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  • Hi. I read your signature and I've got interested in your rng'd pokes. Let me know what can I do to pu my hands in one (or some of them) :)
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    That would be fine if all multiplayer was through the Internet and you had to download updates to play, but what do you do about the people that never connect to the Internet to play--they just went out to a store, bought a 3DS and physical copy of X/Y, and had their local multiplayer fun without ever connecting to a router. Sure, the 3DS encourages you to connect, but what if you don't? I, er, already made a post about this, so I won't go on any more, but I wouldn't be so quick to think it's possible to update every game in every situation. Then again, I might not have any idea what I'm talking about, so you might just want to ignore me. :p
    Its pretty easy actually, and the solution was used back in 2004 or whenever for R/S and the berry glitch. They would simply have the update data for X/Y stored on the OR/AS card and if it came into contact with a game that needed it, it would patch the game / save the update to the 3DS of the person that needed the update.

    1. Berry Glitch was a little bit different, as instead of adding new content to the ROM/code, some sort of tweak was made to the broken RS save file. But I totally agree, something like that should totally be possible...

    2. ...except, 3DS updating hasn't always been there--iirc, they had to update the 3DS firmware to allow for game-patching around the time of Mario Kart 7 1.1. So if someone has a launch-day 3DS with System Menu 1.0-ish and physical copy of X/Y, what happens then?

    3. ...But er, I just checked: 3DS system updates are sometimes included on cartridges, so X/Y probably has the game-patching system update on it, which means that, yeah, this is totally possible, and I'd even wager likely. ^_^
    Well after I popped like 5 or so brain tumors and aneurysms of my own sheer stupidity I could not get it to work... wireless card? nope. Connectify? No way. Laptop? Didn't even install the wireless drive. Pretty much the program said **** you!! to me. Siiiiiiiiiiigggghhhh... guess I'll do things the old fashioned way. But either way I just wanted to say thanks for the advice even though I couldn't put it to use.
    I just put up the thread! We were actually already working on it and also some other threads. :) You can expect to see them soon!
    Hey! I didn't want the people to go into an off-topic discussion there, so I decided to answer your question on your wall! :p
    Hey! To answer the question in one of your posts; the S.S. Anne only sunk in one of the anime episodes as far as I know!
    Edit: After some searching I found it also sunk in the Manga. It's still sailing in the games. :D
    NoDice, it is ShadowMan, actually! Though, it's the MegaMan Battle Network incarnation.
    I used the official artwork of ShadowMan, and then messed around with it in GIMP.
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