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    Credit for the awesome banner goes to @Turtwig!


    Convicted is a game that relies on the characters you get to make they die? If you love crime shows, this game's for you: it's got the mystery, it's got the drama, it's even got the murder part!

    You're locked up in an area with strangers. Nothing like forced confinement to break the ice, right? It's all fun and games until someone dies. Everyone panics, the group inevitably splits. And just as everyone's starting to calm down, someone else dies. And then someone else.

    And then someone else.

    And then, as everyone around you is dropping like flies, the terrible truth dawns upon you: you're all toast if you don't get to the murderer before the murderer gets to you.
    But who could it be? It can only be one of you. It could be the one you've decided to trust, just as it could be the quiet one in the corner of the room–it's your job to find out.

    In Convicted, you will be playing as a character that you create (more on this below) in a closed area with other players' characters. One of you will be the murderer, but only that player will know. As the story unfolds, clues will be given here and there as to who the murderer is, but it's ultimately up to the players to catch the murderer.

    This round will take place in a college setting due to popular request from last round, in a party gone wrong.

    Character Customization

    There will be 16 roles this time, but I’ll go ahead and have one filled in beforehand to start the process so that leaves 15 roles open. In the event that this blows up and there is a player overflow, the roles can go up to 20. On the other hand, if there aren't enough players, we'll work with what we have. (There will be no NPCs this time.)

    Each of the fifteen roles requires merely a description that relates you to my character, which dies in the first chapter. (I’m giving you the role, you’re giving me a backstory that led up to this point). You must insert a Pokemon you think fits that role well and then give depth to that character with the restrictions at hand.

    In the spoiler tag at the bottom of this post, there will be an example as well as the application itself. This example will be my application for one of the characters. Pretty much anything goes as long as it fits the rules and isn’t completely inappropriate.

    Also, feel free to mention any moveset options you want your character to have, but only up to eight moves. These could be for utility, defense, or even a murder weapon, but more often than not Pokémon moves will not be directly used as the latter since it would be pretty obvious. Just keep in mind that they might be used in creative ways, such as String Shot being used to swing a knife from a distance.

    However, there is a catch (or a few, really): you can only submit one character in for a role. Your character’s background must include some sort of relation to Alolan Exeggutor, my choice of character. This requirement is so every character can have a motive to kill him and thus keep the story interesting. I will PM the person who created the murderer and explain what is going on and what he should do. Character applications will simply be posted in this thread.

    Background and Characters

    The story will take place in a college dormitory, in a party hosted by Alolan Exeggutor. The character you choose must be a Pokemon! Imagine this world like the Mystery Dungeon series–humanless, although you have to keep in mind that objects from the real world (such as knives, pistols, locks, etc) are present.


    Once all roles are assigned and descriptions are made by you, we can begin. The first chapter will introduce everyone and lead to Alolan Exeggutor’s death. Small clues will be given here and there to bring out the real killer, but the direct conflicts going on are back and forth accusations.

    **When all the characters are filled up and the story progresses, I will, thanks to a suggestion from a poll, PM you with information on your character before the first few chapters so we can kind of work together on a storyline for it, but feel free to PM me at any time with any ideas you might have. Keep in mind that after I say a chapter will be posted in x days, it means you can no longer PM me for anything regarding this game.**

    At the end of each chapter, someone will die. After seeing the corpse, someone will be asked to provide an explanation of what happened (whether the person was there at the time of death or not, someone will need to explain). The member who created that character will get to form an alibi and then cast the blame on a new Pokemon, which will shift the focus for the next chapter to an entirely different angle.
    This member will communicate his alibi and blame through PMing me so that the exchange of information is private. Your goal is to keep your character’s nose clean and still alive so you can watch on the sidelines for the real culprit.

    As the game rolls out, you always have the option to PM me who you think the murderer is. Because we have a very limited amount of characters available, you can only have one guess. You must also give some evidence that the murderer was this person (you can’t just make a lucky guess). If you are right, then the story will conclude with you being the hero and defeating the villain.

    However, if you are wrong, your character is guaranteed to die in the following chapter. This means you will not know if you are right or wrong until I continue the story, in which case I will either wrap up or continue on with the writing. Because the PMing process is private, no one will know if your character died because of the wrong guess or if by the murderer’s will.

    You are both encouraged and discouraged to guess because even the slightest doubt can cost you the game. The killer is not going to be obvious, though, so you need to wait a few chapters before guessing. Once your character is dead, feel free to PM me and ask who the murderer was. However, you cannot disclose the information with the living players! Guessing is completely different from accusing! If you are going to guess, then you need to specifically ask if _____ is the murderer.

    The murderer is allowed to pick a character to die before I write each chapter, meaning that he can completely alter the course of the story. This is to keep my writing style from making anything too obvious. The murderer will still be required to make fake alibis and blames if called on at the end of the chapter, but his will obviously be lies, and that’s okay!

    An issue this game's had in the past is that the non-murderer players don't have much way of interaction unless they're willing to put their lives on the line.
    This round, in addition to any questions you might have, you may also send me a PM with a course of action for your character after every chapter. This can include whether you want to lay low, approach a certain Pokémon, avoid a certain Pokémon, etc. It can really be just about anything you want, so long as it's plausible.
    If you don't, or if your request is too much, then I will simply do as I will with your character to move the story forward.

    General Rules
    • A character background or post-chapter accusation must meet the qualifications required or I will have to deny it. If this happens multiple times, I will simply write one myself.
    • Your character descriptions must relate to my character in some way, shape, or form. You can claim your character was a childhood friend or an arch rival. The world is your oyster! It’s pretty much anything goes as long as it’s reasonable. This doesn’t mean that you can’t link your characters to each other. In fact, you’re encouraged to do so!
    • Any and all character applications need to be posted in this thread.
    • If you are blamed at the end of the chapter (which is basically just asking you to move the story onward in your own way), you must PM me back your reply within three days so I can continue the game. Likewise, the murderer has this responsibility as well for choosing the next to die.
    • If you want to send in a course of action for your character to follow, you are also subjected to the three-day deadline after a chapter is posted. If I don't hear anything from you, I will assume you're leaving your character's fate in my hands.
    • Be smart. If you want to win, you may need to keep what information you know to yourself, or you may need to team up. It’s up to you! However, feel free to roleplay, give commentary, and jokingly accuse characters. It’s all for the fun of the story!
    • You cannot start guessing until Chapter 3 so that I can introduce every character and give some background!
    • If you lost and know the answer, you cannot give hints or tell anyone. Your character is dead, and so you have no ability to speak anymore.
    • Being dead doesn't mean you're out! I will make a Dead Chat (similar to Mafia) where all the dead players will be able to discuss or hang out. There may or may not be ways to influence the story from here.
    • Be creative! These backgrounds can be borderline ridiculous/funny as long as they meet the qualifications and are appropriate enough to write about.


    There are no fixed roles this round, so you have more options this time. However, whatever role you choose must make sense in the context of a college party : snack bringer, game preparer, anything appropriate. Nothing that goes against the site's rules will be permitted here. Remember there are many age groups around.

    Don't forget that your backgrounds must tie into my character as to give yours a motive for killing them. If your entry doesn't meet the requirements, it will be denied. A like from me means that it has been approved. They can be just about any length as long as they contain all the information required. However, the more you give me to work with, the more options and depth your character will have.

    Your role-playing and dialogue in the thread may be used either directly or as an inspiration in future chapters! Because you’re your own character, you get to form it just as much as I do.

    Copy this code to create your application:

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither):
    Role: Host

    Pokémon: Alolan Exeggutor


    Alolan Exeggutor has always been a model student. Always stayed out of trouble, straight A's, you know how it goes.

    Or that's what everyone thought, until a certain someone started speaking ill of him. Rumor has it, he was actually a ruthless enforcer for an underground gang, the Slowpoke Tails.
    Using his size and height to his advantage, he would find targets and smash them down for money. No one really knows what he did with it, but it's thought that whatever it was gave him a huge edge in his studies.

    Unaware of these rumors, Exeggutor recently put up posters of a party at his place to celebrate the upcoming graduation. Any student from any program is welcome as long as they contribute something to the party, be it big or small. Of course, a lot of students would be interested in this opportunity to unwind after the stressful time of final exams.

    One thing he could not expect, however, was the degree to which some individuals are willing to unwind.

    (Your character, Mudkip, was just framed for killing Igglybuff. You, the creator, must provide a few sentences of dialogue or description).

    Mudkip: No way! I was with Dunsparce in the kitchen making some brownies! I can go and get him if you want--and a brownie, too. However, I did see Haunter sneak into the bathroom where Igglybuff was at right before. Tell me, is my life in danger?

    Something simple like that is all you have to give.

    Applications close when we have enough players, or after four weeks! Your applications will need to be posted in this thread, and don't forget to include all requirements.

    If you have questions or ideas, feel free to either post here or PM me.

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  3. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 常闇眷属 ]


    I'm definitely interested and would love to play! I'll get working on some ideas when I have the chance.
  4. Vom Hey, Adora ~

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    No worries! Sign ups will be open for a while. :)
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  5. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Reserving a spot, I’ll have something either today or tomorrow
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  6. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    This looks really interesting and fun but I don’t quite understand the character creation process?
  7. Vom Hey, Adora ~

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    Basically, you have to choose a Pokémon and give it a story as to how they know Alolan Exeggutor and why they'd want to kill him, as well as giving it a legitimate reason for being at a college party (I say legitimate, but it could be as ridiculous as you want as long as it gives an actual reason other than 'just because'.)

    You're also encouraged to include any other details you'd want me to know about your character (as I will take them into account), but it's not necessary.
  8. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 常闇眷属 ]


    Since I've got some ideas already, put me down for a spot (since you haven't already) and I'll try to get an app out by the end of the night. @Vom
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  9. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    alright ive got an idea put me down for a spot ive just gotta do the thing
  10. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 常闇眷属 ]


    Role: The Young Delinquent

    Pokémon: Espurr

    Karta picked her name herself, isn't it threatening? Just like a high school delinquent!

    When they were young, a young Espurr and her older sister were abandoned by their parents. She was never told the reason, only that "things would be okay" as long as she continued to live with her older sister, a strong and dependable Meowstic. Years later, Meowstic had entered a local college, leaving the young Espurr alone at home through more and more of her time in high school as the years progressed. Out of fear of losing more of those she cared about, she adopted the name "Karta" and wrapped a skull bandanna around her mouth, began carrying her sister's old pocket knife around, and started to disconnect from her classmates.

    Satisfied with her new delinquent look, her years in high school continued as her time with her sister started to shrink more, before one day, her sister brought up the idea of bringing Karta to start attending her college. Eager to be with her sister again, Karta practically ripped off her bandanna and joined her sister for a day around the campus to meet students. Karta had noticed a poster for a big party being hosted that night, and begged her sister to take her.

    Entering the flashy scene of a college party night, Karta was quickly pulled aside by her sister. "There's someone I'd like you to meet," she said, before Karta came face to face with a friendly face (or three) connected by a neck that was... frankly, in her opinion, way too long.

    It turns out, her older sister is in fact a high ranking member of the Slowpoke Tails, and Karta was brought to the party to be forced into joining the gang, in order to spread their influence to her high school. Shocked by her sister’s position and held in the party against her will by this mysterious gang member with a neck that’s frankly way too long, it seems like the only close people Karta had have abandoned or lied to her, and it may not take too long before the young and scared Karta cracks...

    Moves: Disarming Voice, Frustration, Payback, Role Play, Thunder Wave, Telekinesis, Snatch, Magic Room.

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither): Both, though I'd prefer Discord.
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  11. Celever Wheeeee~


    Role: Fairy Dust Dealer

    Pokémon: Aromatisse

    Background: Aromatisse hated the beginning of college. It's reasonable for him to have this view -- education was a pretty rotten time for him. He's always had a lad mentality, trimming his hair so that it was as short as looked acceptable for an Aromatisse, and deepening his voice when comfortable, though this led to a degradation of his vocal chords from strain. He's played the field since he was a Spritzee, though has constantly faced rejection from girls looking for "real men". And he didn't just play sport, he played the roughest and toughest sports -- Ring Drop, Block Smash, & Circle Push -- and to an elite level, but was always left to change in his own corner of the locker room after a competition, rejected by the guys on his team. Everyone at his college was just too judgemental: Aromatisse found himself rejected by guys for looking feminine, and rejected by girls for acting like a lad.

    While this experience wasn't necessarily exclusive to college for Aromatisse and he'd certainly faced the prospect of outcasthood even as a Spritzee or newly-evolved Aromatisse towards the end of high school, he was always at least liked. He had never had luck with the ladies, but he at least resided confidently in the friend zone with just about all of them. He'd never been in with the cool guys and got invited to practically no parties, but if he needed a hand with homework, he had always had someone who he could confidently ask for help. No one wanted to get too close -- he was weird -- but it was clear for anyone to see that he was just a fundamentally sound guy, and so if someone tried to make an enemy of him, they'd always end up coming off worse. This meant that the absolute rejection he felt in college really was a shock; he made drastic measures to retain back the social standing he'd previously had, even if it was fairly small to start with. And he was introduced to this by his college roommate -- a Granbull.

    This Granbull had a business, you see: he was a producer & distributor of a substance known as fairy dust, which is mixed into poffins to be consumed. The other ingredients of the poffin determine how it affects the consumer: a spicy poffin -- known as a ringer -- stimulates, giving energy to the user but increases brain activity to the point where the rationality that Pokémon is able to put behind their actions is compromised; sweet poffins -- known as cotton -- makes the Pokémon attracted to other Pokémon more intensely, and causes attractions between Pokémon who otherwise wouldn't be interested in each other; a dry poffin -- known as an adhesive -- has a delirious effect on the user, lessening the accuracy of their perceptions of their surroundings potentially to the point of hallucination, but many users feel it increases their creative spark; a sour poffin -- known as an eeny meeny -- makes the user feel happy/bliss, but their brain function is slowed, essentially making them dumber while they experience the effects of the poffin; finally, bitter poffins -- known as faith -- grant the user a lot more confidence if they tend to be shy, but in some users triggers their aggressive streak. Despite the positive effect of fairy dust being counteracted with a negative no matter what type of poffin it's taken as, use of the substance is rife throughout the Pokémon community -- especially at college, where people are experimenting. And from Aromatisse's contact with one of the biggest fairy dust distributors in the area, he saw an opening. He asked Granbull to include him in his posse and teach him the tricks of the trade, and as they were both pure Fairy-Type Pokémon and so were able to scavenge for fairy dust in the wild where most other Pokémon were unable, Granbull accepted.

    It wasn't long before Aromatisse and Granbull had made a formidable pairing. Though Aromatisse's original motive for joining Granbull's business was to gain clout among his peers -- fairy dust being popular meant that the guy selling it should be made popular by extension -- Aromatisse found a real passion for the craft. His knack for making complex scents and smells found parallels with the talent of baking poffins, and so the taste of the produce Granbull was selling increased; they even managed to crack the recipe for the elusive mild poffin, a special type of poffin that is more expensive than the other types, but which combines the effects of the other flavours, too, the effects also being felt more intensely. Meanwhile, while Aromatisse worked predominantly on production, only performing deals with trusted and loyal customers, Granbull was the brawns of the operation. He was the Pokémon sent to meet new clients who the duo didn't have guarantee of their reliability, as Granbull was better suited to laying down the law. And better yet for Aromatisse, though Granbull was the ultimate face of operations, "A-Dawg" was a calm guy always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need; these virtues are rare for a fairy dust dealer to possess, which usually made him the Pokémon of choice to be invited to parties. Finally he'd achieved his aim of popularity, putting aside the negative inklings he had that many of his friends didn't like him for him and only for the fairy dust; good friends were a new experience for him, after all, and so he relished this positive effect of his new lifestyle.

    And this brings us to the present. It was a no-brainer than Aromatisse would be at this party: though Exeggutor-Alola was perceived as a model student by many, he had been a loyal customer of Aromatisse's for several months now, and so not only did he have a good friendship of the host, but there was always going to be a strong presence of fairy dust at this party, too. However, Exeggutor-Alola always bought in large bulk, and liked raw fairy dust, for him to cook his own poffins with. Due to loyalty and bulk-buying, Granbull even ordered Aromatisse to grant pretty heavy discounts on Exeggutor-Alola's purchases. The rumour circulating -- that Exeggutor-Alola is part of the Slowpoke Tails -- concerned Aromatisse greatly: they already had a strong presence in other sections of the black market, and Exeggutor-Alola had been seemingly buying more fairy dust than he could ever hope to use in the time he had between purchases. The Fairy-Type duo were concerned that the Slowpoke Tails may be trying to take a share of the market and start selling their own fairy dust poffins from a stockpile that Exeggutor-Alola had bought for the entire gang. Though Aromatisse was still going to the party to have a good time and make a tidy profit, there was an ulterior motive of scouting out Exeggutor-Alola's house for any signs that this plan may be coming to fruition and, if said signs are found, to halt the Slowpoke Tails' plan altogether.

    Moves: Calm Mind, Aromatherapy, Psych Up, Frustration, Swagger, Wish, Helping Hand, After You

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither): Discord or QT are both fine but Discord is way better plus it's where all the cool kids hang out :U
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  12. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Role: Thief

    Pokémon: Absol

    Background: Absol’s biggest stroke of misfortune is probably his very species, which everyone is naturally afraid of. The legends that it entails disaster exist on account of his ancestors being severely unlucky, and it’s been something that’s never gone away. His parents didn’t trust themselves to raise him, they were scared of bringing him harm. However, nobody wanted to take the risk of raising one, and he ended up stuck in an orphanage that was legally obligated to take him. Everyone was distant from him, even the nicest Pokémon, so he decided to leave and nobody decided to stop him. Living on the streets was tougher than he expected, and an Alakazam being blackmailed by the Slowpoke Tails found him. Alakazam was smart enough to know that legends surrounding the Absol race were false, and took him to Alolan Exeggutor to try and get off the hook. Alolan Exeggutor saw potential in Absol as someone who was strong enough to steal and make money for the gang, and gave him a place to stay, so long as he did as he was told, and was even given quite a bit of TMs to teach him moves to make this even easier. Absol was fine for a while, but his own morals eventually began to eat at his will to stay in the gang, and taking out Alolan Exeggutor to instill fear is his easiest way out. Especially at a party where everyone’s distracted. Once he’s out, he plans to track down the Alakazam who got him into the group and use him to become accepted in society.

    Moves: Knock Off, Snarl, Thunder Wave, Shadow Claw, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Double Team, Psycho Cut

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither): Discord, get in the chat :p
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  13. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


    In :D

    : Hardcore Nerd

    Pokémon: Kadabra

    Kadabra always prided himself with his ability to do well in school, up until recently it was all he had. He had few friends, was made fun of constantly for his mustache and nerdiness and had a less than pleasant family life. When he entered college things changed quite a bit. To him it was essentially a fresh start. However, he became extremely competitive in terms of marks due to how life had been prior to college. He respected those with the ability to perform well, but not as well as him. Anyone who surpassed him would feel his "nerd wrath" (which honestly aside from some snarky remarks wasn't much). Even though no one ever cared about how he did, even one slight drop in a grade would drive him insane. Luckily this rarely happened, until one semester when a new classmate became top of the class. Exeggutor was his name, and Kadabra resented him. As much as he hated him though, he realized there was nothing he could do. For a while Kadabra thought of giving in to this new superior classmate, that is, until he heard the rumors. Perhaps he cheated? Of course! No way could anyone else have surpassed him without extra help. Despite the fact that it was only just a rumor Kadabra latched onto it. The idea of him being the only truly smart Pokemon in school made too much sense. Later on he found out Exeggutor was hosting a party. Perhaps this was his chance to find out if the rumors were true. He decided to come to the party to get answers, and if he didn't like them, well, Exeggutor wouldn't be the only Pokemon to unfairly become top of the class.

    Moves: Confusion, Taunt, Toxic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Frustration, Swagger

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither): Discord's better but I'm cool with both.
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  14. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Throwback! I don't think I have time to play / read, because I haven't even read @PMJ's fic yet -- but I'm excited to see this alive and back. ^.^
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  15. Nyan Staring into space again...

    Chat Room Staff Member

    Role: Secretive Spy

    Pokémon: Glaceon

    Background: Candice may seem innocent enough, but in reality, she’s a much more mysterious character than her nerdy attire would lead you to believe. Being a high-ranking member of the Slowpoke Tails, Candice stealthily spies around to get whatever information she can. Regardless of where she is, she always has a high awareness of what’s going on around her. She oftentimes goes on missions around competitors/suspects to gather intel for the gang.

    Candice grew up knowing she was a gifted child. She always had a fascination with computers and technology, and loves music. She succeeded in school, and even got the title of salutatorian at her high school.

    Candice and Alolan Exeggutor actually met as children in their unevolved forms, became friends & grew up together in the same town. Candice still remembers the day that her friend came home from the family trip to Alola but 35 feet tall, it was surely an adjustment for the both of them. But their close ties would end as her father was discovered by authorities to be a drug hustler and was arrested on-spot. Her father was the one who paid the bills; without him, Candice’s mother could not provide for her. They were forced to move into Candice's grandparents house, who didn't have much money themselves. Glaceon and Alolan Exeggutor kept in touch through phone, but they both knew that it wasn’t the same as being able to talk face-to-face.

    Candice’s new home was within cold, snowy hills. Upon stepping into her new town for the first time, she simultaneously evolved into Glaceon, despite her desire to become an Umbreon. She went through her high school years within the town, and upon graduating, she decided to apply for the same college that Alolan Exeggutor, who is a year older than her, was already attending. She obtained a full ride scholarship, with a major in Computer Science.

    This is when things started to get interesting. Alolan Exeggutor immediately invited Candice into the Slowpoke Tails while the gang was young, and knowing that her mother was struggling financially, Alolan Exeggutor figured it’d be a good method of getting the money to help her while she tried to get a job. Candice agreed to be a part of it, and became an integral part of the gang. Following off of her desires to be an Umbreon, she decided to train herself in the methods of stealth and observance to become their "spy". After a few months, she became acquainted with her skills.

    However, Candice secretly despises being part of the Slowpoke Tails. She’s afraid of being discovered and ending up like her father, while simultaneously disappointing her mother. If she could, she’d get out of it regardless of the cost. But for now, she’s well aware she can’t.

    So what’s Glaceon doing at the party? Looking for anyone suspicious, sorta being a bodyguard for Alolan Exeggutor, and well, to enjoy time with her friends too, of course.

    Moves: Laser Focus, Icy Wind, Endure, Baby-Doll Eyes, Detect, Aurora Veil, Attract, Last Resort

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither): Definitely Discord.

    (The w is my friend's seal of approval)
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  16. Vom Hey, Adora ~

    Forum Mod Member

    It's been only a day and we're already halfway full! Can't wait to see what stories the remaining players come up with, loving these so far. :D
  17. Nyora A Cat


    Role: Outcast

    Pokémon: Ejy the Elgyem (pronounced edgy)

    Background: Ejy came to this world only in the past year. She was apart of the very last ship of the refugee Elgyem and Beheeyem’s, who were coming to the Pokémon world to escape.. something. None of them exactly knows what they were running away from or why they came to this world, but their instincts were overpowering and told them this was what had to happen. None of them even remember a single thing about their past.. except Ejy. They are slowly remembering small bits and pieces of what happened on their homeworld and why they are here, but it’s scaring them. Sudden flashes of light, returning tragic memories, and now... Alolan Exeggutor. The only thing Ejy connects with their kind leaving their homeworld as of now is somethings, or someones, with a tall pole figure and a sort of tropical colored crown atop. They remember they started as few. They were treated as landmarks, they think. But then more and more started appearing. And more. And more. Then... an attack. That’s where their memory goes black, as she thinks she was hit by a powerful object of sorts, possibly a meteor. Upon their first steps onto this new planet, Ejy decides to live a new life on this strange world, and maybe uncover some clues as to why their kind left homeworld. However, this decision proved to very difficult, as many of the beings on the planet were not very accepting of an extraterrestrial such as Ejy, or any of their kind for that matter. The look of them, the nakedness of such as form as Ejy, and Ejy’s rather... interesting form of communication via somehow understandable patterns of lights, led all the beings of the planet to treat them as outcasts, in fear of what other power they may also hold. But Ejy knew that in order to learn more, they had to be able to get the information out of these beings. They did it.. but with some rather unfortunate consequences for Ejy. When released from their confinement, Ejy knew for a fact that they were alone. So they decided to turn to other methods of self-education. The more they learned, the more likely they could find out clues about what happened. Education, they learn, is obtained through what is called college. They currently attend this college, but have been invited to a party... by an Alolan Exeggutor. Ejy, fueled by the intense desire to learn what happened, decides to attend the gathering. Why did he invite them, of all people? Why does this Alolan Exeggutor resemble the tall crowned poles that they presume drove them off the planet?

    - 2 days before the party -
    Ejy was greeted on campus by Alolan Exeggutor. The face closest to Ejy flashed a grand smile, but they could see the darkness and sadness on the other faces. At that moment, Ejy was rudefully greeted again, but this time by a memory. It rushed in so fast, that Ejy could barely take it. They could remember the faces. All of the faces. The smiles, the sad faces, faces with despair and horror printed all over them. Faces with genuine pleasure and happiness stamped on. Manipulative smiles. Fake laughter. Then, another meteor. That was the end of their memories, and with it, Ejy knew. Alolan Exeggutor did it. Everything matched up so perfectly, right? But... what were they going to do about it? And what if they are wrong? If Alolan Exeggutor had enough power to force them to evacuate the homeworld, and with them still recovering even only their memories right now, what were they to do? Ejy shakily nodded in acknowledgment towards the Alolan Exeggutor, but quickly sped away. What was this monster capable of?

    Moves: Psywave, Teleport, Pyschic, Telekinesis, Hidden Power, Shadow Ball, Cosmic Power, Miracle Eye, Confusion, Steel Wing.

    Discord or QT (one, the other, both or neither): Both works.

    Ejy is genderless by the way (yea I know most Elgyem aren’t genderless, but hey, why not?)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
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  18. Vom Hey, Adora ~

    Forum Mod Member

    Wow I love in how many directions all these backstories are going. Tragic childhoods, the underworld, black market, and now aliens! I actually have so much to work with lol.
    I noticed sometimes in your story you said 'they' and other times 'her'. Did you mean they as in the species or as the pronoun? Which one should I use?
  19. Nyora A Cat


    They, I’m just an idiot sorry xd

    look at me, misgendering aliens. What’s next?
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  20. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    I’m probably gonna realize that this is probably a stupid question in five minutes, but who came from the underworld?
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