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  • ThatPokemonCollector' pid='2427406' dateline='1367589066 said:
    Why would you say most people that are Homosexuals are either confused or simply trying to be different ?. I have 3 Homosexual friends, they have had boyfriends before. 1 Has a boyfriend, are they trying to be different ?. That wasn't really a fair thing to say now was it ?.
    Homosexuality makes very little sense from an evolutionary standpoint. There is no benefit in it, and even if a mutation occurred than the chance of it surviving is slim. Not to say it's not real, I never said that, it certainly is. But I too have known several girls and boys (my aunt included) who claimed to be homosexuals for a few years and eventually one day decided that they weren't after all and got dates of the opposite sex. I don't know about your friends, maybe some or all of them are legitimately homosexuals, but I have more than enough reason to doubt it, even if they truly believe it themselves. It's a perfectly fair assumption, just because they're friends doesn't make it fair or unfair for me to say something like that.
    Ah, I see. No no, there would be no need to make it Pokemon-specific. Definetely, a thread to share collections is better, but there's still a question of what discussion it may bring about:

    "Oh, you have that? I have that too, here's my collection!"
    "Nah, I don't think you have that. But I do!"
    "Here's what my friend has!"
    "Ah, that was hard to come by. That was a good game..."

    etc. I've brought this to some other mods, and they agree that there just isn't enough discussional value with this. Sorry. :/
    Your "Sealed Video Game Collection" thread has been hidden because, while it's great to have, talk about, and show off a collection, there's not much in the way of semi-worthwhile discussion that can come out of it.

    "Ooh, cool!"
    "Is that really sealed?"
    "I have a sealed copy, too!"
    "Fake, no one has that sealed!!!"

    etc. is all that can really come out of it. :/
    I just wanted to say that I accidentaly read "First Pokemon Game To Play & Own:" as "your favourite game" (I don't know why lol) so I edited it. Hope you don't mind.
    ThatPokemonCollector, No problem! I have an account, but I cant seem to upload videos due to my parents parental controls... But I can comment and check frequently! :)
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