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  • Serperior, well also, I need the cards for Nats, and then there's the Klaczynski Open on Labor Day weekend that I don't think the promos will be available at. Plus, like right now, the regular Mewtwo is worth like 10-12 and promo is worth 6-7 so it's not a lot more expensive.
    Serperior, yeah, I've got 2 for myself now including a FA and I'm not sure if I want to sell them or not. I kind of like having the non-promo versions haha.
    Serperior, It's a family from my area who I'm good friends with and they have two boys who are both qualified for worlds. They have like 15 Deoxys lmao. But yeah they're very nice.
    Serperior, I have a friend who loans me 3 Deoxys and a Thundurus, but I got the others from 2 boxes and I bought my Deoxys.
    Serperior, definitely Plasma. I've been testing it for Battle Roads and am going to perfect my list between now and then.
    Serperior, Yeah we should! They probably won't let you play though :/ I'm getting there Thursday around lunch I think and leaving on Sunday, super pumped for the whole weekend.
    Serperior, haven't been on here in forever haha. but yes! Finally I am!
    Could I PM you my plasmaklang list and you give me some help on it. It's not working as well as I'd hoped :(
    Serperior, *idiot* Well I guess it really is just good for the Gothitelle matchup, because I won't have ability lock much.
    Serperior, it's suprising how the formatt became pretty balanced with TDK. How have you been beating GAM
    Serperior, Wow... *runs and updates his PK deck quickly*

    I've never been so annoyed with noobs in Pokemon with a deck than this one. I'm still wondering, how people made this up lol.
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