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  • Hey there Monjoe. I recently completed constructing my DP-BC Deck for DirtyDan's tourney, and I'm eager to test it out. How about a match?

    In case you're concerned about this, I already asked Dan for permission about this. He will allow it, but he personally advises against it, due to each of us knowing each other's Decks that way.
    I've gone to one which i won. Mewtwo Eels is better than i expected. I'll go to another and maybe a third.
    Hi, dude.

    You know? After all these months, I can't really think up a good rebuttal to that argument about Stoutland we had way back when. I still think there may be a point I can make later on, but I can't quite find the words for it right now.

    The fact that they can just Catcher out of it is a good argument, and leaving Stoutland by himself to maintain the lock IS very risky, and opens the doors to an early loss.

    And, as you've said before. The ITEM cards have the really powerful effects that help you win games. So if a Deck can setup before you can lock his or her Supporters, then he/she is alright with that.

    Still, I can't remember running into a Darkreigon Deck or other Deck with Darkrai that managed to Night Spear me on the first turn...

    In any case, there ARE probably some serious consistency issues that I'm completely blind too, that you are seeing quite easily.
    pokemonjoe, Huh. Well, earlier I just saw someone named "pokemonjoe" on Playtcg. I was assuming that was you.
    I didn't even know I made a new match, and I think you joined it a few minutes ago. I have the window open, so if you want to play, go back in that one room that has the deck "fandango flare"
    pokemonjoe, no you can't, not unless your hand is still physically holding the card. Once you set your Active Pokemon down, and take your hand away, that decision is final.
    I have no knowledge of VGC, so I wouldn't be any help. That's why I haven't already rated it. But you could ask Red Striker or The Yoshi for a small rate, I'm sure they'd be happy to do so.
    Just wanted to let you know that if you want an RMT rate, then you can politely ask one of the few VGC players we have on this site for one; there's no need to try and bump your RMT.
    Welcome to VG! It looks like a ton of other people are already helping you, but if you wanted to come on chat sometime, I'd be glad to teach you the basics.
    Go to Smogon.com and search your way from their. It's great. I would be glad to help you.
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