I've been on the Beach for a long time, and even modded for some of it. Good to be back playing the game after a while.
Dec 23, 1993 (Age: 30)
Super Smash Bros. Melee, Project M, Pokémon TCG, piano, Kingdom Hearts, tennis, Final Fantasy, lifting, hiking, hanging out.
TCG/VG Accomplishments
2014-15 Season: 84 CP
2nd League Challenge September 2014
196th Fort Wayne Fall Regionals lol
2nd League Challenge October 2014
17th City Championships December 2014
13th City Championships January 2015
112th US Nationals (55th in Ruby pod) July 2015
2015-16 Season: 57 CP
2nd League Challenge August 2015
1st League Challenge September 2015
181st Fort Wayne Fall Regionals October 2015 LOL WHY HERE
24th Fort Wayne League Challenge October 2015
1st League Challenge October 2015
1st League Challenge November 2015
128th US Nationals July 2015
2016-17 Season: ? CP
I have no idea tbh
2nd Sun & Moon Prerelease January 2017 LOL
T8 ARG Ohio February 2017
2017-18 Season: 0 CP
Really bad Fort Wayne 2017
2019-20 Season: 554 CP
T64 Collinsville
T64 Greensboro
T64 Hartford
5-2-1 Day 1 Worlds
2020-22 Season: 504 CP
T16 Knoxville
T16 Dallas
T4 Collinsville
T128 Indianapolis
VERY BAD Day 1 Worlds
Pokemon Involvement
  1. TCG Player
  2. Competitive TCG Player
  3. Episode Watcher
  4. Movie Watcher
  5. Collector
  6. Crazy Collector
  7. TCG Play! Pokémon Player
  8. League Player
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    PokeBeach Trader

    A trustworthy member who has reliably made 50-99 transactions on PokéBeach.
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    TCG Activities Player

    A member who regularly participates in PokéBeach’s TCG tournaments and TCG activities.
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    TCG August Cup 2016 1st Place

    TCG August Cup 2016 1st Place
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    TCG March Cup 2016 2nd place

    2nd Place TCG March Cup 2016
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    Verified Seller

    A trustworthy member who has met the requirements to sell their goods on PokéBeach.
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    300+ Likes

    This member’s posts have received at least 300 likes.
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    TCG Play! Pokémon Player

    A P!P TCG player who actively battles in tournaments this season.
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    Crazy Collector

    This member owns an extremely large and impressive collection of Pokémon merchandise or cards.
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    This member actively collects Pokémon merchandise or cards.
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    Movie Watcher

    This member loves the Pokémon films and has seen all of them multiple times.
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    Episode Watcher

    This member watches the Pokémon anime on a regular basis or has seen most seasons. He or she has extensive knowledge of the show.
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    Competitive TCG Player

    This member competitively plays the Pokémon TCG on a regular basis.
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    TCG Player

    This member plays the TCG on a regular basis.
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    100+ Likes

    This member’s posts have received at least 100 likes.