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  • Waiting for a PM reply.

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    Thinking of a good story to write.

    Being a loner.
    Secret Pikachu, I love Pickachu, I still cry when Pickachu cries in the first movie...

    Hey, do you get a notification or something telling you that you got a new coment on your profile?
    I saw you were looking for Pikachu cards. Would you be interested in a pencil case with Pikachu on it?
    Nice to be a fan of Pikachu. He's the cute little guy he is. And driving that far? Must be pretty tedious. :/ If you need any help at all in the TCG, just PM me. Be glad to help. :]
    I plunged into the competitive scene just months ago but have been playing casually ever since 2009. I still have my ol' Dialga G Lv.X as well as a few of the previous format's cards, which are very special to me because those were my very first cards, along with Giratina. Talk about my username. xD
    Writing TCG articles, fiction and the arts side of Pokemon. Writing was a hobby I just discovered months ago. :]
    Doing absolutely great. Just went out for a ride on my bike today with my family and got a chocolate drink from Wendys. Anything interest you here?
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