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  • So have you seen Pumpkaboo? It's like they took Halloween itself and made it into a Pokemon. Would be perfect in your countdown if you don't have every slot reserved already :D
    "Dark" type is literally just called "evil" type in Japan. That IS its exact theme. It's a counterpart to fighting type, which is known in Japan as "hero." They are "heroic" and "villainous" themed pokemon, respectively.

    So 'kaitou' translates to 'hero'?
    Bogleech, I like Vanilluxe mostly because it's adorable. I liked them even more when someone pointed out to me that, on Vanilluxe's back, the ice crystals form yet another smiley face.

    I am also very well known for owning a Vanillite Poke-doll and carrying it around tournaments, pretending to lick the back of its head.
    Oh, and in the TCG it's super fun.
    Polaris, but my personal experience is quite contrary to yours, and many other people have had all manner of different experiences as well, so that's nothing but anecdotal.
    My experience is evidence that what I say (being confused/ wanting to convince others one is homosexual) happens at all. What you must have experienced to prove to you that homosexuals are all legitimate is... Strange to imagine.

    Homosexuality continues to occur at consistent rates in other social, warm-blooded species, so obviously it's not actively detrimental to survival.
    I understand and believe that homosexuality exists. I simply believe that because of numerous social pressures, psychological events, and even political reasons many people either tell others they are homosexuals or even are convinced that they are homosexuals when they are not. It's what happened to some people I know, and it would make sense that it happens to others as well.
    Polaris, how did that part of my post insinuate that sexual orientation "changes?" You missed the entire point. As I was explaining, sexuality for many (if not most) people is to some degree FLUID. Someone might think they're only attracted to one sex, but meet someone of another sex who turns them on anyway, because for many people, attraction isn't just about sex or gender, but the individual qualities of each person they meet.
    So you're saying that it's certain physical features of a person that excite one sexually. That's what I say as well. I also say that a vast majority of males are attracted to female parts and a vast majority of females are attracted to male parts. Because that makes sense from a scientific, evolutionary standpoint.

    Your experience isn't very relevant here...everyone would obviously have a unique one. Some people have never met a homosexual in their whole life. Other people have no heterosexual friends.
    My experiences are more than relevant because they provide concrete evidence to backup my points and explains why I believe the world is the way I do. If what one experiences in conjunction with logical thinking means nothing, than there is no possible way anybody can know anything.
    Polaris, I don't believe any significant number of people "fake" an entire sexuality. A sexuality CAN'T be faked. You're either capable of being attracted to something, or you aren't, and your friends thinking they were homosexual, then entering heterosexual relationships, doesn't mean they were never attracted to their own sex.
    We're thinking of "faked" differently. It's very difficult, if even possible, to convince yourself to like something. But it's VERY easy to convince somebody else that you like something. In that way, faking homosexuality is as easy as convincing somebody else your favorite color is green. And considering my aunt admits to faking homosexuality in this way, your other point is obsolete.

    In fact, it's extremely natural for someone's sexuality to be case-by-case. Rather than only and always being attracted to one or the other sex, many people are simply attracted to others based on individual merits without regard to whether they are male or female.
    Are you insinuating that your sexual orientation simply changes? I don't think so, if one could simply change preference, homosexuality wouldn't be considered any different from heterosexuality because neither would realistically exist.

    Sexuality is not "gay, straight or bi." Sexuality has thousands and thousands of variations and gradients.
    I never denied that, I simply stated that the attraction of one person to a member of the same sex is absurd in terms of evolution and to my experience has rarely held up.
    Yes, inanimate objects are ridiculous. It is a stupid idea, the idea of having to be an adult to enjoy it sounds silly as well. We just share different opinions on what Pokémon we like :). I like to eat Ice cream, not battle with it ;)
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