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    An update? :eek: If you didn't forget this existed, thank you. March was c h a o t i c for me and even though I had the first half of the chapter done not too long after last chapter, the time for the second half was just impossible to find. I apologize to all two of my fans.
    Chapter 4
    The Fountain

    A circle around Pete’s body slowly formed as the Pokémon realized Pete couldn’t knock them down anymore. Or anything else, really.

    It's raa dumb to reckon I'd use me poffins to kill a brudda,” argued Aromatisse, “cos I couldn’t know who'd eat which one, now could I?”

    “Well, if you’re just looking to thin out the herd, that wouldn’t matter too much,” accused Kadabra. “I haven’t been able to establish a pattern for the killings yet, and it might still be too early, but my working theory is that the murderer is trying to cut down on numbers for now.”

    “For now?” inquired a concerned Froslass, accidentally freezing some of the ground beneath her in her dread. “What happens after?”

    “Well...I think it’s no accident we all ended up here. We’ve established we all had reasons to want Alolan Exeggutor dead, and we just so happen to all be here in the same party? I’m just saying, someone went a long way to get us all here.”

    Overly eager to find the one responsible before it was too late, Kuurama couldn’t help but add her own two cents in the most accusatory way possible. “So what you’re saying,” she said, throwing a dirty look at Candice, “is we should look at the one who organized the party and invited us all in the first place?”

    “Unlikely. You see–”

    “Listen, I might have cared about what happened to you at first, but you’re on your own now. We’re all out of foxes where I come from, and I suppose we’ll soon be out of foxes around here too. Either you trust me or you don’t. When you figure out you need my help, come find me. You know where I’ll be.”

    With these words, Candice went back up the stairs at a normal pace, but as soon as she was out of sight her stride became heavy with anger, made all the more obvious by the loud bang the door made as she slammed it behind her.

    “Well, someone ought to pull the stick out of her–”

    “Z! What did we just talk about in the bathroom?” scolded a very frustrated Deino.

    “I...can’t remember? Our talk just conveniently ended right before dinner. It’s like it never happened.”

    “Well, you better fill that hole soon. We made some progress there.”

    “Way to go, Kuurama. She was just about the most useful one of us, and now she won’t help us.”

    “What part of ‘she could be the one killing us one by one’ escapes your understanding?”

    “It’s like I said, highly unlikely. The ones that were killed–”

    “Why’re we listenin’ to this nerd anyway? Where I'm from, if you don't got clout like that guy you do bare daring tings to geddit. So I reckon he's the killer and all this' just to inflate his street cred.

    You think Kadabra’s the killer?” The mere thought of one of her only allies not being her ally at all shook Karta out of her stupor. “I get what you mean, but isn’t killing a bunch of innocent Pokémon a bit, um...overkill?”

    “No,” said Ejy, who had remained silent until then, “Alolan Exeggutor was the scum of the Earth, quite literally. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

    After a few seconds of looking around expectantly, Ejy was defeated by all the confused looks.

    “We’re the only ones to know Alolan Exeggutor’s dead, at least for now,” they elaborated. “If we’re alive when word gets out, nothing’s stopping us from simply telling the police who was present at the time and drastically narrow down their suspect list.”

    “Hm...interesting view,” complimented Kadabra. “I suppose that’s true.”

    Interesting view? Seriously? We’re all gonna die, and you think it’s interesting? Maybe Aromatisse was right after all.”

    “Well, if you look at it this way, Kuurama– I think it’s Kuurama? Anyways– it’s a good thing. The fact that this is happening at all means the murderer has screwed up or isn’t confident enough that they won’t. And if we can catch on before we’re all dead, that solves the problem!”

    “Well, how exactly are we supposed to do that, kid? I like being murdered as much as the next person, but how can we stop the killer? We’re already down two.”

    “I...might just be able to help with that,” said Ejy triumphantly.

    “Well, we’re listening. And I don’t mean just both my heads.”

    “It’’s easier if I show you.”
    Ejy walked up to the wall, overly aware of their every movement, fearing a misstep knowing that everyone was watching them.

    “Alright, I can’t see where I’m going, so I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll give it a shot.”

    Ejy started focusing, and a purple light enveloped their body slowly as their tiny legs started to lift off the ground. They were still new to this teleporting business, so they really had to focus. They closed their eyes, and muttered their safe words.


    When they opened their eyes, they couldn’t be sure of where they were. One thing was for sure: it was most definitely not the outside of Alolan Exeggutor’s house.

    “ that they’re gone, anyone wanna tell me what the hell that was about? I mean, tiny bro is bloody gone! Just vanished into thin air!”

    “Ah, so this is the power of the Elgyem. You see, Elgyem are an alien race–”

    “We all watch the news, love, but hearing about it on TV and seeing it firsthand are two completely different things.”

    Hearing those words from Froslass made Kadabra lose his train of thought for a second, something that was definitely not lost on his audience.

    “Er, yes, well, I guess not, but...”

    Karta saw where this was going, and swiftly came to the rescue. “Apparently our pink friend here has been living under a rock. Isn’t that right, Patrick?”

    The look of relief earned from Kadabra quickly turned into one of confusion at the mention of ‘Patrick’, but Karta followed up before anyone could question the subject.

    “Just kidding. Anyways, Elgyem–and their evolution, Beheeyem–came to our planet after their planet was mysteriously destroyed.”

    Not mysteriously.

    “What do you mean, not mysteriously?’’ asked Karta, looking at Kadabra.

    “What are you going on about? I haven’t said a thing.”

    It was Alolan Exeggutor.

    “I hear it too,” added Froslass.

    “I swear mate, I’ve had enuff Psychic mind tricks for today. Cut it out.”

    Guys, can’t you see me? I’m right here!

    Suddenly, a chill went down all of their spines, as an immense feeling of dread, of not knowing what happens next, of complete helplessness, settled in their gut. Panicked looks were exchanged in the room for what seemed like forever, no one daring to break the silence.

    After a few moments, the sensation passed, but the lingering anxiety stayed with most of them for a few hours. Psychologically beaten, everyone found their own corner to sit down and contemplate reality, and a few continued their work on the murder.

    Karta thought about going up with Candice, but she decided to give her some space and went to the basement instead, looking for comfort in the shadows.

    Kuurama and Aromatisse disappeared through the living room, heading for the drinks room. Zweilous followed soon after, catching Aromatisse’s attention and dragging him upstairs to Exeggutor’s room. “Furniture doesn’t make itself”, after all.

    Thinking it was a dumb idea, Kuurama went to the drinks room anyway. “I could sure use one of these right about now,” she said as she opened the door, and proceeded to drink her worries away.

    Finally, Kadabra and Froslass stayed in the kitchen. Or rather, Froslass stayed in the kitchen, and Kadabra stayed with Froslass.

    “Are you feeling better?” Kadabra asked after some minutes of silence. Froslass was going through the counters, floating up and down, looking for something.

    “I’m feeling ok, thanks.”

    More silence as Froslass weighted her options.

    “That’s the problem,” she ended up confessing. She gave up her search and sat at the table, across from Kadabra.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean my ex is dead. Sure, he was a scumbag, but he’s frickin’ dead. And now two others are too. I didn’t know them before, but they were still alive and deserving to live as much as any of us.”

    “Just because something happened to them doesn’t mean they deserved it,” he said nodding in understanding. “Bad things happen to good Pokémon, but it’s not your fault. It’s only the killer’s.”

    “I know that, don’t get me wrong.” Froslass let out a defeated sigh, a trace of guilt cracking her voice. “It’s just, three Pokémon are dead. Two of our own are dead, and all I can think is ‘Im glad it wasn’t me’.”

    “Look, it’s ok. Thinking that doesn’t make you a monster,” comforted Kadabra, reaching for her cold hand. “It makes you alive. We’re all glad it wasn’t us, but that doesn’t mean we wanted them dead, or that we had any part in it. It just means we’re alive, that’s all.”

    Froslass looked up at Kadabra’s eyes, and held his newfound merciful gaze.

    In the basement, Karta wandered around the seemingly endless hallway, coming across more than a few rooms with various purposes.

    A training room, a gaming room, a music room, he even had his own drum kit! Tree dude really did have it all.

    She kept walking, curiosity slowly replacing the fear and hopelessness she had felt not too long ago. Deciding the other rooms weren’t that interesting, she settled on the gaming room and turned on the TV, only to remember they had no phone or TV access.

    Damn, that’s right. No TV or nothing. Guess a nap can’t hurt.

    Tired form the day’s events, Karta hid behind the TV and finally allowed herself to relax. She certainly had a lot to process…

    “Welcome back, Sleeping Beauty.”

    Confused, Kuurama slowly opened her eyes.

    “Uh uh,” the voice said, petting the Ninetails’ head. “Don’t you worry, I’ve pumped you so full of drugs you can hardly generate a thought. Does not mix well with whatever it is you were drinking earlier.”

    “” she asked weakly. “” Whoever was talking to her wasn’t kidding, it was really hard to put together even those single words.

    “Of course you’d say that. They all do. The ones who see it coming, anyway. Bad call on Candice, by the way. We could’ve helped you. Oh, this could’ve all been avoided. Such a shame.”

    The sheer arrogance in this voice was driving Kuurama crazy. She started to struggle and flail around, only to discover her legs were all bound. Bound with a very soft, kinda warm material…

    “Heh. Don’t bother. Let’s just’d only be hurting yourself if you were to break free. I don’t like the way you’re looking at me, though. Don’t give me such a...cold look.”

    With these words, Kuurama felt her head numb from the inside out. This only lasted for a few seconds however, as the numbness was almost immediately replaced by a burning sensation. Realizing what was happening, Kuurama tried to fight it as much as she could. Her desperate grunts only seemed to please her captor, however, as she could still see a sly smile form on their face.

    It was the last thing she saw. She felt every single droplet of fluid in her eyes turn into solid ice, expanding into the optic nerves and freezing all the way into her brain. She started to shake violently in shock, but still able to cry for help.

    “No point, no one can hear you. Everyone is off doing their own thing, and I didn’t have to lift a finger. Thanks for the ice, by the way. Makes it easy to get everyone off my tail.”

    She tried to scream again, but the only that came from her throat was a burning sensation, followed by icicles protruding from all around her neck, made from her own saliva.

    Getting out of her spot, Karta decided it was time to get back with the others. As she did, however, she heard a door bang behind her. She turned around almost immediately, but there was nothing to be seen except for a small stream of blood underneath it.

    Oh no, she thought. I was right here, damn it!

    Against her better judgment, she went in the room. There, she found Ninetails or, more accurately, nine tails tied around Kuurama’s limbs, tying them together behind a column. Gigantic ice spikes were coming out of her eyes, frozen blood giving them scarlet highlights.

    Kuurama’s expression was quite literally frozen, her mouth kept open by an equally titanic icicle formation coming out of her throat resembling an Ice-type Flamethrower. More ice protruded around her neck, almost like a Growlithe collar. Those had blood mixed in them too.
    Karta couldn’t help but get closer, both in awe and in fear of the incredibly violent death. She was reaching for one of the icicles, when she heard a voice behind her.

    “Karta?” asked Ejy. “What did you do?”

    Accused: Karta the Violet
    Dead: Kuurama the Ninetails

    KARTA CONFIRMED!!!! Just kidding April Fools. Ha ha. Or is it? *laughs in Canadian*

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    I didn’t forget but I’m dead so...
    Also, an “Ice type Flamethrower” is literally Ice Beam but whatever

    Imma draw this scene though
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    This is great @Vom! I was not expecting each chapter to continue from where the previous chapter left off, for whatever reason, but I'm pleasantly surprised! Each chapter flows seamlessly, even despite the Turtwig's different writing style. I'm enjoying the pacing of each chapter - just short enough to be consumable, but long enough to be packed with character-building, leads and red herrings. I've got a few suspicions of my own and I'm confident enough to rule out a few characters, much unlike my previous attempt at the game. Everyone's character's profiles were brilliant, though I'm especially intrigued by Aromatisse and Elgyem's stories, and that Dieno / Zwelious idea is a stroke of genuis by T_E and very well executed by Vom and @Turtwig.

    Someone needs a pay rise!
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    Glad to hear you're enjoying it @bbninjas ! :D Also good to see I'm doing a better job clue-wise lol.

    On a less pleasant note, I said so on the server, but I can't actually write the next chapter until everyone who had submissions to do has done them. It's been about two weeks–the time it would've taken to get a whole chapter up–so if you don't submit anything in the next couple days, I will choose for you and you might not like it. You know who you are. :L
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