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  • Received the Hydreigons today! Thanks again for the trade and I appreciate the throw-ins! The Swampert was actually one card I need but I haven't gotten around to putting a list of RS cards I'm missing. :p

    I'll leave feedback asap - I'm insanely busy atm but please remind me if I forget! :)
    I will try proxies, and test on PTCG
    This is for BRs on Sept 9th, but it took me until yesterday to decide what to play >_<

    inb4 Roserade line is Sewaddle and Swadloon
    I have a skeleton list too:

    Pokemon: 18

    Basic Pokemon- 11
    2x Durant 83 (DREX)
    3x Trubbish NV
    1x Virision FA NV
    1x Victini 43 NV (To be Removed)
    4x Roselia DREX (Uncommon)

    Stage 1- 7
    3x Garbodor DREX
    2x Roserade DREX (Uncommon)
    2x Roserade DREX (Rare)


    Supporters: 13
    4x N (DEX)
    4x Professor Juniper (DEX)
    3x Cheren (DEX)
    2x Bianca (EP)

    Items: 2
    2x Energy Search (IDK What else to Include)

    Energy: 15
    2x Basic Steel
    4x Basic Grass
    5x Basic Psychic
    4x Blend PDFG

    48 Cards

    IDK What else to include >_<
    Secret Pikachu,
    Thanks, A Little pricy for me, but I'll probably figure something out.
    I was thinking of running 4-4 Roserade (2 Of each roserade one set for attacking (Uncommon), and one set for Support (Il Parfum)) and Durant DREX for Iron Head offence. I'm also running Virision NV For starting. Seeing as they all (Except durant) on the same blend I thought it would be decent. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help also.
    Hey man, heard you were looking for pikas, or interested? My friend SoulWind let me know! PM me if you are interested on them! :) I got a lot of variety and rare stuff!
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