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  • Nod3, if I started before July 1999, it's over 15 years (even if I started in June '99, that's still a month over 15 years)! Haha.
    Nod3, Actually, I have been faking for over 15 years...I started around 1999, as soon as Nick15 released his first blanks!

    "Date of Birth: Hidden (15 years old)"

    Son, I was faking before you could walk! [size=x-small]Literally...[/size]
    Nod3, Interesting! You've certainly planned for the future (somewhat I suppose); anyway gl and hf in the future!
    Nod3, Interesting! I assume your whole family is moving there for some reason (would you mind sharing, or is it a private thing?). It sounds quite sudden, but I guess you would've prepared. Anyway, have fun there :D
    Nod3,I'm in Australia! (NSW to be precise). Looking back at our conversation, you know that we both live in Sydney :p
    Nod3, thanks! And yep, it's updated...once the ORAS art was released and I saw the new Steven art, I recolored it right away.
    Nod3, I wouldn't object to having maps (I assume you are talking about 3d gen's tileset, right?) but the thing with maps is that for us to make maps we would have to put together a story, and have a good amount of the pokemon planned, too.
    If you want to make some of the cliche, less specific areas, by all means go ahead, But I'd hold off further plans until the pokemon are in better state. Who knows, if things speed up, in the future we might even set up a separate thread for maps and region.

    *reads profile*
    owait Somewhere in Sydney? hey I'm from there too! (I would suggest we meet up but then I'm a recluse who doesn't leave the house much.) (That wasn't completely true, but I probably don't have that much time to do so anyway.)
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