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May 21, 2018
Dec 13, 2012
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Jul 25, 1998 (Age: 22)
United States

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Frost Mage

Pegasususus, Male, 22, from United States


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May 21, 2018
    1. Jabberwock
      Happy birthday!
    2. My Little Keldeo
      My Little Keldeo
      Congrats on the Top 4 Man! Toad / Bats is a reall solid play. My friend got top 8 with it at both New York and New Jersey with it. He's running a single Manectric-EX in it now to help balance out the Yveltal matchup. Really the only thing that outright beats it as VirGen... and somehow my friend beat one of those.
    3. Camoclone
      [b]Frost Mage[/b], 2 of them were straight toad and 2 were Dark with a heavy toad focus.
    4. Camoclone
      [quote='Frost Mage' pid='2708856' dateline='1427864951']
      [quote='Camoclone' pid='2708766' dateline='1427828992']

      If you are against Seis, you don't dead draw, and nothing is prized then you do. I played against multiple Seis decks at States with it and got Groudon out in more than half of them.
      How many did you win?

      Three and that is out of four.
    5. bbninjas
      Just saying that there is one spot left in the sign ups for The Challenge... meaning you may want to grab it before anyone else!!! ;)
    6. bbninjas
      [b]Frost Mage[/b], welcome. Hope to see you playing [s]so we can start the game[/s]
    7. bbninjas
      [b]Frost Mage[/b], you battle and die. Just about it. Oh, unless we're nice. But hosts are not nice.
      [size=xx-small]What, you don't believe me? Fine:[/size]
      From the OP:
      Players will compete in tasks, or challenges, in a mad bid for first place! These tasks can be any number of things -- all of which that can be performed from the comfort of your computer chair. They can be absolutely anything though, and we like getting creative on this forum, so expect the unexpected moving forward. Don't worry, it's all for fun! We're not sadists...
      After each challenge there will be an elimination. If you're eliminated, you're dead, and no longer in the running for the extremely coveted title. Well, within reason. There will be one or two opportunities for revival throughout the competition, so keep an eye on the thread and never give up until the one and only, final winner is announced for good!
    8. bbninjas
    9. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    10. Eron
      Happy Birthday! :D
    11. Haunted Water
      Haunted Water
      Happy Birthday
    12. Luispipe8
      Happy Birthday, Mage! Enjoy your day! :D
    13. Camoclone
      Happy Birthday :D.
    14. Scorched Feathers
      Scorched Feathers
      Happy Birthday owo
    15. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Happy Birthday, Mr. Mage!
    16. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      That's alright. When you update it please let me know.
    17. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      How much are you asking for your Hypnotoxic Laser Player Reward set?
    18. Nigel
      Fire mages > frost mages imo
    19. Haunted Water
      Haunted Water
      >666 posts

    20. WanderingWolf
      [b]Frost Mage[/b], it was something.
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    Jul 25, 1998 (Age: 22)
    United States
    All things Pokemon of course, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Elder Scrolls, gaming in general, geeky stuff, my lovely girlfriend. <3
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    Lancaster, CA Regionals Top 16
    Portland, OR States 4th Place​
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