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    “Paradox Powers ex Special Collection” Revealed for Amazon!

    Miraidon and Koraidon ex are <$8 for both, the packs are like $ the jumbo Cyclizar really worth the difference? The math ain't mathin EDIT: This marks my 8,000th post on the Beach 😭
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    Scovillain ex, Moonlight Hill, and Other Gym Promos Revealed for July!

    Scovillain ex + Forretress ex + Path + Iono = could be a pain if you can lock your opponent? May need Hammers/Fan bc that damage output is otherwise pretty rough. Still within two-shotting range for most things though, which could make the card interesting!
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    New “Knock Out Collection” Featuring Mythical Pokemon!

    I remember when these were being sold at my local Rite Aid just a couple years ago and you could find old gems like Ancient Origins, Primal Clash, and Roaring Skies packs. People had no idea what they were missing
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    Pokemon Pokémon 2000 collector pins

    These are really neat! I can't seem to find any pricepoints on loose ones, but if they were sealed you might be sitting on a pretty penny. Do each of them have pin backs? You can DM me if you're looking to negotiate a price, I kinda like em.
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    Absol ex from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    If you realllly wanted to do something with Absol ex, you could pair it with Calamitous Wasteland, Boss something, trap it, and use Paldean Clogsire ex to whittle away at the opponent's HP. But let's be honest - that just sounds like an arduous task when everything has so much HP and your...
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    Venomoth line, Pidgeot line from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Particularly enjoy when an artist commits to doing a full line of the Poke. Consistency is v pleasing and looks good in a binder
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    Koffing, Weezing from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    Shibuzoh once again showing why they're one of the best modern artists in the game rn Also love seeing this kind of Ability being reprinted
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    Farfetch’d from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    This card's p solid in sealed format ...and that's about it
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    “Paldea Evolved” English Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    I thought Akira Egawa contributed to some of the pack art as well? Specifically Chilling Reign? Nonetheless yeah they stay winning
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    Standard Newbie here - need advice

    Hi Leo! I don't need to echo a lot off Charmaster's thoughts but they raise a great point in mentioning Gym Leader Challenge (GLC). It's a format that's gained popularity to the point where they hold Side Events at officially sanctioned tournaments which is pretty sick. If you're looking for...
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    Next League Battle Deck to Feature Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR!

    They've printed the Palkia and Dialga Premium Collections so the cards aren't completely inaccessible. Can't hate on preconstructed decks of objectively good cards tho
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    Help To start the new year, I need help with a Gardevoir ex deck...

    What kind of Supporters are you playing? This may shed some light on how much draw power you still need in your deck.
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    Pokemon Pokemon Chess Sets

    They could come up with chessboards for each generation of Pokémon, which I think would be cool! For Johto, I could see Ho-Oh and Lugia being opposing Kings for starters. I'd also be up for Wooper pawns haha
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    Alt. Format Lost Wave (Radiant Greninja / Cramorant / Manaphy / Sableye / Comfey / Zamazenta)

    Hi there, good to see you're still building decks and trying out new ideas! I like the idea of pinging stuff with Greninja early and leaning into the Zamazenta later on in the game. I think you could free some space up and try other ideas by cutting a Balloon (or both) for something like the...
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    “Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection” from GameStop Revealed!

    I'm so happy I get to save my money