Fossil being bad because it is hard to pull off, and while Fossil Researcher is much better, it is also your supporter for the turn.

    Well, Politoed is going to be the better deck choice by far. Magmortar does offer a high damage output, but it requires a lot of energy, meaning you will need energy acceleration. Politoed has a natural, built-in energy acceleration with it's ability. Magmortar/Electrivire will be easier to set up, but I can see Poli decks doing better because of their access to energy acceleration and the power the deck can dish out. For me, the choice would be Politoed.

    QUICK EDIT: Ok, so another deck I noticed people building from FF cards was the Blaziken deck. This deck is extremely underrated right now. For 2 Fire and 2 Colorless, Blaziken does 150 to one of your opponent's Pokemon, then you must discard any two energy from Blaziken. Some things to note from this: Blaziken can easily bench snipe, and after attakcking, he can discard a colorless energy, attach another the next turn, and go again. If you supplement in muscle band, he hits 170, which KOs several EXs, and almost all non-EXs.
    Here is the decklist I saw being used (I didn't get to see the entire deck, only abour 35-40 cards of it, so I'm supplementing the unknown cards for common supporters/trainers) -

    Pokemon - 16
    x4 Torchic FIF
    x4 Blaziken FIF
    x3 Litleo FF
    x3 Pyroar FF
    x2 Seismitoad EX

    Trainers - 30
    x4 Professor Juniper
    x4 N
    x4 Skyla
    x2 Colress
    x2 Blacksmith
    x3 Switch
    x3 Ultra Ball
    x3 Muscle Band
    x4 Rare Candy
    x1 Sacred Ash

    Energy - 14
    x4 DCE
    x10 Fire Energy

    Okay, so that covers it. Just thought I'd share this with you all too. Any opinions of this deck? Let's hear what you all have to say!

    EDIT #2 - I suppose I should mention which cards I added. I added (these were the cards I did not see in the deck, as I only saw around 3/5 of the deck)
    x2 Professor Juniper
    x3 N
    x1 Skyla
    x2 Rare Candy
    X2 Blaziken
    x1 DCE
    x3 Switch

    Remember don't provide possible changes to the list. That's what the decklist is for :D. ~Camoclone
  20. Mr.Muffin Cooler than Everyone who is less Cool than Me!


    He works best with Lucario EX and Landuros. They both can make up for his slow start. I also have been using 1 Jirachi in my test list so I can get my Tyrunts out and get a new hand or something else I need.

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