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  • Always wondered this; what does your username even come from, and how is it pronounced? I've always pronounced it like Zeus...
    Xous, I'll pass the message along, then. At what point in the future, if you see one at all (even if it happens to be months down the line), would you see time for one, if at all?
    [10:28] <PMJ> it needed to be the ultimate heartbreak and sadness
    [10:28] <PMJ> just one tear wasn't gonna cut it
    [10:28] <PMJ> and damn did he deliver


    Edit: Apparently I have found someone who is interested in requesting an art piece off you. They find your artwork spectacular and are wondering if you'd be willing to do something as a request. (No, this person is not on Beach.) And, from what they told me, it'll be rather involved.

    When you get this, lemme know so I can get back to them.
    Xous, understood! I didn't think you'd give out the watermark, but I thought it might be a nice touch to show that you created the render that I would use in a sig, but I understand.

    I actually didn't expect you to respond this early; thanks :p
    As per the restrictions on your thread, I'm notifying you I'm going to use Meloetta Aria V3 in a banner.

    And on that note, may I request a staff variation of the same?

    Plus one final question, do you have a file of just your watermark, all by itself, preferably with large dimensions? I want to see if I can sneak it into banners of my own which I make that I use your renders for.

    Thanks in advance!
    May I ask for a staff/Contributor avatar version of the latest Giratina? Thanks in advance!
    Also, does Contributor count as staff to the point that I could get a custom avatar?
    Lol... I feel the need to ask, #1 is Reshi laughing.
    #2 Can Holy Mackeral make a banner with your Meinshoa render?
    Today I learned about the vampire Slayer (yes, I capitalized it correctly).
    My life just got that much cooler.
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