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  • pokemonjoe, I was being honest. Why limit yourself to just four, make the space and play all six. It will give you a range of abilities to use for different techs. Sorry for thinking you actually had a good idea. Dont like constructive criticism dont post polls. Next time pm me and dont put the crap on my wall. I dont APPRECIATE it.
    pokemonjoe, Thanks for your comments. We're going to be bringing a lot of Pokemon focused and creative activities for members starting full force next week, I'm hoping then people will realize we're not trying to destroy "fun". It's more about the forums evolving.
    pokemonjoe, I wanted to bring some sort of nice life back to the Game Corner, and I think my trivia did just that. Plus, I got to have some great laughs along the way too - seeing people struggle to get the answers was hilarious.

    Thanks for the compliments though. If I can keep it up, Trivia of DNA II may be closer at hand than one might think!
    pokemonjoe, I know, and I didn't give him credit for it. Regardless of the outcome, Xdogking was going to get that 0.5 points necessary for victory.
    The colorless one from Emerald. It's at least in Near-Mint condition, right? Minimal whitening on the back, no creases, very few scratches?
    Not more than a few dollars, but it really is in perfect condition. I would think that Altaria is probably the most fair, because it doesn't seem to be worth much (one failed to sell on eBay in Near-Mint condition for $2 a week or two ago, I believe)

    What condition are those three in, by the way?
    Hey, since I don't collect metagame stuff these are the ones I'm interested in:

    Altaria (ex emerald)
    pokemonjoe' pid='2131439' dateline='1318095023 said:
    It's just my opinion. I think the "majestic" looking art looks out of place, but thats just me. It's professionally well drawn and it packs dynamics and action, so what else does it need? So, awesome effects make the card bland? Isn't using the sprite more bland? But, I guess that just looks "majestic," so oh well.
    Well, before I end the derailing, the problem is that this is all Pokemon Card Laboratory can pull out at the moment. If I actually want to enjoy playing a card game, I want unique card art, not official 3D models tagged on with some type of graphical effects printed on a piece of cardboard. Take this card and this one.
    They follow totally different styles from one another and both are in the same card era (e-card series <3). Standardizing the art style sort of makes collecting the cards is analogous to buying a Pokemon guide book of some sort: you just get official-looking art, even if it looks cool. Also... I'm sure I didn't link to a sprite so I don't know what you're talking about there.
    pokemonjoe, happily noted I'm planning on writing up Gardevoir from Hail Blizzard next which should have a good focus on Mewtwo EX after that i'll happily give Mewtwo his own article
    It's your fic, so it's fine. If someone else bumped it, then I'd close it on sight out of point to prevent further bumping.
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