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Oct 3, 2015
Jun 6, 2012
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Aug 4, 1990 (Age: 30)

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Aspiring Trainer, Male, 30, from America


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Oct 3, 2015
    1. Cofagrigus37
      hi, everyone bisharp37 is a crazy dude
    2. Teal
      Would you play a big Werewolf game hosted by me?
    3. Pandistoteles
      [b]Bisharp37[/b], Thanks, a bit late from my part but thanks XD
    4. BestUserNameEver
      Hey, we need to do our match for the HGSS-PLS tournament soon.

      Just a reminder.
    5. Mora
      So do I need to do anything else for the Fresh Aroma Torunament? And also, Create-A-Card is due this evening.
    6. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      [b]Bisharp37[/b], Right now is great! Want to send me the link?
    7. grantm1999
      Why haven't u dqed me yet anyway?
    8. grantm1999
      Drop. I forgot and honestly don't care about it that much anymore. Sorry,
    9. DNA

      I noticed you're signed up for the text-based portion of Create-A-Card for this month, but I still don't have an entry from you yet (submissions are due by Sunday).
      I don't want you to forget, so I'm dropping this little reminder on your wall just in case. I look forward to seeing what you have in store!
    10. grantm1999
      my bad, I completely forgot about that.
    11. Mora
      [b]Bisharp37[/b], I told him I'm ready whenever he is. He then messaged me back how I got my badges, and made no mention of the tournament. He should be on Spring Break either this week or the next. I don't know how busy he is. I'll ask him again.
    12. Dork Void
      Dork Void
    13. Rally
      My first shiny was a geodude in Pearl!
    14. MountainDrew
      Can u do the battle.
    15. DNA
      Who makes my signatures? About 95% of the time, it's me. Right now is no exception.
    16. MountainDrew
      Sorry for taking so long :(
    17. MountainDrew
      Crap sorry I wasnt on when you sent me that how bout 2morrow at six?
    18. Mora
      [b]Bisharp37[/b], No, I mean you have every right to be. I completely understand. So I'm assuming you saw that Blah was out of town and offered to forfeit. I asked if he was sure, but I haven't heard back from him, so do what you think is best. And I meant no offense by thay comment to be clear :)
    19. MountainDrew
      Could you play at like 7:30?
    20. MountainDrew
      I sent the link?
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    Aug 4, 1990 (Age: 30)
    Christianity, Anime ,Pokemon, Family, Friends, Minecraft
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • Competitive TCG Player
    • Competitive VG Player
    • Episode Watcher
    Generation Started:
    I'll get around to having a huge bio someday but I don't have the patience.(nor the time.) to sit down and write it all right now so for now I'll just keep adding little bits and pieces until I finish the puzzle.

    I got this idea from DNA and thought it would be cool to do my own list of favorite pokemon so here it is:

    0)Bisharp - Take one look at Bisharp how can you not love it? It's a metallic robot with knives for hands and has a giant axe on top of it' s head. Bisharp is a Warrior Machine robot pokemon sent from the future to help out you and your Pokemon. Despite many claims to the contrary Bisharp is cool but doesn't actually doesn't make my Top ten list.

    1) Staraptor-This pokemon takes me back to my first play through of diamond when I first caught starly I was unimpressed it just thought it was another bird pokemon however I kept it and evolved it into a Staravia which I liked even less.However I still kept it on my team because it was pretty high level and was a big help when facing the tougher gyms.I ended up having Staravia on my team so long it evolved and I couldn't have been happier.Staraptor just looked like a boss and It made me quickly forget my Torterra as It became the star of my team I leveled it up higher and higher and eventually it reached level 100.It has been and will likely remain the only pokemon I leveled to 100. Unfortunately the game card it was on was stolen and I never got it back maybe I' 'll level another Starly to 100 some day.That is why Staraptor always has and will always be my favorite pokemon.

    2) Absol- Ever since watching the anime episode Absol-ute Disaster Absol has been one of my favorite pokemon. It has a caring,loving,helpful nature but usually people don't take the time to get to know it and they end up misjudging it based off of appearances and forget to look deeper inside. To me it feels like Absol is just misunderstood.

    3) Kingdra- I love this pokemon's design and the concept of it living in the ocean. Not only that but every time I see it reminds me of Misty.Misty is one of my all time favorite polemon trainers in the anime so a reminder of her and Season 1 of the anime is a good thing.

    4) Samarott- When I first Oshawott from professor juniper I didn't expect much.Of course I kept it on my team for a while and I tolerated it but didn't really love it.That all changed when it evolved into Dewott though I instantly realized how great it was and I loved it so when the time came for Dewott to evolve I seriously thought about stopping it but I didn't and I'm glad I didn't because if I had I would have never gotten Samarott which I now love and appreciate.

    5) Elekid- What can I say I have always had a soft spot for baby pokemon in my opinion Elekid is the best baby pokemon it doesn't feel like just a smaller version of the original like Pichu or Cleffa.To me it seems like Elekid is its own very unique pokemon and has it's own very unique style.

    6)Golurk- I love the idea of an ancient Golem from the past who's only mission is to protect an ancient people.I just like the concept and general design of this pokemon. It's unique and the only ghost and ground type around.

    7)Houndour- There's something about a fire breathing dog that I just love. It was at some point my favorite but as new pokemon were introduced It fell lower and lower down the list.Now It' s chilling at Number 7.

    8) Virizion- Just an awesomely elegant pokemon I love the way it stands up for it's friends and stops at nothing to protect them. It's said what they did to it's name though.

    Chat quotes of Wisdom:

    <Luckipede>: ALL HAIL DAH EEVEE!


    [03:09] <Zero> if you want to trade
    [03:09] <Zero> go somewhere else
    [03:09] <Zero> we don't do that here
    [03:09] <Swablu> Trolls can't figure that out ;3
    [03:09] <PBGuest> nah ill trade here
    [03:09] <Zero> with who?
    [03:09] <PBGuest> you
    [03:09] <Zero> ...
    [03:09] <Zero> I don't own a ds
    [03:09] <Zero> so gl with that
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