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    Not from the /literal/ underworld. :p I meant it more like a network of crime.

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    Oh wow it only took 3 minutes, it must’ve been even dumber than I thought :p
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    Someone use this please.

    Cloyster’s dex entry:
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  4. Sure, I’ll join I’ve been waiting for something like this...

    Role: Aspiring Model

    Pokémon:Alolan Ninetales

    Background: Kuurama, the Alolan Ninetales, had always dreamt of being a model, and why not, she was cute since hatching as an Alolan Vulpix. In high school that cuteness blossomed into beauty. Now she has a part time job for a modeling company and competes in Pokémon contests along with attending college.

    Her greatest secret is that she is a manga otaku and would do anything to cover it up. One day, Alolan Exeggutor caught her drawing manga in class due to his height. By the time Alolan Ninetales realized this, it was already too late. Alolan Exeggutor called and threatened to blackmail her for half of her income each month. He’d threatened that the Slowpoke Tails would expose her secret and make her the laughingstock of the school. Turns out that a long neck will help with more than just cheating on tests, it can also make a quick buck.

    When she was invited to the party, she thought that she could use it as an opportunity to find out more about Alolan Exeggutor, and maybe even expose him as the cheat that he is.

    Moves: Nasty Plot, Attract, Ice Beam, Toxic, Protect, Confuse Ray, Moonblast, Baby-Doll Eyes
    Hope this works...
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  5. I can do either QT or Discord but Discord is preferable.
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    Role: Janitor

    Pokémon: Pelipper

    Background: Pete is pretty popular in the college. Everytime he triverses the campus he gets greeted by everyone. He got some sort of cult status at this stage. Then again he has been doing this for 15 Years already. Now is probably a good time to mention that he is not a student. But the Janitor. After dropping out of the same college he has been in his room a lot. Not doing much with his life after beeing bullied hard for his weird apperence. Struggling a lot with self consciousness.
    He started to turn his life around again by applying for his first ever Job as a Janitor.
    His hard work and dedication to the school earned him a great reputation with his supervisors and everyone else there.
    Keeping the classrooms in check. Repairing broken things as soon as they appear. But also as a confidant of sorts to many students.

    Pete has still been struggeling with himself. Especially since most of his familiy is not with him anymore and he has been single for ever in his life.
    But the small ammounts of praises he gets at his job help him through the days.

    He got approached by the Alolan Exeggutor to clean up at his place after the party. It's fairly well known that Pete doesn't have many hobbies and is always looking for some extra jobs to make an extra buck.
    Exeggutor mentioned that Pete could attend the party too if he brought something with him.
    Pete thought about it. Wouldn't it be weird for a middle aged man to attend a college party? But he got nothing to do this weekend, he could leave anytime any way when it get too weird AND he can make a nice trout salad. So might aswell share that "gift" at the very least

    ...atleast that is his official reason to attend. As someone who cares deeply for the students he started to look out for a gang called "The Slowpoke Tails" and rumor has it that Exeggutor is part of that gang. Pete is going to use the opportunity to try to find some evidence for his envolvement. He can't really believe that this guy would be part of it...
    But might aswell look into it. These guys are dangerous. They need to be stopped. Pete sweared to himself that he would try to stop any bullying he can. So less people have to endure what he had to.

    Moves: Peck, Wing Attack, Scald, Surf

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither): Discord please. mirdo#7165

    (I think the grammar in this is very off. I'm sorry. My english broke. Hope everything i tried to convey is clear doe)
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    Nothing to be sorry about. :p Been there. Besides, I understood everything. :D
  8. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Role: Bitter Ex



    Froslass and Alolan Exeggutor first met back in High School, and they hit it off right away. Soon enough, Alolan Exeggutor asked her out on a date, and she accepted, and they dated for a while but things simply didn't work out. Or at least, that's what Alolan Exeggutor would like you to believe.
    In reality, Alolan Exeggutor asked Froslass out simply because she was one of the best students in the school, and he wanted to be sure he could cheat off of somebody in case he hadn't studied well enough. She managed to ignore this fact for a while due to her crush on Alolan Exeggutor, and slowly but surely, the two grew into something resembling a real couple. They went to dates together, he began to cheat off of her less, and eventually he grew to have feelings for her too. They were the happiest couple in the school.
    Until one day, the unthinkable happened. Alolan Exeggutor suddenly broke up with Froslass out of nowhere. He said he just felt incompatible, since he was so weak to ice types such as her. But the look in his eyes said something completely different. In last period, she was called into the principal's office. It turned that one of the teachers had gotten a whiff of them cheating, and Alolan Exeggutor was given immunity if he just gave the school proof of what happened and Froslass could be punished instead. Soon after, she got a letter from the college saying that her acceptance had been withdrawn and she would need to apply again next year. Without a bit of pity, he simply sold her out and took away a year of her life while escaping completely unscathed.
    Now, Froslass worked her way back up, and has done so well in college that she has been able to skip a year of school and be a part of the same graduating class as Alolan Exeggutor again. So when she saw his party, she figured it couldn't hurt to show up and cause a bit of chaos. Only right after what he's done for her.

    Powder Snow, Destiny Bond, Draining Kiss, Ice Shard, Captivate, Ominous Wind, Astonish, Blizzard

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither):
    Both are good.
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    Love this. Definitely gonna keep the roles open from now on.
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    We're halfway through the sign-ups, @TOTAL_EPICNESS did you decide on something?
  11. TOTAL_EPICNESS 9 is a prime number


    i did, just cant figure out how to write the backstory in a way that actually sounds good and gets across what im trying to say about the character and it sucks cause this always happens when i'm writing something and i dont wanna have to drop cause this looks awesome
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    You could probably post a draft of your character profile in-thread and get some advice from other players? I'm sure they'd be able to help you out, and none of us would want to see your ideas go to waste. :<
  13. TOTAL_EPICNESS 9 is a prime number


    I’m not really sure if I’m comfortable making it public yet. I’d love some help though if someone is willing
  14. Vom Who Needs A Map?


    Try making a bullet point list of all the things you want to include (not necessarily in sentences, even just a single word is fine). This includes story, names, single events, really everything you want to happen in no particular order, although it does help if you do it chronologically. But this is just a rough draft, it doesn't have to be.

    After you do, you can refine and streamline each dot individually until you have a complete sentence out of the idea. Repeat this for as many dots as you like, and eventually you'll find you just need to connect the dots.

    This is what I do for school essays or when I'm stumped, it usually helps me get going and sometimes even gives me new ideas or angles to work with. Hope this helps you as well.
  15. VioletValkyrie Princess of the Starry Sky

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    This, as well as remembering that you can take inspiration from anything and can make big stories from simple ideas or thoughts are one of the most helpful things I keep in mind while writing anything at all, no matter what it is. I'd be more than happy to help out with any ideas you have!
  16. TOTAL_EPICNESS 9 is a prime number


    Role: Party Crashers

    Pokemon: Zweilous

    When Zweilous was but a Deino life was pretty great he had plenty of friends, did well in school and had his whole future planned out. however fate would not be so kind. Near the beginning of his time at high school Deino noticed something...strange at first it was just a feeling but as time went on the feeling morphed into what felt like a presence and at the end of his first year a "personality". Eventually Deino was able feel what it felt and was somewhat comforted by it. Of course he didnt tell anyone about it out of fear they'd think he was weird, cant have a reputation of being the guy who still had an imaginary friend.

    At the end of his second year the personality gained the ability to communicate simple ideas and feelings. This was when Deino became concerned as it only communicated feelings of annoyance or mocking towards Deino this made him decide to finally talk to his parents who assured him it was perfectly normal. This did not comfort Deino at all. his fear was realised when he evolved, and realised his case was not normal in the slightest.

    While most Zweilous heads argue over simple things such as food very few disagree on a fundamental level. While the original head (Deino) was friendly and responsible the new head (Zweilous) was rude and lazy with a rather twisted sense of humour. This proved challenging for Deino as he now had to not only deal with a completely new body being controlled by another person as well as him making him extremely clumsy he also had to deal with the trouble caused by said person. Zweilous had other effects on Deino's life such as his old friends of which he used to have many not wanting to spend time with him due to Zweilous and Deino being forced to make an active effort to prevent Zweilous from causing trouble, and at the end of high school Deino went from being a top student with many friends to an average student with very few friends which as one would assume was quite the blow to his self esteem.

    Now Deino was finished high school and just starting college. A new start, one Deino was not exactly hopeful for. this worry was only amplified the moment Zweilous saw a certain Alolan Exeggutor and took an immediate dislike to him for no apparent reason stating it quite loudly to the shock of many others to which Deino responded by apologising profusely. Exeggutor laughed and claimed it was alright but as he turned to leave saw Exeggutor and a group of other pokemon glaring at Zweilous. Later that day Zweilous was approached by an obviously worried Wishiwashi who told Zweilous to meet him after school but before he could ask why the Wishiwashi ran(?) off.

    That day after school Zweilous told Deino he was going to a super secret book club meeting and that he had to cover his eyes and ears. Deino being a bit too excited that Zweilous was doing something somewhat commendable for the first time in his life agreed. Zweilous found the Wishiwashi behind the building and was taken just outside campus to a small river with an even smaller waterfall which he instructed Zweilous to walk through. On the other side was a table and a group of pokemon sitting at said table with a Cloyster at the head who explained to Zweilous that the group called themselves The Cloyster Shells and that the Exeggutor that Zweilous had just insulted was a fairly high ranking member of a rival gang called The Slowpoke Tails that had been causing them a lot of trouble recently. Cloyster also told Zweilous about the party and that he wanted him to do something to Exeggutor to show that the Cloyster Shells meant business and that he would be rewarded based on how well he did that. Of course Zweilous agreed getting rewarded for something he probably would have anyways. How could he possibly turn that down? the only problem was the goody-two-shoes he shared a body with.

    The night of the party Zweilous told Deino he was crashing it but didn't tell Deino about what he was planning to do. After some convincing Deino reluctantly agreed to go as long as Zweilous promised to stay out of trouble. Now with Deino convinced all that was left to do was for Zweilous to put his plan into motion.

    Moves: Swagger, Substitute, Dragon Rush, scary face, Earth Power, Roar, Double Team, Thunder Wave

    Sorry it took so long for me to write this out i'm not too good at writing out stories. Its like i have the idea and know exactly what i want to say but just cant put it into words and i hope i was able to hit everything required.
  17. Vom Who Needs A Map?


    Nonsense, it was great! :D

    And sign-ups are over! You guys have until next year to PM me anything you want about your characters. I will also be PMing the murderer shortly. Happy hunting!
  18. Vom Who Needs A Map?


    **Obligatory gore warning** I know I said so in the Discord, but there may be readers who are not participating in the game. For those: there is gore towards the end of the chapter, but the worst thing you could possibly find besides that is alcohol use in some parts. If you're squeamish or just don't like gore in general, there is a very obvious turn-away point almost in the end so you're safe to read until then. Do NOT read past it if you know you can't. **This has been your gore warning, enjoy~**

    Chapter I
    The Body
    “There’s someone I’d like you meet,” said Meowstic to her little sister. “He shouldn’t be hard to find.”

    Karta’s older sister, Meowstic had invited her to spend the day at her college to introduce her to some of her friends. Meowstic got more than she bargained for, however, as the little Espurr found a poster about some party and insisted they go. Unable to say no her sister, Meowstic accepted.

    They were in front of a door that was, quite frankly, way too high for Karta’s taste. The same could be said for the rest of the house: it towered over all nearby buildings, like a lighthouse in a storm. Its owner was no different; Alolan Exeggutor was indeed the tallest Pokémon in the entire college.

    “Alright, I’m just happy I get to spend some time with you. Ever since you started college, you don’t have as much time for me anymore. And I get it, I do, but I still miss you.”

    The music could be heard from the doorstep, and the windows seen vibrating from the bass. The longer she looked at it, the more Karta found the house to be comically big. It looked like a mansion, but it was just a very tall version of a regular house–nothing too fancy.

    This was true for the inside, too, as the opening door revealed the already half-drunk students under a ridiculously high roof. A Pokémon with white fur welcomed them, and a shiver went down Karta’s spine as she recognized it. He wouldn’t be allowed here if it wasn’t safe for us, right?

    “Welcome, welcome,” said Absol. “Drinks are over there, dancing is over here, and Alolan Exeggutor is uh…out back if you need him. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” After pointing the pair in various directions, Absol rushed back into the mass of Pokémon and disappeared. Something seemed to be bothering him, as if he had a hard choice to make.

    “Come on, we can grab a drink later. Absol said he’s in the back,” Meowstic said, grabbing Karta’s hand and taking her through the crowd. As they walked, Karta saw all sorts of Pokémon, united by the power of booze. It was pretty much all she could see, really, given her height.

    After zig-zagging their way to the backyard, nearly fighting a passed out Houndoom who was muttering something about a haunted house for passage, and a security check by a Glaceon, Karta and her sister finally reached Exeggutor.

    “This is Alolan Exeggutor, Karta. He wants to talk to you about something important,” said the Constraint Pokémon, putting a hand on her sister’s shoulder. “Don’t be scared, Karta. Everything will be ok.”

    “You did well, Meowstic,” said the Pokémon whose neck was, for Karta’s taste, frankly way too long. “Go home now. I’d tell you to enjoy the party, but I can’t risk having you and Karta here teaming up and doing something stupid. You understand.”

    Karta looked up at her sister with a slightly frightened look, not understanding what was happening. When her sister turned on her heels and left without even looking at her, she realized her sister had set her up–this had never been about her in the first place. Fueled by the bitter taste of betrayal, any trace of weakness on her face vanished, giving room to a defiant, cutthroat look.

    “Don’t go getting any ideas, now,” said Alolan Exeggutor with three unsettling grins. “It’s just business. Just like this. It’s all…just business.”

    Karta didn’t know which disturbed her more: the fact that each head completed the other’s sentence; or the realization that she was, for the first time in her life, truly alone.

    By the table with drinks and food, a dark Pokémon struggled with, well…himself.

    “I TOLD you this party was a bad idea. What if we get in trouble?”

    “Why are you such a party pooper? If you’d just enjoy things instead of worrying about them your entire life would be different. Our life, I guess. Besides, I told you I’d stay out of trouble, remember?”

    The head on the right let out a sigh, received by an irritated look on the other head.

    “Fine, fine, whatever. So what are you gonna do?”

    The two-headed being reached into a bag, feeling a few rough round objects that the head on the right seemed to have no previous knowledge of.

    “I’m just gonna light up a few things, Deino. A lantern here, a lantern there. It will be…to die for.”

    I…think I may have overdone it this time, Pete thought, as the “Chug! Chug! Chug!” chant around him faded in the distance as he poured more and more beer into his mouth. Once the bottles were empty, he did his trick once more, just barely remembering how to do it: small droplets of alcohol came out of his body, intensifying with every flap of his wings.

    “Look Kuu, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen since all that Leavanny nonsense,” said a pink Pokémon sitting by an Alolan Ninetales. “Man, nothing that cool ever happens around here.”

    The droplets moved to the front of Pelipper one by one, faster and faster, until they became a single sphere of floating beer. By now, everyone knew what to do, so they all opened their mouths and looked up, cheering. And just like magic, a small squirt from the sphere landed in every single mouth, not a single Pokémon having grown tired of it.

    This spectacle, however, unbeknownst to the other guests, was but a facade masking another purpose. And, had they not been so consumed by Pete’s trick, they might have noticed the fire burning in his eyes as he saw a small Pokémon leave the party with teary eyes.

    In a small room past the dance floor, a few Pokémon were sitting idly, drinking their sorrows away. Curiously enough, none of them had planned to do so, fate had them all wind up in the same place for the same reason: Alolan Exeggutor.

    “I was the best, you know? And then, then…how dare he undeservingly take my place?” said one of the Pokémon, Kadabra.

    “He screw you over too?” asked Froslass bitterly. “We dated a while back. I thought what we had was real…what wouldn’t I have done for the guy. But because he messed up one day, he chose to let me carry the burden. What a jerk. If someone cut off that high head of his, they’d be doing the world a favour.”

    “Not just your world, you know. He’s destroyed other worlds too. Mine, for example,” added a little Elgyem. “Name’s Ejy, nice to meet you.”

    And as the three souls realized they were fueled by the same rage, a small, undetectable grin appeared across each of their faces. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe not, words were not needed. They all understood what the others were thinking.

    As the hours went by, so did the guests, until only ten remained, plus Alolan Exeggutor. He joined the partying inside after his ‘talk’ with Karta, but no one there was really interested in having a good time with him as they all had their personal agendas.

    “I’m going to my room, Candice,” he said to Glaceon. “Wake me up if anything happens, but I’d really rather have you deal with anything that comes up. Thanks for everything.”

    “No problem boss, you got it,” she replied, but her stone-cold eyes suggested otherwise. This look was lost in Alolan Exeggutor though, as he was too tall to actually read her facial expression. “Rest well.”

    With these words, she sighed with relief as she was finally free to do as she pleased now that her boss was gone. If only it was always like this, she thought, before heading into the party.

    A few hours later, a high-pitched scream was heard from the second floor–the floor where Alolan Exeggutor’s room was. The effect was almost instantaneous: a few Pokémon rushed upstairs, followed by those who stayed when the former did not immediately come back.

    “What is it, Kuu?” asked a concerned Aromatisse. “What in the–”

    The trail of blood he saw on the floor stopped him and the group after him cold. He followed it with his eyes, eventually landing on Alolan Ninetales staring into a room. Being careful not to step into it, he tiptoed around it. For such a tall building, the hallways were rather narrow. When he and the guests reached the room, they couldn’t believe their eyes: the scene they saw would be forever etched into their memories.

    It was Alolan Exeguttor’s room, and most things seemed to be in their respective place. It was very tall with scarlet walls, a few bookshelves on the left side and a desk on the right side. It was only when they saw the dark, diagonal streaks of red on the furniture that they realized the red in the walls wasn’t red at all–it was blood. His blood.

    The broken body of the being once known as Alolan Exeggutor lay on the floor, still spitting blood from a thousand gaping holes. The neck, once frankly way too long for a certain guest’s taste, was bent at various disturbing angles, the leaves on top torn to pieces and all three heads missing. The immediate reaction to this detail was horror, but most of them quickly changed their minds as they realized that meant they wouldn’t have to stare at his hollow expression.

    “Well, f*** me,” was all Candice managed to say when she realized what happened. Quickly getting ahold of herself, she spoke up.

    “You were the first one here, right?” she asked Kuurama the Alolan Ninetales.

    She nodded.

    “Well, what the hell happened?”

    Accused: Kuurama @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK
    Dead: Alolan Exeggutor

    You now have 3 days to PM about character stuff. Nick, you know what to do. Happy hunting.
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