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  • Hey, is their a way I could communicate with you? I'm going to answers all questions involving VG.
    pokemonjoe, yep, that was probably me. I bought two of the larger ones - they weren't the Japanese ones - and I had the Duel Disk on my wrist.
    Go figure.
    pokemonjoe, I was not one of the vendors, but I was there at one point to purchase Cherubi and Shellos plushies. Was that when you saw me? (I wasn't there any other time, except to look.)
    pokemonjoe, I'll bet! I know one of my own irl friends made it into topcut, but he lost to Ravyn in the top 16.

    I know you were at CA States but I probably didn't recognize you - and the same could probably be said of me. Did you see anyone there wearing a Duel Disk, or possibly a white scarf? (If you did, that was me.)
    pokemonjoe, Look on Fried Chicken N Rice in a few days. My T4 match will be up on there and you can probably reverse engineer 95% of the deck if you want. (<- strategically helping to promote a YouTube channel cos I know the people who run it.)

    But Terrakion is bad.
    To be honest, I don't think DonChamp is that great of a play, too many Catcher KOs can be taken, preventing your setup, and even though it has type advantage over ZekEels/EelZone, if they have multiple Zekrom EXs/Magnezones in play, I can see it being very hard to win. If you want something that has a good match-up against ZekEels/EelZone, I would go with either ZekEels with Terrakion or CTM with Terrakion and Shaymin EX. I know it seems like ZekEels would have the advantage over CTM, in theory, CTM almost always outspeeds ZekEels and can destroy Zekroms with Terrakion/Catcher and sweep with Shaymin EX. (I've seen other testing resualts, but I haven't been able to test for myself)

    EDIT: Also I know some CTMs are dropping 1-2 Tornadus in favor of Verizion, so it doesn't have to worry as much about the ZekEels player having type advantage over their Tornadus.
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