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  • Hi, looking to add you for friend safari. My FC is 4871-5450-8810. Let me know.

    Hi, Can I add you to my Friend's List, my fc is 0018-1948-3823, thanks in advance!
    grassdragon, Thats true but I been lucky with chain fishing:

    I think this and just training/hunting in friend safari have a slightly higher shiny encounter rate
    grassdragon, Nice, starting to feel shiny skrelp is less special if so easy to just chain fish but I like shiny dragalgae though, Working on masuda methoding a shiny ghost type for halloween. ^^ Grats on making it in time for giratina before its gone.
    grassdragon, Ooh, cool! I like the Grass-types. My absolute favorite one would probably have to be Chespin or Skiddo. They're both so adorable! My team on X is Greninja, Talonflame, Mega Gardevoir, Tyrantrum, Aegislash and Jolteon. It was hard to get the Jolteon. Took me hours to find an Eevee! XD I forgot what my Y team is gonna be cause I saved it to a word document at home. So yea. And sorry for taking so long to reply to you!
    grassdragon, Sorry Late response but It sounds like you got a great team and I agree these games had an amazing story!!
    and I wanted to tell you the first thing I ran in to at your safari was Quilladin!
    P.S. would you be willing to trade gabite??
    whoops in that last battle I accedentally picked two haha thats the third time thsts happened to me, and in the one before that I forgot charizard... smh... wanna rematch??
    promise I'll pick all six this time!
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