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    Winners Announced for 2022’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    Very happy to see Xous make it as far as he did. I remember the days when half of this forum had his artwork as an avatar. Congratulations!
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    Tyranitar Line from ‘Pokemon GO’

    Alright glad it's universally understood that we're all throwing Golden Razzes at Larvitar we find out there
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    Alolan Rattata, Alolan Raticate from ‘Pokemon GO’

    Twin/DTE + Dark Patch gets you there with the Raticate, but may be inconsistent to pull off. It'd be sick if you could. Galarian Slowbro V is this guy's most natural partner undoubtedly. I'm just glad GO is coming out w fun cards and options builders can mess around with.
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    First ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Cards and Products Revealed!

    With 150 HP to boot...this thing is annoying. Not looking forward to seeing what control pilots do with our lazy boy
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    Expanded Tinachomp Donk

    Would a 1-1 Arceus VSTAR help piece the combo together or be too fringe and inconsistent to try out in the event you end up going first? Like you don't have to draw pass, but you can certainly find an Arceus V so that the following turn you can go into VSTAR and find two cards for free.
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    Collecting Rarity, Value, and Print Runs of 1st Edition Japanese Pokémon cards

    Hey there! E4 is a forum for PTCG collectors that have a wealth of knowledge that I'm sure would be able to help. I can't contribute much, but I've gone to E4 for most of my collecting-based questions and I've learned a lot. I don't think there is specific data out there that quantifies exactly...
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    Logan Paul’s Dubious ‘Base Set’ Case To Be Verified This Weekend, Unlikely to Convince Collectors

    Wow. He has a direct line to one of the most esteemed collectors in his phone and didn't reach out...that's kinda wild. The drama is certainly creating commotion so perhaps not calling Gary is working to his benefit but if I were in Logan's shoes, I'm calling everybody I know that's in the...
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    Discussion What type of card(s) makes Toolbox type decks a Toolbox

    Cards like Aurora Energy that have a level of flexibility are definitely toolbox-worthy. I also think of Pokémon like Aromatisse XY or Klinklang BW that can move Energy like Aurora (or back in the day, Rainbow) around to power up different types of attackers.
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    Logan Paul’s Dubious ‘Base Set’ Case To Be Verified This Weekend, Unlikely to Convince Collectors

    This is interesting to hear because Gary has a semi-sealed box of 1st Edition Base that's well-documented and aware of in the PTCG collector base. Seeing how Gary and Logan have a friendly relationship, I don't see how Logan wouldn't have known this. Perhaps he was making a distinction between...
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    Garchomp from ‘Star Birth’!

    Great artwork! ...and that's about it
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    Standard Fusion Assassin (Mew Vmax / Genesect V / Meloetta)

    Right off the rip, isn't Latias just infinitely better than Meloetta? What are your thoughts on Cram-o-matic and VIP Pass over Phone or Gear? I'd probably cut a Psychic Energy to go four Peony as well because of how strong it is. I don't think you need Gear when the raw power of Genesect's draw...
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    All ‘VMAX Climax’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    No Espeon :c ...still gonna collect this set tho
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    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    Kids and parents have always pulled the best stuff for me. If I get sealed product I don't even bother and let my mom and dad crack the packs lol
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    Alt. Format Fusion Call (Latios / Latias / Galarian Zigzagoon / Eldegoss)

    Well it looks like Rapid Strike isn't as popular because of Mew VMAX, but with Mew being able to whisk itself away into the deck after getting hit for 210, I'm not sure how I feel about the deck. If anything, it's still a very cool list. I wonder if you could cheese wins by taking a Power...
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    V-UNION Pack Distribution Method Revealed, Special Reverse Holos in Japan’s ’25th Anniversary Collection!’

    Which of the cards in the 25th Collection get the reverse holo treatment?