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  • Frost Mage, it's VOCALOID. Although, there was that one Anime...
    ...Black Rock Shooter I think, but that's beside the point.
    'Feminists are much different, and I for one like to use the term "equalist' when talking about things like this.'

    Oh thank you, Frost Mage. You have no idea how much the term feminist frustrates me.
    Well I hope you enjoy my Friend Safari! Now off to hunt for a Jolly Synchronize Ralts to go into the safari with. :D
    Yeah, I didn't realize at the time that my in-game name would matter, so even though I made my 3DS name "Artemis" it just ended up confusing people even more because I used my typical in-game name of Kirie. -_-; Glad it's working though!
    Alright, updates finally finished, and I'm showing all 3 of your 'mon, so you should be good! Enjoy the Breloom! :D
    Sorry, I've been sick so I haven't been online very much lately. I'm online now, if it helps at all? What did you want/need? I'll be going to bed rather soon, but if you're still online, feel free to drop me a line back and let me know what I can help you with.
    Frost Mage, Apparently you didn't add me, as it says here on my 3DS :L
    For anyone else, please private message me about thsoe things, I'm not too active on the forums xD
    Thanks! I added you back, though it doesn't say you've added me. If you need my FC again it's: 1521-3685-3519.

    If you want the 3rd Pokémon from my Safari (Breloom), you'll have to let me know what times you'll be online so we can sync up. I'm taking a break from Pokémon to play AA:5 at the moment, so I won't be online otherwise.
    Hey, in sorry if I've been bothering you. I was just informed of some really bad news, and I would like someone to talk to today if you don't mind, but that's up to you.
    Haha yeah I get it, and sorry if that was a little too much I was just overly emotional yesterday for some reason.
    Just letting you know, I liked your post on the "7th gen being more simple" thread because DNA's posts were making me really sad too haha, I don't want you to kill yourself. :)
    *cringes at the thought of that card being bent*
    At the comic shop I sometimes go to, there was this one boy (probably 9 years old or so) that owned a Mew * - a real one, not a WCdeck one - and it had a fairly large crease going diagonally through the picture.

    We all cried tears of utter pain.
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