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    one day if I ever become staff again I want a staff copy before you disappear from the Internet \o/
    speaking of which I MIGHT be PMing you in the next few days about something for Create-A-Card
    I may not know much about art, but I don't see why/where you need to improve. Do you have any tips on how I can make my non-digital drawings look less flat? Or add more 3D effects to them? I can draw shapes like squares in 3D, but I can't make more oblong shapes such as rocks and cliffs pop out. (I find I draw best with colored pencils for some reason)
    [17:10] <disable_afar> what does xous have to do with my wallet
    [17:11] <!DNA> you keep pics of him in it
    [17:11] <&TPO3> that's cute
    [17:11] <disable_afar> no i dont i swear
    [17:12] <!DNA> I don't believe you.
    [17:12] <&TPO3> zach it's hopeless
    [17:12] <&TPO3> give up on him
    [17:12] <disable_afar> on who
    [17:12] <&TPO3> and take me instead :)
    [17:12] <disable_afar> xous or dan
    [17:13] <!DNA> oh wow you're coming onto ME now?
    [17:13] <!DNA> have you no shame
    [17:13] <&TPO3> BACK OF DAN HE'S MINE

    and then he called us the safarazzi
    I think there's something wrong with him
    It...it is?
    ...oh. Yeah. Upon looking closer, it is. I recognize the fact.

    It seemed like such a longshot, though. I thought it was something related to Vaati but I knew that'd be reaching.
    Can I bother you for a link to the Staff Gardevoir avatar again? Thanks! (I think the Big Read Teapot's time has come. :p)
    I /believe/ you resized the dragon-type symbol when it was announced for the TCG so we could use it as an energy symbol. You did a good job. :p
    /me pays 1000 life points to send all cards in both players' hands and on the field to the graveyard and inflicts 300 damage to my opponent for each card sent to the graveyard by this effect.
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