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  • ''Really enjoyable, another great Sandler film. I am a massive Sandler film,''

    You're a Sandler film? How unfortunate.
    Also, the PG13 stuff only came around like, what, a few months ago? Before that, it was like super-nazi rules.
    Well it specifically says PG13, so you shouldn't be. I wasn't even using the internet at 10.

    Well, I was using the internet since I was like 8 or 9.
    I'll definitely let you know when I have my recent sets sorted out and put into my trade thread. Likely, it won't be for a few weeks or so at least, but should be before the end of the year at the latest.

    As far as my collections go, I'm kind of a haphazard collector. I only collect Japanese cards now as a general rule, but there isn't specifically a certain Pokémon I collect, or full sets, or anything like that. Mostly, I just like to see what I can find and get cards that I think have cool artwork, or are of a Pokémon I like, etc. I do have a few specific wants listed in my thread, and will be adding more when I do my next update, but otherwise I'm willing to look at lists to see what I don't have and might catch my eye.
    You saw my post in the collecting thread in the TCG, said something in reply about Japanese cards and asked where I lived. :p I assumed it was in the context of trading, hence my reply.
    Since it's more personal than thread-worthy: Hello! I live in Europe, the Netherlands specifically. If you're interested in trading, feel free to check out the thread linked in my sig. My public trading is currently closed since I'm still in a moving process; it's also in sore need of updating, since I haven't added any new cards since my move here from the US last year. However, if you see anything semi-old-ish you're interested in, or want me to let you know when I have my lists updated again, feel free to let me know, and I'll drop you a line when I'm in a better trading position. :)
    TheTPCProductionz' pid='2443492' dateline='1370458704 said:
    Is this still in affect ?

    This was in PMJ's thread "Unbeatable (an Emerald Nuzlocke) (ch5 after like a year)"; could you edit the post (link) to be a bit clearer? Thanks. :)

    TheTPCProductionz' pid='2443503' dateline='1370459988 said:
    I prefer Marvel, because there is more characters I like from Marvel. They also have made more films based on their characters.

    Also, I hid this post in "DC vs Marvel (comics)" because the thread was absurdly old; at that point, a thread revive has to be absurdly good, or another thread should be made.
    Just wondering how many people attend to leagues in London. I saw a Facebook page for one with 30 likes.
    ThatPokemonCollector, the most common monsters in Japanese myth are objects, like furniture, umbrellas and weapons, that come to life as ghosts, which is why we have Drifblim, Lampent, Rotom, Banette, etc. :D
    ThatPokemonCollector, but pokemon is ALL stupid ideas. Cartoon dragons, living dinosaurs, electric dogs :p
    You're seventeen - a little kid yourself - and ragging on pokemon you think are "childish?" Anyone over 18 thinks Vanilluxe is awesome because us adults know how to lighten up and enjoy a wider range of things than you little'uns :p
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